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  1. Sheflja

    Fade/Mute custom sounds

    That won't work. I have a custom wind sound defined as cfgsound, and background ambient music defined as cfgmusic. They are playing simultaneously. FadeMusic will fade both of them if I define the wind sound as cfgmusic.
  2. Sheflja

    Fade/Mute custom sounds

    Is it even possible or do I need to define background sounds in another way?
  3. I have some custom sounds defined in description.ext file. Is it possible to fade them out via trigger? For example, I have a custom wind sound that plays in the background but I want to fade it out (mute it) when inside the building. I tried it via trigger with fadeSound but that fades ALL the sounds (including walking, gun fire, etc.), I just want to fade a specific sound.
  4. works perfectly, thanks.
  5. awesome, thx. is there a way to replacethe message "take intel" with something else like "download intel", "pick up laptop" etc?
  6. ...to revive the topic :) In the props > thing > intel section, there are 3 kind of objects (documents, photo, secret documents) that can be used to display desired text entry when picked up. I use this code in the init box of these objects: [this,"RscAttributeDiaryRecord",["desired title",format ["desired text"]]] call bis_fnc_setServerVariable; And it works fine. If i want to pick up other kind of objects (for example laptop, cell phone, camera etc.) I use this code in the init box: This addaction ["Collect Intel","collect.sqf"]; Combined with the collect.sqf file with this code: Player SwitchMove "AinvPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_Putdown_A-movPercMstpSrasWrflDnon"; Sleep 0.5; DeleteVehicle intel; - the variable name of the object in this case is intel. This also works fine. The question is how do I combine those two things? For example, I want to pick up the laptop, but after picking it up, I want it to display an intel text entry.
  7. Sheflja

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    Cheers Just wanted to let you know that I encountered a bug that prevents you from walking strait into Object A1. Like some kind of invisible wall surrounds the object and you need to vault to get to the center. Only direction where there is no wall is if you enter the object from the west. And another thing. Can someone do me a favor and test the Gasmask & Contaminationzone script on Namalsk. It doesn't seem to work and I can't figure out why. The gas mask breathing sound works fine but I can't make a contamination zone. Nothing happens when I execute the script. The script works fine on other maps. EDIT: Script works fine, I forgot to make a unit playable (it works only for playable units). EDIT 2: have you considered making building doors lockable? LINK
  8. Sheflja


    thx Kex, I'm glad someone continued to improve Ares mod. I have a suggestion for add/remove objects to Zeus module options: - to add/remove only units to Zeus (excluding other objects like buildings, walls, etc...)in a radius. I think this is essential for zeusing Editor created missions. - if possible, to be able to select a faction of added units (Bluefor, Opfor, etc..) so you could add only one faction if neccessary. cheers
  9. @TPW: no problem man, it's working as it should now. thx again for this mod. @Jarrad: that has nothing to do with this mod. if you set independant to an enemy faction, civs are automatically hostile (I'm not sure is it a bug or it's on purpose). so you have to manually override this by putting this in your init file: WEST setFriend [CIVILIAN, 1]; CIVILIAN setFriend [WEST, 1]; this makes bluefor and civs friendly. if you want to do it for other fasctions, the principle is the same, just change the factions name in the code.
  10. Ok, after setting tpw_crowd_active = 0; didn't really deactivate crowd mod for me, I set all the parameters in crowd section to 0 // CROWDS tpw_crowd_active = 0; // 0 = inactive tpw_crowd_max = 0; // maximum number of civs tpw_crowd_density = 0; // civs per house tpw_crowd_radius = 0; // radius to scan around player to spawn civs tpw_crowd_animradius = 0; // units closer than this will animate tpw_crowd_moveradius = 0; // units closer than this will disperse tpw_crowd_scantime = 0; // time (sec) between scanning, spawning and visibility checks Now it works fine, there are no crowds and civs walk randomly across whole town, not just in one place. Although I still get Crowd when initializing the mod: Does that mean that the crowd is still active? Well it says that it's active but what does 1.02 number mean? By the way I'm using mod (not scripts) and i tested with your latest version 20160812 mods that I have enabled are: 3den Enhanced TPW mods CBA v3.0.0 ZEC Compositions Ares
  11. thx, great mod by the way. Though I have one question or suggestion if you like. I noticed that, although I have crowd mod disabled civilians still spaw in one place and than scatter aroud when a player gets closer. Like in this screenshot That kind of makes town crowded in one place and quite empty elsewhere. I tested it with scripts and mod with the same result. Here are the parameters: tpw_crowd_active = 0; tpw_civ_radius = 300; tpw_civ_density = 1; tpw_civ_maxciv = 50; tpw_civ_interact = 15; What I would suggest is to spawn civs more scattered if possible. I would rather see few civs here and there, scattered by the houses than all of them in one place. It's more realistic that way. Or maybe I didn't customize it right?
  12. Sheflja

    (Tactical Mission)

    Yet another awesome horror mission from you, great job. Also, I'm glad that your older missions are updated and back online. Still waiting for Doomsday Night 3rd part :P , it's the only one I haven't played. Cheers
  13. cheers guys can someone confirm this is the right way to use this mod via scripts. as I understand from the instructions first I need to have CBA A3 mod installed and enabled. Then I need to create "@TPW_MODS" folder in Arma directory and create "addons" subfolder that includes "tpw_azan.pbo", "tpw_ambience.pbo", "tpw_azan.pbo", "tpw_hud.pbo" and "tpw_sounds.pbo" files. (all players need to have this in order to play in multiplayer) And for every mission i need to have "tpw_core.sqf" file inside mission folder and executed on every mission. And of course any other .sqf files that i want to include.
  14. Yeah I fugured why it didn't loop. I had 143 groups already in the mission so it spawned unit once and reached the limit of 144 units. but when the unit despawned it obviously didn't delete the group unit was in. So on reactivating the trigger it didn't spawn the unit because of the 144 groups limit and that is exactly what I would like to avoid.
  15. thx. I tested it and it works except it isn't repeatable. units spawn on activation, despawn on deactivation, but they do not spawn on reactivation. I checked repeatable option. ok, let me explain exactly what I would like to do. Bear in mind that I'm new to scripting and don't really know the sytax very well. All I know is from examples I found. My idea was to put markers all over the town on which civilians would spawn when players approach and despawn when players leave, all for better performance and to avoid 144 groups limit. Also I would like each of them to face a specific direction (in azimuth degrees) and some of them to do an animation if possible so it would look more realistic. can you give me an example for just one guy, I'll figure out the rest. for example i created marker named "marker_1" and spawned a unit with your code via trigger: on activation civ1 = [(getMarkerPos "marker_1"),1] call { _grp = creategroup civilian; for "_i" from 1 to (_this select 1) do { _unit = "C_man_1" createUnit [_this select 0, _grp, "", 0.5, "private"]; }; _grp }; on deactivation {deleteVehicle _x} foreach (units civ1); How would I make him face, let's say 180 degrees (looking south) and for example make him sit low? Is there maybe a simpler way to do all of this?