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  1. And don't forget the daunting blast and flash of an unsuppressed high calibre weapon in these confined spaces if you have the compleate laxemann suite running! BA-BOOOM!!! BOUUM!!! (and then echoing back...)
  2. Compilation List of my GF Scripts

    THX 4 sharing - do you intend to expand the script with (detrimental) effects of extreme hot or extreme cold weather on the players?
  3. Ravage Mod

    @Vandeanson I had indeed a problem with posting to the forums from my mobile and got cut off. What I wanted to type is that I wait for your solution to basebuilding to be incorporated into the next version of your spawning scripts. Once that is out, I intend to try if I can save the units & objects generated by your scripts with either ALIVE or GRAD persistency systems "as they are" - I'm faaar out from being a scripter and try to use existing mods, scripts or code to make my mission ideas come true. If you, per chance, were to create an alternative persistency anyway for your basebuilding, that would be awesome! I can - and gladly so - help you with testing in SP and dedicated server environment, but not with code writing due to lack of expertise. The only feather I can stick to my hat is a rather creative, "McGyver/Duct Tape" style of (ab-)using the ALIVE persistency for my missions to create tasks that are persistent over a server restart by checking for certain items in player or box or vehicle inventories. ALIVE saves quite reliably the inventories of all players and all the vehicles & boxes accessed by them. So I can add items to those inventories upon quest completion which get checked by triggers at mission start - and then set task states as complete if I load the persistent save. Also ALIVE allows to move around editor pre-placed fortification parts like sandbag walls, razorwire pieces and the like. If I build some base with that stuff after moving it to another part of the map, it is persistent and also non-passable for AI. Hope to hear from you & exchange thoughts tourist
  4. Ravage Mod

    @Vandeanson Spawning scripts is out, I'm going to try if I can save these units.
  5. Ravage Mod

    @CrazyCorky If you use either ALIVE or GRAD persistence, you can make persistent RAVAGE missions that you can run on dedicated servers; the server can be an external rented server or another thread on your PC. I made a few RAVAGE missions which use ALIVE for persistence within the limits of using a system originally intended for different mission types than RAVAGE Sandboxes. Long story short, my missions save player's position, inventory, health, all vehicles and boxes and the task state of my "Story" tasks. Currently, it's not possible to save the AI groups spawned by RAVAGE modules without errors. But once the next iteration of @Vandeanson
  6. Ravage Mod

    @GEORGE FLOROS GR gg: +1/ to the idea of a more structured way to collect info about RAVAGE missions, mission editing and servers. Both the steam group and tbe WIKI do a good job already, but the steam group lacks a search function and in the WIKI the comment/posting GUI isIMHO not as suitable for discussing code or complex editing subjects with others. My big role model for presenting info is Gunther Severloh - we should strive for a Thread like the ones he created for e.g. AI subjects or addons available. @CrazyCorky
  7. Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    THX 4 sharing; I just love the way you keep up the top-notch quality and go one vehicle at a time - I look forward to use the Boxer in recreations of the last years of the Afghanistan Mission where for a short time the BW actually had some heavier assets at their disposal. Since I play these misions alone vs. AI in an ALIVE-Mission, I'd like to know if the MG of the Boxer will be "human player only" like with the Fuchs or useable by an AI crew. Best Regards & keep posting the pics!
  8. GF Auto Loot Script

    Link @Armaholic DL Site worked fine ATTOW this!
  9. GF Auto Loot Script

    THX 4 sharing - but unfortunately the DL link seems broken...
  10. Recently I tried the above and had no success. Problem might be I tried to combine it with your older tip for adding a global variable which could be used in tasks. But even if I do the above change alone, I don't see a change in the score. Also it would mean a mission building dream came true if I could combine both, so if you could have a look at this here code from my AIS/System/fn_Revive.sqf and give some advice I would be super-happy:
  11. GF Missions Script

    BIG THX again, my friend, for giving the mission makers a hand in creating immersion and replayability! I'm really looking forward to try the mission scripts!
  12. Ravage Mod

    @VD: just a quick shoot from the hip regarding the persistence and the problem of zeds walking thru your carefully crafted walls: When I played around with my usual ALIVE-RAVAGE Combo I noticed that all those fences or boxes or whatever other objects wich had been pre-placed in editor and later been moved by the built-in logistics system of ALIVE would KEEP their zed-stopping capability even if transported to another location on the map. So my quick and hacky idea is to place a few "simple objects/disable simulation treated" fortification parts in warehouses or in a remote location on a platform in the sea and have them teleported to the player if he collected enough of the "raw materials" or "ressources" necessary to build that kind of object. This object can then be used for an actual working fortification. Hope there are better ways to get that done in a performance-friendly way - or you come up with something entirely different, but I just wanted to give my 2 ct. on this. Regards & Keep up your coding magic tourist
  13. Ravage Mod

    Thank you, @haleks, for your dedication to this awesome project and all it's sub-projects over the years - I'm happy I could provide what little skill I have to contribute to your work and I want you to know that RAVAGE made me love an already beloved game even more. You have given a great gift to the community with RAVAGE and I for myself have had many many hours of awesome and immersive gameplay thanks to your hard work. And I do hope, my friend, that you can tackle your RL difficulties with the same tenacity and determination you showed over the years during the development of RAVAGE! Best wishes for your future from your fellow RAVAGER tourist!
  14. [WIP] No Cure

    THX 4 sharing - a truly stunning level of detail you put in this map - and a truly titanic amount of work, too!!!
  15. Ravage Mod

    Defo would like to have that! It should work by introducing several sets ofgeneric spare parts which work with any rifle or any handgun you set as fitting in some kind of dialogue by copying all the rifle classnames into a list which should be fixable by an array of e.g. {"bolt_1", "spring_1", "barrel_1"} and other rifles should be fixable by another array of {"bolt_2", "spring_2", "barrel_2"} and so on. Like, weapon families that the user can set to have interchangeable parts. I really like that customization feature in the jamming mod I linked where you can set your hand-crafted jamming params for any weapon from any mod in order to achieve maximum mod compatibility.