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ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment 1.0 (GA)

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Having a discussion on Auto-Resolve in another game forum and immediately thought about this mod as i believe it was the first to start doing virtual battles though i can find no detailed places on how these Virtualbttles are determined. Needing to find out how in depth or simplified these things are




Nothing here -any ideas?

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The next generation dynamic persistent mission addon for ArmA3
Release 1.14

SOG Prairie Fire cDLC Update

To coincide with release of the exciting new Creator DLC: SOG Prairie Fire, this update provides full compatibility for the new Vietnam map, factions and units.  We've also included 4 new scenarios, which will be available to play on the SOG Prairie Fire ALiVE public server and also our own official ALiVE public server hosted by Kelly's Heroes.  In the meantime we have also made over 300 bug fixes, feature enhancements and refinements.  Some of these changes could impact existing missions so as always we strongly recommend deleting and replacing ALiVE modules if you experience odd behaviour.


In addition, we have provided a selection of Vietnam-era compositions to complement the new ALiVE missions.  ALiVE SOG Prairie Fire Compositions is available as a separate download on the Steam Workshop.  The compositions will automatically be used by ALiVE placement modules but can also be used standalone and placed manually in the editor.  Single player, local hosts and dedicated servers need to run the mod to use the compositions with ALiVE.  Note that clients joining dedicated servers do not need to subscribe (though they do need the cDLC obviously!)


Release Highlights

The full list of changes is on github but some highlights include:

  • Maps: Cam Lao Nam (for SOG Prairie Fire); Anizay; Cham & Cham Winter; Deniland; UMB Columbia; Vidda; Vinjesvingec; Altiplano; Djalka; Goose Green; Halsoy; Hellanmaa & Winter; Krasnorus; Pulau; RHSPKL; Ryderwoord Island; Scargard; Scottish Highlands; VT5 (massive thanks to sevn10!)
  • Missions: Four new SOG Praire Fire scenarios
  • Factions: added full support for SOG Prairie Fire and Global Mobilisation
  • Military AI Commander: Improved OPCOM objective selection (effectively slowing down the initial rate of advance, which will likely have a big impact on invasion type scenarios)
  • Military AI Commander: Asymmetric mode updated to support era specific IEDs, vehicles and factories
  • Military Air Component Commander: major overhaul to improve Air Tasking Orders
  • MACC Player Tasks: Military Air Commander can now delegate SEAD and CSAR tasks to Players via the Strategic Player Tasks system (if enabled in C2ISTAR module)
  • C2ISTAR: Option added to disable Image Intelligence
  • Military Logistics: major overhaul to improve heli insertions in high density terrain such as jungle
  • Virtual AI System: Fixed profile speed limiter (slow is now properly slow); added option to disable Zeus spawning virtual groups
  • CQB: Support added for caves and tunnels
  • Player Combat Support: Improved artillery ordnance detection; added Attack Ground feature for untargetted air attack runs (such as napalm drops)
  • Civ Pop: Added support for SOG Prairie Fire including ambient sounds and VN_Rations for Humanitarian Aid in COIN scenarios (OPCOM Asymmetric)


Download from the Steam Workshop

Also available on Github and ALiVEmod.com (usually within 24 hours of this post)


Get SOG Prairie Fire Compositions here


Please note that as with all updates, if you have an issue loading a mission made with a previous version of ALiVE, delete and replace the modules in that mission.


Known Issues & Support
Existing bugs are listed on Github here.  ALiVE dev is in maintenance only mode so new features from the core team will be rare (though we are working on some).  Feel free to Fork or submit PRs.  Join us on Discord for support - it's far more active than the forum.


Please refer to the ALiVE Wiki. All the info you need is there.


Acknowledgements and Thanks
Particular thanks to all those on our support forum who have worked closely with us to identify bugs, provide logs and generally help us improve ALiVE. Your assistance is valuable and your dedication to ALiVE makes it all worth the effort!


