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  1. What are the faction names for prairie fire and GM?
  2. more realistic cookoffs, fire damage for crew
  3. Any word on the fire/vehicle cookoff rewrite? Im super excited about that.
  4. dragonfire43560

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Ahhh ok thanks. I was looking in vehicles and weapons
  5. dragonfire43560

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I did! I poked around in the arsenal and didnt notice anything new
  6. dragonfire43560

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Maybe im blind, but i downloaded it and dont notice anything different? Certainly nothing "cold war" or "chechnya"? What are some of the bigger things you guys are referring to?
  7. dragonfire43560

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    UMMM what? Link please? Whats in it?
  8. dragonfire43560

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is it in the plans to add earlier US stuff like m16a2s and m60 pattons? Not a suggestion, just wondering
  9. What would be an amazing addition to this is an improvement to the "cook off" module where isntead of exploding, vehicles have a change to just catch fire and slowly burn. The fire could do damage to the people inside as long as they are in it. This mod does it somewhat https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1352522482 But its kinda janky and the vehicle being on fire doesnt hurt everyone inside.
  10. Thanks! I cant really understand how to do it though. I cant find staticData.sqf. Is this something in the editor?
  11. Is there a way to filter out what missions are auto generated for you? Such as if you only want to get "Clear the town" missions? Also, in order for missions to be genrated, you have to have an AI Commander for your players side correct?
  12. So it doesnt seem like the cookoff probabilty setting is working. No matter what I set it to, even .1 vehicles ALWAYS cook off when they die. Any way to fix this? Its happening with CUP, GM, and vanilla
  13. dragonfire43560

    All-in-One Single-Player Project

    AI looks great! Any estimate on release?
  14. Are the GM factions (east and west germany) still not working? Im trying to use their classnames, gm_ge_army and gm_gc_army but they arnt being recognized.