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    20 year old transgender girl who tries to mod ArmA but fails abysmally

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  1. Hamakaze

    Sangin WIP

    Absolutely wonderful news, Sangin has been one of my favorite maps since back in ArmA 2 and I'm looking forward to seeing it return. Thank you to both you and M1lkman for taking the time away from other projects to bring Sangin back!
  2. Hamakaze

    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    There's a fair amount of Infantry Equipment and weapons used from SAF, So no i don't think you can use it without SAF 😀
  3. Hamakaze

    Invisible AI

    CBA + RHS AFRF, RHS USF, RHS GREF, RHS SAF + CUP Terrains Core + CUP Terrains Maps We're currently playing KP Liberation Takistan on a server hosted by my friend so i would be the client.
  4. Hamakaze

    Invisible AI

    Hey so i've got a pretty game breaking problem i'm struggling to diagnose... I physically cannot see the AI and AI Vehicles spawned. My friends managed to capture one and they could see him but i physically could not, they would shoot at me and i'd get hit but i cannot see them, If my friends kill them i only see their weapons on the ground with no body... I have no idea whats going on.
  5. Congrats on the announcement! Will global mobilization continue to be improved upon and receive content updates after it's release as a creator DLC or will you move onto new projects?
  6. Gotta keep an eye out for Jerry, can't let him catch us off guard.
  7. Hamakaze

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    This is what's been missing in my life. Now i can do proper british Convoy Missions through the hills of Malden and Altis.
  8. Hamakaze

    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    As far as i was aware Altis was a former British territory so i'm not 100% sure they'd use the M1... Afterall they wouldn't have received the same amount of surplus US equipment that Greece and the Post-War Germans would have.
  9. Hamakaze

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Oooooooh! The Panama! Lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing how she'll work in game.
  10. Hamakaze

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    When the Scimitar gets released will it have SLAT Armor to improve survivability? And if it proves popular is it possible we might see other CVR(T) variants in the future?
  11. Hamakaze

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Many european and russian units have their events before this time and many west coast units have theirs after... The devs can't please everyone and it just so happens that on this occasion units on the East Coast have to take one for the team.
  12. Will we see any equipment for Commando Units in the upcoming update or will that be something for another time?
  13. Hamakaze

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I could be wrong but i think i've run across a fallout 4 mod that uses some of your AFRF Uniforms, It looks really similiar so i just thought i'd let you know: http://modgames.net/load/fallout_4/bronja/russian/406-1-0-22744
  14. Hamakaze

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Remember children, Just because something can be done doesn't mean it should!
  15. Altis Armed Forces: Troops from B Company, Guards Battalion, 1st Regiment, Altis Armed Forces. The troops of B Company have been deployed on UN Service to support aid work and local police in Cambodia, The Guards Battalion are both professional soldiers and the ceremonial unit of the Republic of Altis & Stratis. This is from the first weeks of their tour and more is sure to come! https://i.imgur.com/q6F4msl.jpg Altis Armed Forces (2017), RHSSAF, RHSGREF, Prei Kmaoch Luong, Nikoatons Animations, Direones Poses, TFR Static Poses, POLPOX Artwork Supporter