Have fun!

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On 2/7/2021 at 1:45 PM, froggyluv said:

Having a discussion on Auto-Resolve in another game forum and immediately thought about this mod as i believe it was the first to start doing virtual battles though i can find no detailed places on how these Virtualbttles are determined. Needing to find out how in depth or simplified these things are




Nothing here -any ideas?

For the sake of performance, things are fairly simplified, though we did upgrade it a few years ago. Things generally work as you would expect, helicopter > vehicles > infantry (its not that simple just to be clear). Each unit type has their own stats such as damage per hit, accuracy, fire rate, and a bonus "critical hit" chance and damage modifier to simulate things such as grenades / AT / guided missiles and such. Any fight could go either way, but these values are weighted in a manner that makes them favor a realistic outcome. It's also important to remember that unit damage persists between battles, so an armored unit can't just slam through infantry group after infantry group all day long.

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Full changelog for this release is as follows

[missions] Fix XML parsing issue
[missions] The Battle of Hue - replaced fire barrel (causing rpt spam)
[index] Cam Lao Nam CDLC RC Index (6305)
[ALL] Updated version to for VN - clusterbuild 2.04.147540 - Public Stable (Game Update 2.04)
[missions] Update blacklist on modules to avoid spawn in friendly area
[main] Blacklist motor, mech, armor, boats and air groups from player resupply
[index] Cam Lao Nam (CDLC)
[MIL ML] Allow Heli insertion for SpecOp groups if the group itself didn't contain a vehicle
[mil_logistics] Attempt to get group type from group icon for groups that don't conform to standards
[sup_player_resupply] Improve UI for group resupply
[missions] Updated virtual profile speed to 75% (PH) and 50% (DH). Updated typewriter font size from 0.7 to 1.0. BoH updated object placements.
[mil_logisitics] Initial fix to handle groups that don't conform to group config standards
[missions] Diamond Hands. Fixed incorrect overviewPicture aspect ratio. Fixed missing onLoadName '$' prefix.
[missions] Fixed incorrect image path names
[missions] Diamond Hands. Fixed image paths
[missions] Diamond Hands. Housekeeping. Fixed incorrect stringtable STR_VN_MISSIONS_TITLE_MISSION_ALIVE_DH entry. Enabled ALiVE player tags. Removed groupmarkers.
[missions] OP Van Tien. Removed groupmarker stringtable entry.
[missions] Paper Hands. Housekeeping. Enabled ALiVE player tags. Removed groupmarkers.
[missions] OP Van Tien. Housekeeping. Adjusted virtual profile speed for new module values. Enabled ALiVE player tags. Removed groupmarkers.
[ALL] Lets try that again shall we? Updated version to for VN - clusterbuild 2.04.147540 - Public Stable (Game Update 2.04)
[ALL] Updated version to for VN - clusterbuild 2.04.147540 - Public Stable (Game Update 2.04)
[ALL] Updated version to for VN - clusterbuild 2.02.147540 - Public Stable (Game Update 2.04)
[missions] Battle of Hue. Housekeeping. Disabled module debugging. Enabled ALiVE player tags. Removed groupmarkers.
[sys_statistics] Fix missing CBA EH's on module
[sys_perf | sys_statistics] remove old XEH_COMPILE usage
Improve CS tablet ranging (add 50m to minimum range to avoid issues)
[missions] The Battle of Hue. Cleaned up debug lines.
[missions] The Battle of Hue. forcePool fsm replaced with new logistics EVH
[sys_profile] add more debug for missing operation
[missions] Diamond Hands - Fixed localized mission stringtable issue.
[mil_logistics] Add event when faction forcepool updates
[mil_logistics] Improve slingload drop position with BIS_fnc_findSafePos
