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  1. What exactly do you mean by Want to know if a unit which has been set to AIS unconscious state can then be revived by player or AI like a unit which has been set to AIS unconsciousness by normal gunshot, explosive etc. damage? That works fine. Or do you want to know how to reverse via script command? That I don't know for sure but maybe smt along the lines of [this] setVariable ["ais_unconscious", false, true]; would work? Would have to check that out myself though; just a wild guess.
  2. tourist


    @ApacheKoizuma I did a quick test with ACE+RAVAGE+VD APOC enabled in the SP version of RAVAGE on Altis which AFAIK comes as a showcase together with the @Ravage download. I used rather unforgiving ACE medical values intended for a MILSIM style mission I work on currently where I use RAVAGE as survival mod. Results: The zeds can damage player and AI and in my player ACE medical menu a zed attack resulted in various types of damage like bruises or avulsions which seems logical enough in my book. I forgot to enable VD's infection feature though, so no idea if that would go together with ACE medical. I suggest you fiddle around with your ACE medical values a bit and find your personal sweet spot. IMHO the ACE medical system is better suited for MILSIM mission sporting all the logistics (and maybe some human comrades in MP) to cope with battlefield casualties. If you play alone in a RAVAGE mission, ACE medical might become a bit tedious depending on your settings. An additional observation I made within that MILSIM mission using ACE Medical together with RAVAGE is that total/general player health does indeed get damaged by RAVAGE's dehydration and starvation regardless of the missing representation of said damage in the ACE medical menu. I have no radiation, but hunger & thirst active in the RAVAGE module of this mission. So no idea what happens with rad damage. Hope that helps you a bit along your way towards "The Perfect Immersive RAVAGE Game" Regards tourist
  3. Hi folks, I came across an issue with the cba settings for the Mk6 Mortar while playing SP or dedicated server. I want to use the artillery computer and no ammo handling for the mortar - but while all other cba settings are perfectly well applied in SP and dedi server play, the Mk 6 mortar settings seemingly get ignored/I am forced to use ammo handling. The MK6 ALWAYS uses ammo handling despite that being deactivated. Also only the first round fired hits anywhere near the target set in the arty computer. All subsequent rounds fly randomly around the mortar firing position - sometimes even like 200 m to the back of the mortar! As if at the same time the Arty computer and arty simulation w rabgetables and all were active, but all that is deactivated in my settings. I post my cba_settings.sqf in spoiler tags here:
  4. tourist


    THX 4 the lightning-fast response; checked the charge sticking with the BIS military charges and it worked right away! Now gonna check demining cord as well, but I gotta good feeling about this; instructions are clear now
  5. tourist


    Hi pierremgi, I'm currently trying out your modules and so far everything but the explosives module works without issues. I can't stick a BIS IED to a car (meaning I don't see a new action menu entry) AND I can't put it to the ground as per standard BIS system via the action menu. Any key combo necessary like with the demining cord? Or does it work only with the BIS military charges? Best regards & THX in Advance for your help tourist
  6. @avibird 1 I have been using original AIS for a looong time in exactly the kind of mission you describe: I play RAVAGE-based missions alone or every now & then with one buddy on my dedicated server and rely on AI teammates to get the survival done (let alone tasks) since ASR_AI or VCOMAI make it rather hard to play Rambo. Currently I'm consideríng to try out MGI Modules which also has a medical system affecting teammate AI, but a souped up version of AIS would make me even more.... avi(bir)d to stick to this old, but reliable script. Way I play! +1 Way I play; my current mission has the playable slots named after family & friends - so I HATE to be "Die Lika Dog Inna Ditch" (Cuz Post-Apoc Life's Justa Bitch!) towards them!
  7. tourist


    This is the real deal; anyone doing gardening knows what happens if you're lazy with the weeding near fences and shacks - looks like this ^^^ after just about 1 year! 😮 Maybe make it an option like the wrecks; this way mission makers could decide if they want it or shy away from the performance hit. Or make it part of "derelict" mod maybe.
  8. tourist


