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  1. tourist


    Haleks, you have given an enormous Gift to the ARMA 3 Community in General and to me as an individual Player and, for a time, even Mission maker. Lemme tell you this: for what it offers nowadays by itself, I'm not all that keen to get Reforger. But once it's time to test RAVAGE REFORGED or whatever you're gonna dub it, I will answer the Call to Arms again! See you on the other side, Haleks!
  2. 1 idea for future buffalo versions: if possible, make female buffalos as well - it felt kinda... odd when I was testing the buffalos 1st time in a mission with Heros Survive & added to them my script originally made for the Warfare Thai cows to give the Heros Survive "milk" item. Imagine my disgust when i realized ALL buffolos are bulls and therefor give "Leche del Toro" only! 🤢🤮 Other than that, it was a great addition to the mission to have some more "livestock" options than just sheep and goats!
  3. Is it in any DRM way illegal if one who has some time ago uploaded the mod manually to his dedicated server shares it via PM and/or private download links? Just saying; there must be several individuals or groups who, depending on the way their servers handle mod installation, might have a copy of the last original version CF_BAI uploaded manually which then wouldn't have been deleted like a workshop download. Also, one guy has started to make a fork of the mod which is posted here at 2nd page of the thread.
  4. Back again with more questions about the ALiVE Team's CDLC missions. The one I started to customize is Diamond Hands by @tupolov First I got the beloved & much needed Spyder Addons recruitment & loadout manager into it np after opening the mission folders available from ALiVE website in 3DEN. Then I tried to add a script into it and failed so far. Since the design goal for my version is to make the mission more fun to play alone with AI, I made the Team members non-playable and now want to include the INCON Squad Persistence script into the description.ext which allows me to save health, ammo count etc of non-playable AI teammates. This script works fine for me in other ALIVE missions which have the functions called in the "classic" way from an entry directly in the description.ext. I simply add the code for INCON Squad persistence and then it works. As an example I'll show the template from INCON: So I have two classes to consider in order to make this script work. In Diamond Hands, the Functions are however called differently: The content of the file named "CfgFunctions.inc" are these: Now when I simply add the code calling for INCON Squad persistence into this file, the game can't find it. I tried adding the INCON code part 1 like this: "CfgFunctions.inc" : And then I added the INCON code part 2 into description.ext like usually since I assume that a cfgRemoteExec code is a different class of code than a cfgFunctions code and I couldn't find a place within the CfgFunctions.inc where I would paste that code in. The resulting description.ext looked like this: When I tried this, the error message stated that the INCON script called from within the cfgFuntions.inc file could not be found. So I went along an entirely different approach and copied the complete code from the cfgFuntions.inc file into description ext like this with the INCON code part 1 included and added ofc again the INCON code part 2 at the very end: The mission can then be started without an error message about INCON, but now neither the INCON script nor the majority of the scripts work, e.g. the fail on wipe script works, but I can't change any parameters in the lobby and INCON doesn't save my AI teammates. I guess it all comes down to my lack of understanding how a cfgFunctions.inc file works. Hopefully the ALiVE devs or the usual helpful crowd here can lend me a hand here and show me how & where to add the INCON Squad persistence script... 1000x THX for reading thru all the code until now and another 1000x THX in advance for any tips tourist
  5. @spyderblack723 THX for the tip; in a way you helped me twice! ✌️ Once with your tip here and twice because I opened the mission in editor anyway before having even read your reply here to add your modules to it...🤣 I have a dedi server, but I found myself like so often tasked to take on a coop mission on my own with AI, so I quickly realized the default kit the SOG PF and Army guys get was not not up to the mission's demands in firepower and versatility of roles within an eight man team. What did I sorely miss then? - Righty, your loadout module allowing me to slap all kind of kits onto my AI subordinates in record time! Although it would probaly defeat the spirit of the mission, I'm tempted to add the recruitment module as well just because I can and because it would give me some Montagnard CIDG buddies if I'd like to have them! DOUBLE-THX to you, @spyderblack723
  6. Ahh, for the time being we still have the awesome script from our friend @GEORGE FLOROS GR which can be used to make any entity drop e.g. ravage meat or whatever you put in the arrays... AFAIK you could make zombies drop stuff like frith's ruins clothes with it, thus simulating the skinning of the zeds...🤮
  7. @EO, you da man! A veritable Water Buffalo! And I bet you made it drop ravage meat when killed, rite?
  8. Question about the new SOG PF missions: I wanted to use them as templates from which to build my own missions, but after unpacking the mission.pbo from my ALiVE folder, I received folders for the ALiVE SOG PF missions whose files like mission.sqm were showing garbled text in Notepad ++ Is this intended as some kind of security/obfuscation feature? Or is there another reason why I can open & edit the other ALiVE missions from the mission.pbo but not the SOG PF themed ones? THX in advance for any helpful answer tourist
  9. What exactly do you mean by Want to know if a unit which has been set to AIS unconscious state can then be revived by player or AI like a unit which has been set to AIS unconsciousness by normal gunshot, explosive etc. damage? That works fine. Or do you want to know how to reverse via script command? That I don't know for sure but maybe smt along the lines of [this] setVariable ["ais_unconscious", false, true]; would work? Would have to check that out myself though; just a wild guess.
  10. tourist