[missions] Handle JIP player in Diamond Hands, shorten heli insertion.
[missions] Update Diamond Hands to fix tunnel issues and add more enemy
[x_lib] improve debug logging for missing class operations
[missions] The Battle of Hue. Increased virtual profile speed from 75% to 125%. Enabled debugging for PAVN and VC OPCOM and Virtual AI modules. Fixed front line trench system sitting too high in world.
[X LIB] missed a bit
[X LIB] Provide a function to return if there are enemies within a given marker
[sup_player_resupply] Remove rogue debug messages
[mil_c2istar] Remove rogue debug messages.
[missions] Fix end trigger for Op Diamond Hands
[missons] Add Op Diamond Hands
[xlib] Adjust and fix camera functions
[compositions] Added heliportMedium_Heliport_B_MACV. Renamed: HQLarge_HQ_O_VC to HQLarge_FieldHQ_O_VC. Removed snakes.
[compositions] Removed hyphens from compostion classnames causing binarise issue. Renamed to: CrashSitesMedium_F4_B_MACV & CrashSitesSmall_UH1_B_MACV
[compositions_vn] Added HQLarge_HQ_O_VC. Updated crashsites.
[compositions_vn] Added CrashSitesMedium_F-4_B_MACV, CrashSitesSmall_UH-1_B_MACV. Updated CrashSitesSmall_H34_B_MACV
[missions] The Battle of Hue. Increased virtual unit speed from 50% to 75%. Updated various object placements.
[missions] The Battle of Hue - Updated various object placements.
[composition_vn] switch dirtpatch decal object for non Contact DLC version.
[x_lib] fnc_spawnComposition: if Land_vn_o_trapdoor_01 present in composition, 50% chance of spawning a tunnel. Random params.
[composition_vn] Added CrashSitesSmall_H34_B_MACV
[composition_vn] Added CampsSmall_Camp_O_VC
[sys_profile] 'Original' stringtable classname no longer valid. Updated to 'English'
[sys_profile] Add option to disable zeus spawning virtual groups
[index] Cam Lao Nam build 6226. Arma 3 v2.04
[missions] The Battle of Hue. Updated various object placements
[ALL] Fixed Stringtable errors. Updated stringtable.xml: replaced classname Original with correct classname English.
[optional] vn compositions - replaced fire barrel (causing rpt spam)
[missions] ALL - Fixed localized mission stringtable issue. All - Fixed issue where playMusic was not waiting until player. BoH - Removed fire barrel causing rpt spam. Removed bargates.
[index] Cam Lao Nam index for VN build 6202
[missions] The Battle of Hue. Updated mission parameter defaults. Updated objects.
[MIL ATO] Fix resupply not replenishing vehicles if they were not killed during events. Clean up wrecks if an asset got killed to fix explosions.
[amb_civ_population] Fix fucked up stringtablesI did not test this, it's too fucking late
[ui] Improve text sizing for toaster pop ups
[mil_c2istar] Change unit icon to inf marker
[Main] Add new HVT task dialog
[mil_c2istar] Add more intel and markers for HVT mission. Improve task marker creation to support multiple markers.
[missions] The Battle of Hue - module updates
[MIL C2ISTAR] I may have forgot something
[MIL C2ISTAR] Cancel instead of fail the CSAR mission if the crewprofile cant be created (improves UX)
[MIL C2ISTAR] Fix a neverending error loop on task CSAR if a crew profile has not been created properly.
[MIL OPCOM] Fixed predefined asymm installations may have still have selected bad buildings for insurgency installations
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/friznit/alive.vn
[MIL IED] Fix Cleanup didnt work properly and DemoCharges were left over after explosions
[optionals] Fix icon issues for compositions
[ui] Fix issue where toaster pop up text didn't scale with resolution and aspect ratio
[main] Add Cam Lao Nam to the mapCompositionType of Jungle
[x_lib] Add function to export compositions to CfgGroups
[optional] Add initial VN composition PBO
[SUP COMBAT SUPPPORT] Fix - actions sometimes not being added on JIP-clients if the player was still null during initialization
