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Development Branch Changelog

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EXE rev. 145537 (game)
EXE rev. 145540 (launcher)

Size: ~1.5 GB


  • Added: Magazine proxies to the following weapons: AKM, AK-12, AKS, MX, CAR-95, TRG-21, Mk20, Mk14, RPG-7, SPAR-16 (and expanded magazine wells with additional weapons)*
  • Added: Van (Ambulance) is now using a custom sound controller for its siren
  • Added: getMarkerPos [markerName, preserveElevation] for working with the Z coordinate
  • Added: BIS_fnc_markerToString, BIS_fnc_stringToMarker, BIS_fnc_stringToMarkerLocal serialization functions
  • Added: "EmptyLoadout" config class for the creation of empty unit loadouts
  • Added: Scripted Event Handler OnGameInterrupt
  • Fixed: Pacific NATO and CSAT UGV groups should now have Tropical versions of UGVs
  • Fixed: Respawn Backpacks / camps now work correctly in MP; can also be placed by Zeus
  • Fixed: Texts for the Clear All Mines waypoint were not localized

* This change allows different types (f.e. color) magazines to be loaded into the same weapon dynamically, but the NATO (Pacific) and Syndikat loadouts (characters, containers, and vehicle cargos) have changed!


  • Added: Unless their base is under attack, all playable units are now invulnerable after respawn until they leave the base (60 seconds maximum)
  • Added: Long-range AA defense assets (SAM sites / radars)
  • Added: Autonomous defenses are now limited to 3 per player
  • Added: Parameter for maximum Command Points
  • Added: Custom offset parameter for the Defenses
  • Added: Friendly Fire protection for requested assets (first 3 minutes after being requested)
  • Added: Team balance parameter
  • Changed: Most requested assets are now locked by default and can be unlocked either directly via the Action menu or through the Strategy tab in the Request menu
  • Changed: Increased the cost of repair and ammo trucks as well as the Rhino
  • Changed: The Subordinates limit was increased to 3 for the 64-player Altis scenario
  • Tweaked: The cost of planes was increased
  • Fixed: Various script errors

Eden Editor

  • Added: Loading a scenario in Eden Editor will now call the "init3DEN.sqf" script in the scenario folder (when present). This can be useful for executing scenario-specific editor functionality.
  • Fixed: Eden Editor export to SQF was not saving vehicle appearances correctly



  • Fixed: Non-local tank suspension looked wrong in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Extreme volumes are no longer possible with playSound3D
  • Fixed: Players were not considered in the list of a trigger when they entered a vehicle of another group


KNOWN ISSUE: Some buttons may not have the correct tool-tips

  • Added: DLC support in Launcher (preparing for official third-party DLC)
  • Added: Offical Servers tab in the SERVERS category
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EXE rev. 145618 (game)
EXE rev. 145618 (launcher)
Size: ~894.5 MB


  • Added: Sand 5.56 STANAG magazines to the magazine wells
  • Tweaked: AKSU magazine proxy replacement timing
  • Tweaked: Adjusted camo of magazines used in the editor-placed weapons which are using magazine proxies
  • Tweaked: Adjusted RPG-7 magazine proxy switching and slightly adjusted the proxy position
  • Tweaked: The BLUFOR M320 does not shine so much anymore
  • Tweaked: Increased the MX SW rate of fire to 750 rounds per minute
  • Fixed: NATO vehicles in the Remnants of War campaign were using Pacific liveries
  • Fixed: Typo in the function body of BIS_fnc_setDate (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T82819)
  • Fixed: A few remaining vehicles in which it still was not possible to open the compass
  • Fixed: CTRG story character loadouts
  • Fixed: The Varsuk turbine was audible even when the tank had been wrecked (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T136457)
  • Fixed: Zubr .45 ACP magazine well definition


  • Added: You can now blacklist units the AI will purchase by using WLAIRequisitonBlacklist[] = {}; with an array of blacklisted infantry classnames in you scenario's description.ext file
  • Added: The cost of any asset can now be changed in the scenario's description.ext file (details)
  • Removed: Respawn backpacks from Virtual Arsenal
  • Fixed: Static defenses no longer limit the maximum group size even when deleted
  • Fixed: Vehicles presets in the editor would not be spawned for sectors owned from the start by BLUFOR or OPFOR
  • Fixed: Friendly fire penalty issues
  • Fixed: Funds transfer exploit
  • Fixed: Sector vote calculation for dead players

Eden Editor

  • Tweaked: Added better error reporting for incompatible markers; upgraded to serialize the 3D position instead of 2D
  • Tweaked: Increased precision of the marker position when serializing
  • Fixed: Environmental sounds were audible in the Eden Editor after loading or starting new scenarios even if they had been disabled in preferences

Documentation of some of the changes / additions will be added soon™



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