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  1. @All: this year I gave the saving of custom variables a try (again!) but once more with no luck. I tried to execute the code from debug console running my mission on dediated server. All the other ALIVE saving & loading operations work as desired. My intention is to save the variables/player stats from RAVAGE and Vandeason's Apocalypse and I used the code from the ALIVE WIKI for saving in local environment (saving set to local database). While each variant of the saving commands I executed returned "true" in the console window, none of the loading code variants had any effect. Hopefully someone here can give me directions on how to improve my code:
  2. tourist

    ASR AI 3

    Hi Robalo, currently I use your Mod in SP and MP dedicated server. I noticed that the Incognito feature only works in SP. To be more precise: once I as the logged in admin open the config menu ingame in a mission on dedi server, only the regular ASR AI options are visible and can be changed. Ofc I double checked ASR AI versions & userconfig folder being the same files on server & client. Is it in general a SP-only feature? Hope you have some answers/idea for that question & kind regards from Tourist
  3. tourist


    @JakeHekesFists NP, will check it out this weekend on my "true" dedi server!
  4. tourist

    Rosche, Germany

    @nomisum nope; I DO run it & before the last update of ARMA I had missions on Rosche working on the dedi.
  5. tourist


    @JakeHekesFists I checked the mission out briefly yesterday in both hosted LAN and true dedicated server environment as in "upload the mission on my rented dedi server and then join as client". In addition to the required mods I had ASR AI running on server & client, and inidbi2 running at both server (-servermod=@inidbi2) and client (-mod=@inidbi2) during the dedi server test run; also added to that modline a few QOL addons clientside-only like Enhanced Movement or JSRS Sounds. In hosted LAN, everything worked "as advertised"; on runningn the mission on the dedi server I noted the following issues so far: 1) When I started the mission for the first time and died the first time, I got the respawn window, but was denied the respawn button; it stayed greyed out and no timer was shown. Game time was running in real time/timescale 1:1. Only after quitting as client (keeping the server running) and re-joining anew, I briefly spawned into my charcter's dead body, then got offered the respawn. For subsequent respawns it worked without any problem. 2) Prior to the first respawn, the RAVAGE options like search vehicles and objects or repair vehicles were unavailable, but your mission's own actions like the vehicle claiming showed up. Also your actions like the logistics stuff and the vehicle claiming were unavailable. From the first respawn onwards, both RAVAGE and your actions appeared & stayed available & functional. Also now the time was running a a larger timescale like x4 or x8 by the looks of it. 3) The persistence on my dedi server worked only in the situation where I disconnected as player, but kept the server running. After doing a server restart, the persistent data was wiped. Today I will try once more with @inidbi2 loaded ONLY on the server for that setup; maybe that was the mistake. That's it so far; had a lot of fun & will edit this post once I have checked the persistence over server restarts if @inidbi2 is loading only on the server. EDIT: Checked it; even though the data "survives" in the db folder of @inidbi2 mod over the server restart, it is wiped upon player joining. ADDITION: The performance might be a problem once more players join. This might be due to the already high map object count of Chernarus Redux itself. I recall that back in the day when both maps were still actively maintained one argument to prefer South Zagoria/Chernarus 2035 over Chernarus Redux was the waaay better performance of the first compared to the latter. Upon spawning in your mission at the beach near Balota Airfield I had 70-80 FPS, but once in the town of Balota with a few objects & zeds & badits, it went down to 30. That's it so far; I hope you keep this up as I am always eager to play a truly persistent APOC/ZAPOC mission which offers more "goals" or "purpose" than the basic sandbox gameplay. Best Regards & THX for sharing the mission tourist
  6. tourist


    @EO THX 4 sharing that; I'm all pro-music in my missions as you know...
  7. tourist

    Rosche, Germany

    Same here; I've built my very own perfect "What if tomorrow the Apocalypse happens in Germany" Mission! I noted however a problem with running the map on a dedicated server since the last update which exists even when playing a super simple mission with just 1 vanilla unit placed and NO scripts or anything. Basically I can run everything on Rosche just fine in SP, even my above mentioned heavily scripted & addon-packed mission - but on my dedicated server (rented from a company, not running on the same PC like my client XD) I always get an error message that throws me out of the mission loading bar and back to the first selection interface where you pick the map and thus I can't start any mission on Rosche on a dedicated server. This is the message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.WL_Rosche'. RPT's follow here as a dropbox file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jxfichifpn957l9/rosche crash on dedi server.7z?dl=0 I checked the same mission with and without the -autoinit parameter which usually helps a bit if something is wrong with the scripting in a mission - but remember this mission has no scripts running whatsoever. Hope you find anything useful in the logs; lemme know if you need additional info/testing.
  8. @Vandeanson Since a few guys did already post some suggestions for your future temperature system which include my thoughts about the matter in the RAVAGE thread, I don't want to clog your "audience's wishlist" with repetition. I do however, have an question and/or feature request for the healing system. To me, it is not yet clear if it affects all players, all playable units even if mission slot is occupied by AI or if it affects ALL non-zombie units. If it doesn't affect ALL units, I suggest to create an option in the VD settings to choose who is affected by the healing system: players only - players and playable units - all units BLUFOR - all units OPFOR - all units IND - all units CIV - all units And in addition to that I'd like to see AI helping their comrades, be it in mixed players/AI squads or AI-only squads - THAT is one of the most immersive features of the A3Wounding script by Psychobastard which I currently use in my missions. It even comes with a button you can press while incapacitated to call for help - and more than once my AI buddies rushed to my aid and saved my sorry ass... Just a few thoughts, lemme know if that is within the scope of your work schedule...
  9. tourist


    AI Looters - a dream came true! THX Haleks for that awesome immersion feature! BTW, your driving code is also absolutely stunning - I saw AI in an APC actually reverse from a roadblock, then take a parallel road and circumvent the roadblock instead of stupidly banging into the obstacle 100 times as usual...
  10. tourist


    YES! Finally there's an end to all that violence! All we have to do is educate the little rascals with a whole lotta love...
  11. tourist


    I swear by this mod here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1241545493 As it says in the name, it works like a Radio, so you can turn it off when you like to use your hearing to the fullest - ya know, darkness, no NVG, and the zeds getting meaner & tougher as per RAVAGE options...
  12. tourist


    Wow, looking forward to try my hand at that kinda mission!
  13. tourist


    Man, haleks, you really never cease to amaze me with your dedication! If on top of creating the awesome RAVAGE you also manage to sober up the notoriously drunk ARMA driving AI... Dunno, but in my book BIS should give you a compensation or a job offer for that! Best regards Tourist
  14. Congrats to the release - I longed for boars with a believable "wild game" behaviour in RAVAGE for quite some time! 🐗🐗
  15. tourist


    @sniperb If you want random loot in the damaged or intact vehicles spawned by your custom vehicle array, you might get it done faster with an external script. Luckily, @George Floros has you covered here - just head over to his script collection thread and you will find all you need!