    @ApacheKoizuma I did a quick test with ACE+RAVAGE+VD APOC enabled in the SP version of RAVAGE on Altis which AFAIK comes as a showcase together with the @Ravage download. I used rather unforgiving ACE medical values intended for a MILSIM style mission I work on currently where I use RAVAGE as survival mod. Results: The zeds can damage player and AI and in my player ACE medical menu a zed attack resulted in various types of damage like bruises or avulsions which seems logical enough in my book. I forgot to enable VD's infection feature though, so no idea if that would go together with ACE medical. I suggest you fiddle around with your ACE medical values a bit and find your personal sweet spot. IMHO the ACE medical system is better suited for MILSIM mission sporting all the logistics (and maybe some human comrades in MP) to cope with battlefield casualties. If you play alone in a RAVAGE mission, ACE medical might become a bit tedious depending on your settings. An additional observation I made within that MILSIM mission using ACE Medical together with RAVAGE is that total/general player health does indeed get damaged by RAVAGE's dehydration and starvation regardless of the missing representation of said damage in the ACE medical menu. I have no radiation, but hunger & thirst active in the RAVAGE module of this mission. So no idea what happens with rad damage. Hope that helps you a bit along your way towards "The Perfect Immersive RAVAGE Game" Regards tourist
  11. Hi folks, I came across an issue with the cba settings for the Mk6 Mortar while playing SP or dedicated server. I want to use the artillery computer and no ammo handling for the mortar - but while all other cba settings are perfectly well applied in SP and dedi server play, the Mk 6 mortar settings seemingly get ignored/I am forced to use ammo handling. The MK6 ALWAYS uses ammo handling despite that being deactivated. Also only the first round fired hits anywhere near the target set in the arty computer. All subsequent rounds fly randomly around the mortar firing position - sometimes even like 200 m to the back of the mortar! As if at the same time the Arty computer and arty simulation w rabgetables and all were active, but all that is deactivated in my settings. I post my cba_settings.sqf in spoiler tags here:
  12. THX 4 the lightning-fast response; checked the charge sticking with the BIS military charges and it worked right away! Now gonna check demining cord as well, but I gotta good feeling about this; instructions are clear now
  13. Hi pierremgi, I'm currently trying out your modules and so far everything but the explosives module works without issues. I can't stick a BIS IED to a car (meaning I don't see a new action menu entry) AND I can't put it to the ground as per standard BIS system via the action menu. Any key combo necessary like with the demining cord? Or does it work only with the BIS military charges? Best regards & THX in Advance for your help tourist
  14. @avibird 1 I have been using original AIS for a looong time in exactly the kind of mission you describe: I play RAVAGE-based missions alone or every now & then with one buddy on my dedicated server and rely on AI teammates to get the survival done (let alone tasks) since ASR_AI or VCOMAI make it rather hard to play Rambo. Currently I'm consideríng to try out MGI Modules which also has a medical system affecting teammate AI, but a souped up version of AIS would make me even more.... avi(bir)d to stick to this old, but reliable script. Way I play! +1 Way I play; my current mission has the playable slots named after family & friends - so I HATE to be "Die Lika Dog Inna Ditch" (Cuz Post-Apoc Life's Justa Bitch!) towards them!
  15. tourist


    This is the real deal; anyone doing gardening knows what happens if you're lazy with the weeding near fences and shacks - looks like this ^^^ after just about 1 year! 😮 Maybe make it an option like the wrecks; this way mission makers could decide if they want it or shy away from the performance hit. Or make it part of "derelict" mod maybe.