[SYS LOGISTICS] Only show "Drop object"-action if player is carrying something and not if any object is attached to him (fixes action showing also if there is an invisible object attached player which may be used by mod/mission makers).
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/friznit/alive.vn
[sup_combatsupport] Give CAS Loiter WP when attack run is completeneeds testing
[missions] The Battle of Hue. forcePool monitor percentage fix. Fixed intro music playing too soon.
[main] Fix popup error when loading unindexed maps
[sys_profile] Fix issue where old missions would hang on startup
[sup_combatsupport] loiter you bitch
[missions] Op Paper Hands - replaced Virtual AI System module to prevent _speedModifier error. The Battle of Hue - Stringtable update.
[amb civ pop] Fix issue where civs were spawned from 1 house.
[missions] The Battle of Hue - Added ForcePool HQ radio broadcast updates (interval set by mission parameter). Moved OPFOR forcePool reinforcement values to mission parameters. Added RTO 2 Pack to CS and c2istar.
[missions] Add RTO 2 Pack to combat support, c2istar and player resupply. Add CAS and Transport player vehicles and slots. Update Transport Huey.
[mil_opcom] Intel is now destroyed once read. Reading dropped intel is now more reliable.
[sys_profile] Fixed profile movement speed module option not working correctly
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/friznit/alive.vn
[SUP CS] Speed up and optimize method of selecting targets to avoid furtherst targets in radius being selected in many occasions.
[missions] The Battle of Hue. Mission update WIP. Nearly there!
[SYS PROFILE] Fix Profile Unit Speed modifier didn't work since profileSim changes. No errors on existing missions but to fix, just open SYS Profile module in your mish, select desired value, and safe.
[sys_profile] Add additional profile speed modifier option
[missions] The Defence of Hue - Major update. - TODO: Move sidechat opcoms to crossroad and filter accordingly Update fn_coalive_xray.fsm (WIP)
[mil_opcom] Add additional events when opcom/tacom give orders
[sup_combatsupport] Make vehicle assets turn off engines when RTB complete
[MIL OPCOM] Improve detecting fitting buildingtypes used for insurgent installations. Disablesim on furniture to avoid flipping tables (IEDs not affected, caan explode and furniture gets deleted once site is disabled or building destroyed).
[X LIB] Check roof with lineIntersect instead of boundingbox to improve finding real indoor positions
[sys_profile] Nullify attackers Attack ID when removing attack
[sys_profile] prevent error when attackID is nil in foreach..
[missions] The Battle of Hue. Added player tasks missionFlow.fsm, Added fail & victory triggers and end briefing. Tweaked ALiVE modules, fixed script error: 'cannot be localized client-side - move to global stringtable'
[mil_c2istar] Remove ability to delete sub tasks to avoid issues with task system. Handle null task being passed.
[missions] Removed respawn loadouts, fix for possible player loadout reset issue
[missions] Remove IED clutter classes that break immersion
[missions] Broaden CQB Strategic coverage on Paper Hands
[MIL_C2ISTAR] Adjust ranges on CSAR mission
[missions] briefingName update
[missions] vn_b_air_ah1g_04 CAS
[missions] Added vn_b_air_f4b_navy_hcas CAS module
[missions] enableRadio false; removed from init. Added new vn arsenal whitelist for AliVE objects
[amb civ pop] Crowds should only spawn in civilian buildings.
[sup_combatsupport] Revert CAS FSM to previous Attack Run behaviour, support unguided bombs such as Napalm.
[amb civ pop] Fix icons on stones, bottles and cans
[missions] ALiVE_PF.Cam_Lao_Nam. Added remaining missing briefing paa's
