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    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    Usually when you get radio silence for a while, then there isn't much anyone can do. Ya, the mod author did say before that he will update when he updates. Not a real answer I know, but it does seem that's what you get sometimes around here plus people being condescending, those are fun. For now, we'll just have to wait and see.
  2. VastGameMaster

    Discord Rich Presence for Arma 3

    This is a very nice idea you have.
  3. Vehicles not included! Ronin Tactical Services started off as a training academy with 25 staff members teaching military, law enforcement, and private investors on ways of thinking and utilizing various tactics in the field. Some instructors accepted small contracts by the US government to train other national armies and law enforcement to combat insurgency and terrorism. They also accepting contracts which involved Ronin advisors to take part in level zero patrol operations with Indigenous Forces accompanied by various NATO troops. These contracts (which were intentional to help expand the organization and side money for staffs) paid really well. More Ronin staff members were going overseas on defense contracts. Some Ronin staffs were also coming home injured or KIA which left more positions to be filled. the organization was short-handed and overstretched. With a lot of changes made to the organization, Ronin Tactical Services expanded from 20 to 1,000 members in 3 months and counting. With defense contracts becoming more popular among other PMCs, the organization expanded into a Security Force while still keeping their academy open. Another branch was open for Security deployments. Ronin Tactical Services are hiring special operators and training staff members for their Special Combat Unit to conduct emergency extract, rescue, recon, escort, special direct action, and other 'SWAT-like' assignments. Ronin Tactical Services are looked at by NATO and UN as a trusted security force that respects the laws of war. CLASSNAMES LIST Faction classname RONIN_PMC_faction Group classnames RONIN_PMC_CovertAssualtTeam RONIN_PMC_SpecialAssualtTeam RONIN_PMC_SecurityTeam_od RONIN_PMC_TacticalElement_od RONIN_PMC_SecurityTeam_tan RONIN_PMC_TacticalElement_tan Credits // For their fine mods that make this mod possible zabb teryaki Red Hammer Studios This addon is under Arma Public License Share Alike Steam Workshop: Subscribe Download: Ronin Tactical Services
  4. VastGameMaster

    MRAP MaxxPro Modification - Release

    It wouldn't be that hard then.
  5. VastGameMaster

    MRAP MaxxPro Modification - Release

    Just curious, how difficult would it be to update this mod with the new vehicle physics?
  6. VastGameMaster

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    So will this thread be closed soon as the other mod threads start?
  7. VastGameMaster

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    This place has been dead lately.
  8. VastGameMaster

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I meant that I was going to make MARSOC Loadouts with the new update.
  9. VastGameMaster

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I would love to see this soon: SOF GMV Also thanks a lot for the new update.
  10. VastGameMaster

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Adacas, I hope you have a good brake.
  11. Very nice mod, I can't wait to start FAPping on Arma 3. ;)
  12. VastGameMaster

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Finally, I've been waiting and looking for some kind of WW2 mod, similar to Arma 2 1940s mod. I'm going to download play this asap.
  13. VastGameMaster

    RH Pistol pack

    RobertHammer, do you sometimes wish life will give you brake so you can work on your mods in peace? I'm just asking because I do like your mods.
  14. On the next ACE3 update, could you add some kind of reinitialization? I find it annoying to play single player when ACE quits working after you reload the mission. I've seen other mods starting to do the same thing, so it should be fairly easy since you guys are experienced programmers. Even if I'm not playing single player, still some kind of reinitialization for ACE3 every time the mission loads would be nice.
  15. VastGameMaster

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    I think it is intended by TTP standards for CQB scenarios. Which means, usually the first man opens the door and the second man can grab a flashbang off of the first mans' back in case they need to flash and clear a room. The mags on the back of the vest, are additional ammo for his teammates to grab if they need it.
  16. VastGameMaster

    MGSR Mod

    This is one thing that Konami can NOT take away from us, but please don't give them any ideas...
  17. VastGameMaster

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    I'm gonna start making a copy of those files too, I wish I did so earlier.
  18. VastGameMaster

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    I understand, keeping the mod more optimized as possible and simple just means less work. In my opinion, instead of removing an older version of the vests and adding in new ones is cool and kinda not fair for everyone else. I would've just kept adding in more variations so there would be more to choose from. That way, people can choose which vest, uniform, headgear, and backpack they want to use for their own loadouts. It's difficult to have 100% realism in any video games because the way they are made. It is your mod and that's fine just remember the backlashes this may cause in the future. This is not my attempt to convince you to do anything, I'm just giving you my feedback. And I'm sorry if this was throwing more gas into the fire.
  19. VastGameMaster

    [MP/CO 42] A3M PMC Simulator

    I'm getting an error message saying: "ace_settings, was deleted" I'm using the latest version of ACE.
  20. VastGameMaster

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Mods would be automatically updated on Steam too. Makes gaming easier... But hey, let's stay on track keep praising this mod, because this isn't really a social thread. <_<
  21. VastGameMaster

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    I've spent hours in the virtual arsenal making various different special loadouts for different roles and military units that are now dependent on those older vests and headgear, which have been pulled from the mod. :(
  22. VastGameMaster

    Fifty Shades of MP7 - Release

    These Mp7s look great. I would jizz if someone did these for the hk416. Nice work I'm definitely gonna use these a lot.
  23. VastGameMaster


    Have you tried using the Arma 3 tools and PBOManager to depbo and repbo the files? I would suggest Eliteness but it seems to screw up the pbo files for Arma 3 somehow.
  24. Ya, I would much rather to have as an addon then a script. I play single player missions a lot and I don't want to edit the descriptions and add the scripts to all the missions I play. It's unnecessary work for this mod.
  25. VastGameMaster

    Takistan bases by Donbass

    I realize that it would take time to readjust the floating objects and re-align the template since there is no merging feature with Eden Editor. Performance issues on the other hand seems to take a toll because there is so many illumination in one area. I literally had to delete a lot of the runway lights to improve performance for my mission. This is obviously an Arma 3 engine issue because I'm getting 70 fps on high settings in the menu, but during gameplay it's a lot lower then 30 fps; Adjusting graphic settings didn't make any difference.