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  1. BIG THX for creating & sharing & the thread to grab them all, buddy!
  2. Ravage Mod

    With the help of HEROS as the author of his mod, I made certain RAVAGE items useable by HEROS - and disabled the primary needs system of RAVAGE for that mission. So basically there is no double-click conflict because I use ONLY the HEROS survival mechanics, but with some of the RAVAGE items which might appear in loot made compatible. There are some RAVAGE features like the whole fuel syphoning and the repair system which don't utilize the double click in inventory and thus can work alongside HEROS without issues. ATTOW only food & drink items from RAVAGE work in HEROS survive in my mission; I couldn't get matches or antirad pills to work.
  3. Ravage Mod

    The HUD is from HEROS Survive Mod which I use in combination with RAVAGE in this mission. Together, these mods make for an awesome experience!
  4. Ravage Mod

    Here comes one of the most intense night time firefights I've had in ARMA; a breathtaking experience due to the low-tech setting of my Morgenthau mission:
  5. Ravage Mod

    THX, VD! Will try that bit tomorrow - how do you call it? Init.sqf? initPlayerlocal.sqf?
  6. Ravage Mod

    Aaand... Next One! We just wanted some fresh water from the welll in Schlagte and then had to fight teeth & claws for our very lives!
  7. Ravage Mod

    Sounds good! I have so far only found a hacky solution by making every friendly on the map recruitable by the RAVAGE survivor recruiting action - and then accidently realized it works on the horses, too... Also I do spawn them as ambient animals via Spyder addons; thus they appear in grazing herds. MAybe I manage to combine it with your script? PLZ send me your script so I can try my hand on it!
  8. Ravage Mod

    Uploaded a new vid from my playthrough of the Morgenthau Plan Mission:
  9. Ravage Mod

    We've been talking about this some time ago in RAVAGE Dev & Testers Group and I'm really really happy that after all those years with RAVAGE dev, you keep going and going and going to provide new content. Generated cities, eventually in an easy-to-use addon with the familiar drop down menus... You'll further empower the average ARMA user to build challenging and interesting missions with an excellent editing to playtime ratio with that kind of random city/structure generating - BIG THX for the idea and for sharing the progress!
  10. Compilation List of my GF Scripts

    Hello again, GF! unfortunately, I DO have the RAVAGE ambient AI module on - mission has both zombies and bandits spawned by RAVAGE modules. What else might cause the problem?
  11. PLZ do it, VD! We NEED beehives & honey & herbalists who send us on hunter-gatherer missions! And if you do proper scripts that would be really really cool! I'm sooo hyped since I managed to slap together a few scripts which were intended for s.t. else originally but now serve as a way to allow me milking goats and harvesting apples and do some fishing. But it's just something I can do while roaming around on the map, no quests like you might get done. Go for it!
  12. Compilation List of my GF Scripts

    Hi GF, after the release of my Morgenthau mission I have started my next project on the awesome map of Chernarus 2035. This time I want to use your Static RAVAGE Traders script and have encountered a problem. The markers appear, the traders and their camps spawn, but all the traders don't have backpacks, which may be the reason why I can't trade with them - AFAIK they need one for RAVAGE trading to work. Sometimes their backpacks lie in front of them at their feet, sometimes not even that. So I tried to add a line in their spawn config: Unfortunately this doesn't work; they still don't have a backpack. Do you have an idea how we could fix this? Best Regards tourist
  13. Rosche, Germany

    Glückwunsch! This map takes all the terrain design features I like about Schwemlitz to a size which allows for more gameplay styles than that nice but small map. Also you added urban and industrial areas - looking forward to play some "What If Cold War Gone Hot" on it! Thank you for your dedication and tenacity to bring such a big, real world map to release!
  14. Ravage Mod

    Yep, worked fine & No. 31 now!
  15. Ravage Mod

    Hey Gill93, can't find the group on steam if I type in "Ravage". Also for some reason I can't copy-paste the link into steam browser. Would you add me as friend & then invite into the group? Kind regards tourist