[missions] Fixed duplicate stringtable keys. Removed respawn loadout (fixes restore player loadout player action). cleaned upsome more files. Moved some mission.sqm data into stringtable.xml. Added Advanced Rotor Flight Model to mission params (off by default). Added lobby description.
[SUP COMBATSUPPORT] Enable Attack Run attacks the given map location
[amb civ pop] Comment out large crowd noises for now
[missions] - Tweaked loadouts. Updated music. Various mission tweaks, Added ALiVE_Paper_Hands.Cam_Lao_Nam to Showcases. Cleaned up some legacy files and code.
[amb civ pop] Update static data with VN crate items
[missions] Update Paper Hands text and mission
[AMB CIV POP] Fix civilian interaction broken on dedi.
[missions] Unit loadout updates. Various tweaks.
[missions] Fix missing overview text
[missions] Removed data module. Enabled jip player persistence data
[missions] Update Paper Hands with mission info and correct respawn setting
[sys_profile] Reveal groups to eachother on spawn if they were attacking eachother when profiled
[sys_profile] Removed debug
[sys_profile] Fix case where profileAttack could be null when trying to delete it
[sys_profile] add debug info
[missions] Add OP Paper Hands (COOP 12) COIN mission
[mil_c2istar] Tweak tasks and fix minor issues when Constant tasks selected
[MIL COMMAND] Ambient movement - Keep cars, mechanized an armoured groups near roads and avoid setting waypoints totally random in the middle of nowhere. Added debug and refactored some stuff.
[missions] - Fixed issue where when parameter map markers was enabled, mission would not run on dedicated
[missions] Fixed script locality issue
[Missions] ALiVE_Hue_Defence.Cam_Lao_Nam & LiVE_PF.Cam_Lao_Nam: - Removed excees loadout crates and item contents causing client & mp lag & enabled vn arsenal by default - Enabled 'NoVoice' on players (no negative effect on the ability to command the unit) - prevents audible vanilla player commands - Set ambient civilian crowd faction to C_VIET - Fixed issue where fog settings were getting overidden - Removed a3 params function dependency. Refactored mission param code accordingly - Moved remaining mission params to functions - Fixed base compositions where objects were misaligned to the ground - ALiVE_Hue_Defence.Cam_Lao_Nam, split playable units into 2 squads - Adjussted playable units descriptions - ALiVE_PF.Cam_Lao_Nam, added group markers param (off by default) - Created respawn roles and loadouts selectable from the respawn screen - Added spectator mode
[amb civ pop] Add check for C_VIET when looking for civ classes
[missions] Fixed missing semi-colon
[ALL] Updated version to for S.O.G Prairie Fire Closed Beta - clusterbuild 2.04.147515 - creatordlcbeta branch (base game build 2.04)
[Missions] More vehicle location tweaks. updated Description.ext missionConfigFile params
[Missions] ALiVE_Hue_Defence.Cam_Lao_Nam - Fixed composition vertical alignment issue. Fixed typewriter alignment
[Missions] ALiVE_PF.Cam_Lao_Nam - Moved ammo crates to sheds. Fixed composition vertical alignment issue. Fixed typewriter alignment
[main] Update CivPop for VN to increase number of sounds, move praying to temple buildings only
[amb civ pop] Fix dedi server issue for civ interactions, localize UI
[AMB CIV POP] Another change to a humanitarian message
[AMB CIV POP] Fixed grammar in CIV interact (tbd: needs to go to stringtable)
[amb civ pop] Improve civ interactions to remove hardcoded classes, add custom water/ration classes and improve item checking
[MISSIONS] - Fixed existing ALiVE showcase & multiplayer mission menu screens - corrected or added where omitted: mission setting text, summary titles, summary images and summary text
* [MISSIONS] Fixed ALiVE Showcase Hurt Locker not showing island details in menu title