    And I love that Hangman's Block with the axe sticking in it - after the Apocalypse, anyone anywhere is judge, jury and executioner all-in-one all day everyday!
  9. @PSYKO_nz hope that helps; found it while browsing the other mods of this author & I guess it's not against the rules of ACE creators to fork an older version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1963810039 "Make Combat Medics great again!" XDXDXD
  10. @All: this year I gave the saving of custom variables a try (again!) but once more with no luck. I tried to execute the code from debug console running my mission on dediated server. All the other ALIVE saving & loading operations work as desired. My intention is to save the variables/player stats from RAVAGE and Vandeason's Apocalypse and I used the code from the ALIVE WIKI for saving in local environment (saving set to local database). While each variant of the saving commands I executed returned "true" in the console window, none of the loading code variants had any effect. Hopefully someone here can give me directions on how to improve my code:
  11. tourist

    ASR AI 3

    Hi Robalo, currently I use your Mod in SP and MP dedicated server. I noticed that the Incognito feature only works in SP. To be more precise: once I as the logged in admin open the config menu ingame in a mission on dedi server, only the regular ASR AI options are visible and can be changed. Ofc I double checked ASR AI versions & userconfig folder being the same files on server & client. Is it in general a SP-only feature? Hope you have some answers/idea for that question & kind regards from Tourist
  12. tourist


    @JakeHekesFists NP, will check it out this weekend on my "true" dedi server!
  13. tourist

    Rosche, Germany

    @nomisum nope; I DO run it & before the last update of ARMA I had missions on Rosche working on the dedi.
  14. tourist


    @JakeHekesFists I checked the mission out briefly yesterday in both hosted LAN and true dedicated server environment as in "upload the mission on my rented dedi server and then join as client". In addition to the required mods I had ASR AI running on server & client, and inidbi2 running at both server (-servermod=@inidbi2) and client (-mod=@inidbi2) during the dedi server test run; also added to that modline a few QOL addons clientside-only like Enhanced Movement or JSRS Sounds. In hosted LAN, everything worked "as advertised"; on runningn the mission on the dedi server I noted the following issues so far: 1) When I started the mission for the first time and died the first time, I got the respawn window, but was denied the respawn button; it stayed greyed out and no timer was shown. Game time was running in real time/timescale 1:1. Only after quitting as client (keeping the server running) and re-joining anew, I briefly spawned into my charcter's dead body, then got offered the respawn. For subsequent respawns it worked without any problem. 2) Prior to the first respawn, the RAVAGE options like search vehicles and objects or repair vehicles were unavailable, but your mission's own actions like the vehicle claiming showed up. Also your actions like the logistics stuff and the vehicle claiming were unavailable. From the first respawn onwards, both RAVAGE and your actions appeared & stayed available & functional. Also now the time was running a a larger timescale like x4 or x8 by the looks of it. 3) The persistence on my dedi server worked only in the situation where I disconnected as player, but kept the server running. After doing a server restart, the persistent data was wiped. Today I will try once more with @inidbi2 loaded ONLY on the server for that setup; maybe that was the mistake. That's it so far; had a lot of fun & will edit this post once I have checked the persistence over server restarts if @inidbi2 is loading only on the server. EDIT: Checked it; even though the data "survives" in the db folder of @inidbi2 mod over the server restart, it is wiped upon player joining. ADDITION: The performance might be a problem once more players join. This might be due to the already high map object count of Chernarus Redux itself. I recall that back in the day when both maps were still actively maintained one argument to prefer South Zagoria/Chernarus 2035 over Chernarus Redux was the waaay better performance of the first compared to the latter. Upon spawning in your mission at the beach near Balota Airfield I had 70-80 FPS, but once in the town of Balota with a few objects & zeds & badits, it went down to 30. That's it so far; I hope you keep this up as I am always eager to play a truly persistent APOC/ZAPOC mission which offers more "goals" or "purpose" than the basic sandbox gameplay. Best Regards & THX for sharing the mission tourist
  15. tourist


    @EO THX 4 sharing that; I'm all pro-music in my missions as you know...