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  1. Are the GM factions (east and west germany) still not working? Im trying to use their classnames, gm_ge_army and gm_gc_army but they arnt being recognized.
  2. dragonfire43560

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Does this mod play nice with the new GM DLC? Specifically damage model?
  3. dragonfire43560

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Oh oops, i didnt do that. So whats the correct way of loading the mods? Do I have to add it as a local mod with the arma 3 launcher?
  4. dragonfire43560

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Hi guys, just to make sure I installed this right. I stuck both the @TCL folder and the UserConfig ( I think thats what it was called?) in the main arma 3 directory. DO I have to load the @TCL folder as a local mod with the arma 3 launcher? Or just use the launch parameter included in the readme?
  5. dragonfire43560

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Does this mod play well with RHS units? Or are the damage models too different?
  6. Hi guys, questions 1. When you set the "army" size, like say brigade, company and it says like 200, 300, 50. Is that the number of individual SOLDIERS? or is it GROUPS? How does it take vehicles into account? Is one tank 3 soldiers? Or is the whole tank counted as 1 unit? 2. Does this support GM DLC? Or does ALIVE have to be updated for it?
  7. Question, Should I enable ACE spalling if I use RHS? Since I think RHS has its own spalling script?
  8. Is there a way to make a single player version of the Squad/AAS gamemode? Will the AI know to attack the sectors sequentially? Or is it strictly a PVP thing? edit: So i watched the video that shay posted, but I cant get it to work like he did. Everything is fine but the AI that spawns does NOT attack the objectives. They just sit in place at the main base spawn. Im using project opfor factions (mid east militia and afghan army)
  9. Does alive SP persistence save the position of every profiled AI/vehicle on the map? Or does it regenerate those everytime you load up the file? ALso, what about if you drop a weapon on the ground somewhere in the map, will it save that? Basically how "detailed" is the persistence?
  10. dragonfire43560

    [CTI-COOP] Dissension

    How do you open up the tablet?
  11. Does this mean single player/LAN perisistance and saving works now on the steam workshop version?
  12. Another balancing question If i wanna make a campaign mainly for single player, how do I balance the use of AI soldiers? I dont want to use an AI commander I dont think because it just gets too messy and laggy. I think i wanna use Spyders recruitment mod. But how do I best balance what the player can recruit or at least make it so they dont just recruit a full squad with no consequence constantly? Or is there a better way to do it?
  13. dragonfire43560

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Are you sure? Wiki lists that the pg-7v only penetrates 260mm of armor Abrams has 350 mm of protection AT THE LOWEST. Im not saying youo might not be right, it just seems odd that a primitive warhead from the 60s can take out a tank that came out in the 80s.
  14. dragonfire43560

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Why is it that a regular old PG-7V warhead can one shot an abrams in RHS? Im hoping its some sort of glitch? A tandem charge PG-7VR I can definately understand but in the video hes just using the old obselete warhead.