[MISSIONS] ALiVE_Hue_Defence.Cam_Lao_Nam & ALiVE_PF.Cam_Lao_Nam - switched out vn vehicle respawn module for multiplayer respawn module. Vehicles were exploding on respawn, tested and works fine with multiplayer respawn module.. Respawn time is 25 mins. No respawn on empty or damaged. - Readded vn_module_whitelisted_arsenal module to ALiVE_PF.Cam_Lao_Nam. loadout template = ["vn_default"] - Spread out some player vehicle positions.
[main] Increase time delays for VN civ sounds
[amb_civ_pop] Remove stutter when spawning in houses, address possible issues with sound
[amb_civ_pop] Fix error when giving civ rations
[sys_profile] Params!
[mil_ato] Improve and fix issues searching for a near building indoor position
[mil_ato] Replaced nearestBuilding call due to issues when first loading mission
[MISSIONS] For continuity: Fixed ALiVE Showcase Hurt Locker not showing (Stratis) in menu title
[MISSIONS] Fixed ALiVE Showcase not showing (Vietnam) in menu title
[MISSIONS] ALiVE_PF.Cam_Lao_Nam - Fixed script error in respawnInit function
[MISSIONS] - ALiVE_PF.Cam_Lao_Nam. Fixed missing character space in mission text. - removed briefingName stringtable reference from description.ext (was overriding missions\config.cpp briefingName refs.
[x_lib] fix AI garrisoning non-profiled vehicles
[mil_c2istar] Fix Destroy Building task so that it can identify an enemy building if necessary
[mil_c2istar] Delete task markers when task is deleted
[ALL] Updated version to for S.O.G Prairie Fire Closed Beta - clusterbuild 2.04.147515 - creatordlcbeta branch (base game build 2.04)
[MISSIONS] Extreme Uber Highhead commit! - Updated mission description.ext's with new default params include path. Maintain Build compatibility. - Removed incompatible Contact DLC (Enoch) object from placed composition. Classname: Land_DirtPatch_05_f - ALiVE_Hue_Defence.Cam_Lao_Nam missing 'respawn_west' marker! LoooLs
[MISSIONS] Fixed Contact DLC Splash Screen appearing due to unneeded candy-eye-object
[MISSIONS] Added support for BIS default mission parameter functions
[main] Add vehicle crews and tunnel rats to group blacklist
[mil_c2istar] Stop auto tasks from occurring if tasks set to Strategic
[MISISONS] ALiVE_Hue_Defence.Cam_Lao_Nam - Added Static weapons at base. - reconfigured all CS units
[XLIB] Fix script error if a non-group or nil-group is passed and added additional debug for fnc_deleteGroupRemote
[mil_c2istar] Handle error where _vehicleProfiles is undefined
Updated Op VT Briefing & CS Units
[main] Added index for CDLC Beta
[SYS PROFILE] Disable double check for vehicles on spawn (still in place for planes / helis / ships)
[MIL OPCOM] Massive Anal Repush #2
[MISSIONS] Stringtable fix
[MISSIONS] Merged updated Update diary record information
[mil_command] Turn off sea patrol debug
[missions] Update diary record information
[MISSIONS] Updated ALiVE.vn MPScenarios - Added ALiVE Briefing Instructions - All briefing text moved to stringtable.xml for possible language support - Fixed typewriter effect not showing on mission start - Updated description.ext variables - Cleaned up code - Updated config.cpp - Fixed some script logic issues
[missions] Add ALiVE Instructions to MP mission
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/friznit/alive.vn
[amb_civ_pop] Fixed missing array comma
[mil_ato] Remove small static MGs from AA threats
[mil_ato] Fix minor issues with task requesting
[amb_civ_pop] add vn rations to civ interact valid rations
[mil_command] enable onlyProfiles option for fnc_garrison
[MISSIONS] Updated ALiVE_Hue_Defence.Cam_Lao_Nam - Added param for respawn tickets - disableAi = 0 - Improved crate selections - Cleaned up some code - Altered some defaults
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/friznit/alive.vn
