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  1. BIG THX for another massive feature expansion around the CIVS & the support for GM terrain - on top of the fast bugfixing!
  2. tourist


    +1/+1000 hours to that! Once you know it's the GC or any other hardware that is broken, @haleks, I'll throw my share into the pool to buy you a new one ofc!
  3. Sounds indeed! Can't wait to try that out! 👍
  4. tourist


    +1 to ^^^ That^^^! I definitely like the idea of setting different gearpools for the sides available in the RAVAGE AI module. Also the customozation options will be very handy if one designs story missions and/or has a certain aesthetic preference for the apocalypse which can only be achieved by a comination of mods. Cold War gone hot alternative History = GM+RAVAGE Apocalypse in Germany today= Rosche+RAVAGE+The New Customization options
  5. tourist


    I may be a bit late to give my input to the topic of micro-stutters/performance drops, but it took me some sweet time to test with various mission setups. EO has it summed up pretty well allready, but I want to share the result of my (still ongoing) hunt for performance killers. In most of the things listed like using RHS+CUP using AI mods using Blastcore Edited all of the above PLUS soundmods+Bloodlust effect mod and on top of that scripts affecting all units placed & spawned of one or even two sides I have to plead "Guilty As Charged" facing the charges of "Planning, preparing necessary means and actively putting them into use to the sole purpose of 'Creating a Grand Plan' " and "Willingly accepting the dire consequences of Deteriorating Game Performance Reduction Of Social Life Severe Sleep Deprivation Over More Than One 24 Hours Circle In Sequence" In a mission on Napf Island with all of the above mentioned mods "and then some more" /total count OVER 50!!! active, I noted that when leaving everything else untouched and just adding or removing an Ambient Zeds module with the settings 50 zeds per player 250 total population limit min.100 & max.500 spawn distance dead men rising as zeds only if killed by zeds this alone made the difference between a) mission stuttering, going down from 25-35-ish FPS in towns to single digits and staying there after about 1 hour of playing and b) mission staying within the same 25-35 FPS range in towns over several hours of continuous playing. I wholeheartedly agree with EO and others in the sense that you have only so big a sum total of sytem resources that ARMA can use within the limits of it's game architecture and that the combination of an insane amount of mods and spawning systems like RAVAGE cannot be expected to deliver stellar performance. It's all about making choices: If I reduce mod count, I can spawn more opponents and/or run heavier scripts. If I want an extremely comprehensive modset with a lot of high poly models and HIFI Sounds down to the last "Cricket (distressed after exposure to a lethal dose of Roundup)" and "Footstep (sandalled) into human turd (fresh, from omnivorius person preferring meat and dairy products)" immersion enhancers, I have to reduce the spawns. Note: I can do all that at my liking if I want to play the "Grand Plan" only for myself, but I should at least try to reduce mod count for missions releasewd to the general public - in that area I still have to learn modesty, I admit.
  6. tourist


    Happy to oblige, Haleks. I am one of the (sadly) very few Germans who respect their Grundgesetz (German Constitution) where it says in Article 14, 2: "Eigentum verpflichtet. Sein Gebrauch soll zugleich dem Wohle der Allgemeinheit dienen." And roughly translated into our forum's lingua franca: "Property obliges. It's usage should serve the public welfare at the same time." Ready to support you with my dedi whenever you have something ready for testing!
  7. tourist


    Looking forward to the update & to the new Uniforms! @haleksSpecial THX for all the performance improvements - might empower the SP misssion makers to create more "script heavy, but intense" content which otherwise would break savegames!
  8. Some of the masks send a very clear message towards whomever opposes these guys: "I am beyond moral boundaries. FAHAHAAARRR BEEEEEYOOOOND!!!!" 😉
  9. tourist

    Scripting General & Library

    LOL, I know what u mean! Whenever I get caught at speeding, the photos of me in the car they send me as proof make me look like a really, really badass killer enroute to his next job...
  10. tourist

    Scripting General & Library

    Generally you are right; especially in a world without any institutional system of justice, no witnesses means no persecution. In my missions I found, although per chance and unintended, a nice workaround: if the above script is used together with this unarmed takedown script, it goes like this: a) Use a weapon and receive punishment b) Use the silent takedown and get away with your crime But I'll try if I can find an improvement for the "murder" script along the guidelines you suggested. THX for the input!
  11. tourist

    Scripting General & Library

    13. Check if player kills members of his own side, CIVS or certain animals and make him a renegade for that: This is based off a solution that Grumpy Old Man posted here in BIS forums. I altered it for my purposes which are to punish the player for killing each of the three entity groups and regarding the animals I tested it with the warefarethai mod cows. The code goes into init.sqf: Farm animals, especially dairy animals, IMHO would be held in high regard after an apocalypse, therefor the high punishment. But change as you see fit, maybe CIVS hightest punishment, then armed, but friendly survivors a little less and lowest punishment for the barnyard animals.
  12. Excellent idea, George! You might want to head over to the AIS/A3 Wounding system thread where a lot of the features you are planning have been discussed based on that revive system. Maybe you can speed up things by looking there & make us happy with a fast release?
  13. tourist


    The only way I have found so far to circumvent this problem is to place the actual fence/wall objects somewhere on the map during mission building and then access them by a logstics system like the one you have or the ALIVE system I have tested. Every placed object HAS the navmesh blocking trait - and will transfer that to it's new location. Won't help much with the freshly created objects, I admit. But maybe one could code this trait into the newly created items somehow?
  14. tourist


    @Vandeanson: Your work with basebuildng is amazing - and your effort to deliver the feature complete with a savegame mechanic deserves the highest praise! Regarding GRAD: have you already tested your base saving system together with the various different ways of the regular GRAD saving? I mean, does your GRAD setup save only the players and the bases plus any editor placed object or do you also save boxes, cars and so on which have been accessed by the players once? I'm asking because exactly that happens if I use my ALIVE+RAVAGE combo with ALIVE logistics active. This means that over long sessions, LOTS of the cars and boxes spawned by e.g. RAVAGE ambient AI and ambient cars or by your bandit camps will populate the map and get saved/loaded every time after having been accessed just once while looting them. Just my 2 cts. ; I must admit that I never took the time to delve deeper into GRAD after failing to save editor placed units reliably with it over multiple sessions, but you seem to have taken this savegame system a step further together with it's dev team!
  15. WOW! Once that is in, scores of RAVAGERS will rejoice!