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  1. Spyder Addons

    Due to recent developments I have decided to pull from content from Armaholic. The link has been removed from the thread and will be pulled from the archive soon. If you were someone who used this as a means of acquiring the mod, please refer to the dropbox link instead: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s9tsgtcxpeya4iz/Spyder_Addons_1723051.RAR?dl=0 If you used PlayWithSix or SteamWorkshop, this will have no effect on you. Thanks.
  2. Spyder Addons

    Should have no real consequences, disregard for now
  3. Make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of both ALiVE and CBA
  4. Script alternative to ALiVE?

    Friendly reminder that not everything people post on the internet is true :)
  5. Don't believe rarity group is used at all right now. Edit: Damn you Marcel
  6. Spyder Addons

    Are you talking about the loadouts themselves? You cannot edit them outside of the loadout manager. The only way to store persistent information in Arma without a plugin is in a binarized file tied to your account.
  7. Can you try with just CBA and ALiVE enabled, thanks.
  8. Spyder Addons

    Unfortunately not, these names are automatically generated by Arma. This could be caused by a lack of names given by the mod which contains the faction.
  9. Spyder Addons

    There is no way to apply a condition to the menu action.
  10. Independent forces are friendly to BLUFOR by default, you must change this in the mission hostility settings.
  11. Syncing the CQB module to an asymmetric commander makes CQB units only spawn in areas that the asymmetric commander has occupied.
  12. There is a placement percentage slider in each of the modules. Setting this to 50% would mean the module has a 50% chance of being created on each mission start.
  13. Reports are solely for players. Any mod that disables the radio should work fine with ALiVE :)
  14. Spyder Addons

    They can, but they don't have to. Internally, those are removed before processing the input.