[MISSIONS] Updated ALiVE_PF.Cam_Lao_Nam - Moved FOB to Mai Loc - Added new base objects and vehicles - Improved crate selections - Added vn advanced revive module - Added vn logistics module - Added vn gesture module - Added ear plugins vn module - Added param option for side map markers (off by default) - Added param option for vn difficulty - Added param for respawn delay - Added param for Stamina options - Added param for weapons sway options - Added param for spawn on group leader (use the Duty Officer) - Added param for vn arsenal (off by default) - Added param for start time of day - Added param for respawn tickets TO DO - Add AliVE help diary records
[amb_civ_pop] change crowd civ killed EH to non-MP killed EH
[sys_playeroptions] add module option to restrict player tags to friendlies
[sys_playertags] Add option to restrict player tags to friendly units only
Rename txt file because Linux.. :)
[mil_opcom] I am once again fixing opcom attacking furthest objectives first
[MAIN] Garrisonpositions for caves
[MAIN] Added more caves to CBQ.hpp
[MISSIONS] Changed Gametype from COOP to ALIVE. Added Friznits Splashscreen. Disabled Multispawn and TRACE again.
[ALL] Updated version to for VN Beta - clusterbuild 2.02.147359 - Public Stable (Game Update 2.02)
[MISSIONS] ALiVE_Hue_Defence.Cam_Lao_Nam - Removed duplicate classnames causing rpt errors. - Updated ammo crates and vehicle loadouts. - Fixed duplicate ambient ATO comms audio playing at base. - Updated Stringtable
[MISSIONS] ALiVE_Hue_Defence.Cam_Lao_Nam - Removed module debugging
[MISSION] Updated default mission params. Updated mission.sqm
[MISSION] Updated config.cpp
[MISSIONS] Updated MPScenario: ALiVE_Hue_Defence.Cam_Lao_Nam
[MISSIONS] Updated MPScenario: ALiVE_Hue_Defence.Cam_Lao_Nam
[MISSIONS] Added MPScenario: ALiVE_Hue_Defence.Cam_Lao_Nam
[mil_c2istar] Ensure tasks don't spawn attackers or random tasks when set to Strategic
Move CS arty static string arrays to define :)
Improve CS arty ordnance stuff and add support for VN
[MAIN] Addes cave garrison positions
[MIL CQB] Added cave to CQB
[MISSIONS] Updated ALiVE | OP Van Tien- disabled resupply on ATOs to stop exploding vehicles (needs fix)
- enabled a minimum of crowds (1 per house, max 10, radius 50) to avoid empty villages
- increased profiles and strategic CQB for VC
- increased recruitment limit to a min of 3 civs and lowered simultan to 3 attacks to slow down profile creation on recruitment
- added strategic CQB to NVA area to avoid empty bases
- decreased NVA profiles a little to not exceed total AI count and increase performance
- activated player tags on module
- enabled debug console for logged in admins
- enabled TRACE on C2ISTAR to indicate dangerous areas
- added Multispawn "Spawn on squad"
- Set garbage collector limiter to 50
- Move FOB from Kon Tun to somewhere else
- Multispawn Yes/No
[MIL COMMAND] Ensure first waypoint is in water to not catch a loop in fnc_seapatrol
[Logging] Massive anal push for logging...
[main] Add CivPop sound
[ALL] Updated version to VN Beta - clusterbuild 2.02.147359 - Public Stable (Game Update 2.02)
[Updated index] for VN 5994
[mil_ATO] Improve AA etc
[MIL OPCOM] Changed furniture for insurgents factories, HQs and depots to not contain modern objects and make a better fit for different eras
[ALL] Updated version to VN Beta - clusterbuild 2.02.147359 - Public Stable (Game Update 2.02)
[index] For VN version 5927
[amb_civ_pop] Add VN civpop sound
[mil_opcom] fix farthest objectives being attacked first
[ALL] Updated version to VN Beta - clusterbuild 2.00.147359 - Public Stable (Game Update 2.00)
[Update mod text
[missions] Update mission text
[sys_pathfinding] Add missing prefix.txt
[VN Compat] Add static data and all VN compat updates
[Showcase] and MP mission


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