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  1. GF Skinning Script

    Well, for starters we have Warfarethai mod which offers cows and boars. These do already work with stock HEROS scripting if put into HEROS init arrays. But skinning people is ofc one step further towards a truly postapocalyptic gameplay - i would let them drop the new frithified/ruined headgear from EO... "Ok, so you've promised me a hefty bounty if I kill this bandit chieftain going by the name " Mr. Skinner". How exactly do I recognize him?" "Well, the name is 'talking'. He wears another person's face. Literally."
  2. GF Skinning Script

    addition to the existing systems! Must try that one out at once!
  3. Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Stunning Pics! THX for going on with creating these high quality vehicles!
  4. To wrap things up regarding HEROS: I have used it usually in a way that simulazes a very HOT climate - and that works well. When ambient temp is high, the character's hydration value changes rapidly and if he gets towards 0, he takes stamina damage. Before the critical point is reached, screen blurring occurs. Freezing, however, might need some improvement. I observed the exact same problem as OP when testing my current mission with altered temp values. The Body (core) temp is dropping to 35°C if you, say, put the miserable "player_1" into a pond at 2° C water and 0° C ambient temp for 2 hours while the poor fellow is wearing only underwear... Then he shivers more and more frequently (screen blurring/sound) and ultimately dies without having taken damage to the health value beforehand. So I'd say I head over to the HEROS thread and ask the author if it's possible to change the mechanics for freezing - meanwhile you seem to have found an alternative?
  5. ^^^ +1 TO THIS!!! Sounds like some really awesome mission could be built soon!
  6. [Release] Incon Scripts A3

    Back again with my 2 cents: 1) In the past I have used INCON squad persistence on my dedi without issues without even knowing where to look for the two options you mention. 2) Would you be so kind to post your test mission? If I can get INCON squad persistence to work in your mission on my server, I'll have to look for faults in my mission building.
  7. [Release] Incon Scripts A3

    @INCON: thx for running a test so quickly. Since the rented dedi I use isn't managed with TADST, I'm going to check in the custom web gui my hoster is using and/or in the server config if I find these two settings. You suggest I turn them ON or OFF?
  8. [Release] Incon Scripts A3

    For me the squad persistence fails everytime in my current mission which is built with the most recent CBA/ALIVE versions. I share your experience that older ALIVE missions where I had squad persistence working show general problems when started with the most recent Version of ALIVE. ALL of my older missions which I had running just fine on my rented dedi server do now work ONLY in SP. There the ALIVE saving/loading works, but (to be expected since it's not MP) the squad persistence doesn't work. All of these missions can, alas, no longer be started at all on the dedi. They hang at loading screen. I have yet to try if I can mitigate that by deleting and re-placing all ALIVE modules in one of these missions. If you come to any leads by testing in a Vanilla A3+ALIVE+CBA environment, let me know. I'll try that as well and hope for the best. Oh, before I forget: with my current Mission, which works on MP dedi, I have also tried if it helps to set squad persistence database to "inidbi2" instead of "hybrid", but that had no effect. Hope we can find some solution & best regards Tourist
  9. [Release] Incon Scripts A3

    Hey INCON, for some reason, in a mission which has INCON Incognito AND INCON Squad Persistence, the INCON Incognito works just fine, even after respawn or after loading an ALIVE savegame in any of the two environments (dedicated server or SP), but INCON Squad Persist doesn't work. Did anyone ever report a problem when using both scripts together? THX in advance for any tips tourist
  10. Good job on those details! Think you can apply those "rough stitches" texture that the Friths clothing items have and that your Balaclavas show as well also to the backpack? That would be consistent I'd say.
  11. ^^THAT! is what I call post-apoc vibe in the design! Well done, Mate!
  12. The situation I have is that all the tasks I've built using the 3DEN Intel modules "Create task" and "Set task state" work fine in SP, but not when playing on dedicated server. So I have a locality problem here. I have tried to fiddle around with !isDedicated (and also with writing isServer instead or hasInterface...) && writeheremyconditionsfortasksucceed in the CONDITION fields of the triggers that are synched to the "Set task state" Modules setting the tasks to be created or to succeed. The triggers do fire in MP on the dedi server since the hints I have written in there for debugging if the triggers fire are shown ingame. I even have tried if variables with booleans are acknowledged and acknowledged they are in the sense I can have 1 trigger set a variable to "true" and a 2nd one who has this variable as condition fire just fine which I see by the hints being displayed. Only... the tasks whose task state modules I have synched to the very triggers that Do fire won't succeed. Or, if I have set triggers to create tasks if there conditions are met, these tasks won't get created. All the tasks revolve around any of the players having certain items in his inventory and then putting them in a box or having a combination of items in inventory and then receive a new item. As I said, all works fine in SP. For the MP, I tried to make the trigger conditions fit for dedi server by calling them with forEach allPlayers. I got a trigger working on the dedi server, but that one doesn't create a task or set a task state; this trigger checks just if you have a filled water canister and then gives you 10 water bottles, removes the filled canister and gives you an empty one back. Hopefully there are ways to get this working within the 3DEN interface; I'd prefer that to having to write the tasks in the "Anti-GUI" world of initServer.sqf, description.ext or wherever one would use stuff like [civilian,["task1"],["Do this and you get a cookie","Earn Cookie","cookiemarker"],[0,0,0],1,2,true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate Kind regards and thx in advance for any help tourist
  13. @Nichols: as it happens to be, my current mision is actually using ALiVE. It's a very special kind of mission though which also has RAVAGE, HEROS SURVIVE and a bunch of other stuff in it. PM me for details & what functionality you want to see in your mission or discuss in this thread if it's ok for thread starter/moderators.
  14. Hi barto300, I'm currently building a mission that makes use of INCON Undercover. This mission is a RAVAGE+HEROS based survival sandbox which has the regular side (independent) and the asymetric side (east) set to be hostile to each other and hostile to BLUFOR. The mission can be played in SP with recruited AI teammates or in MP with five players. Although a true MP test with more players than myself on the dedicated server has not yet taken place, I did extensive sessions in SP and alone on my rented dedi server. Whenever I had debug set to true, I received the ingame messages in the lower left corner of the screen even when running the Mission on dedi server. Also the short info box about being incognito, compromised, suspicious etc. did appear in the upper right corner. I think this is meant to appear generally if you set INCON to "easy" wether you have debug on or not, but for me it only appeared in DP or MP alike when I had debug set to on. But even when debug was off I could clearly see INCON working as intended for me and my AI teammates. As long as we had guns concealed and civvy clothes, we were not attacked by indfor or opfor if we kept a reasonable distance of about 20 m on a sunny day. INCON is running smooth & reliable in my generally very script heavy mission - so maybe post your init.sqf and description.ext ere and we have a look?
  15. Congrats to the thread & THX for the work shown bro!