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  1. simkas

    3CB Factions

    Could I perhaps get the model and textures for the MUTT jeep model you're using? I'd like to get it into substance painter and try making a more high res texture for it.
  2. simkas

    3CB Factions

    That's great. Also, I was the one that mentioned the issue with the MG bunkers not ejecting dead gunners on the workshop page, we tracked it down to it being a headless client issue. Having headless enabled on a unit in the bunker will keep them in when they're dead, but if headless is disabled on them they will eject properly. It's probably not something you can fix but if anyone else encounters that issue keep this in mind.
  3. simkas

    3CB Factions

    I really like all the new vehicles in the update, the low res textures are maybe a little disappointing but they're not too bad, they're still perfectly usable. One thing though, I found a bug with the MUTT jeep that has the M2, the front passenger appears to be invisible (and seemingly invincible) from outside the vehicle. If I'm inside the vehicle and looking in first person, I can see the passenger but if I go into third person or get out and look from outside, they're completely invisible. If you're in the passenger seat though, everything looks perfectly fine. This is from the inside: And if I get out: Hopefully this isn't a super difficult fix, I'd love to use the jeeps in the future.
  4. Hey I have a question regarding the release of this, how do you plan to do it? Will it be just a terrain and then optionally there'll be a gamemode that uses it that people can also download? Or are you planning on releasing it all as one package? Cause it'd be useful to be able to get just the terrain for mission making purposes once it's released.
  5. simkas

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Making the 4k textures a separate addon would pretty much be the best of both worlds. Even better if it could be set up in such a way that it would work as a clientside mod. So a server could have the regular DHI loaded but clients could connect with the 4k one if they wanted.
  6. simkas

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    I kinda don't see the point honestly. The uniforms look perfectly good as they are now.
  7. simkas

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    FYI the last niarms update also added some old school ARs, specifically A1s and A2s both with and without M203s. Unfortunately, as they were donated models and not actually made by toadie the models themselves aren't too great and their scale feels a little off. Config wise they're quite good though.
  8. Is that map with the pegasus bridge not included in this release? I see it in that last picture there but I can't find that spot on any of the maps.
  9. simkas

    US Military Mod

    Adjusting already existing models shouldn't be very difficult though, I've done stuff like that in the past and it's usually pretty quick. Hell, I could even help out with that myself.
  10. simkas

    US Military Mod

    So will you adjust the vests to fit the new body?
  11. I have plenty of mods on, yeah, but I don't see how mods could possibly change behavior of core engine commands.
  12. No, I tested it with a specific reference to a unit. Using the same method I can get it to teleport the unit if it's just standing on the ground.
  13. I've noticed some really odd behavior when using setPos/setPosASL on a dedicated server. If I'm testing things locally, I can do setPos on a unit in any state and it will always work with no problems. On a dedicated server, it only appears to work if a unit is standing on the ground and is not in a vehicle. If they're in a vehicle or they're falling in mid-air, setPos does absolutely nothing. It doesn't seem to be a locality issue, as running it globally or remoteExec'ing it on the unit seems to make no different, setPos just seems to behave differently when on a dedicated server. Is this a bug or is there something with how that command works that causes this?
  14. This sounds much more convenient than the vanilla system. Maybe it'd be even better if you could hold shift and use the scroll wheel to change movement speed, while holding ctrl and scroll wheel to change stance up/down? That would make switching between all of that way quicker and you could change stance while moving.
  15. I'm trying to make an event handler where if a indfor unit gets killed, it gives the opfor unit that killed him an item. The code looks like this: { _x addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled", {if ((_this select 1) in [Slasher_1, Slasher_2]) then {(_this select 1) addItemToVest "2Rnd_Slug_Magazine";}}]} forEach indGroups; That's in my initServer.sqf, Slasher_1 and Slasher_2 are variable names given to opfor units and indGroups is an array of all indfor units. It works in local testing, but it doesn't work on a dedicated server, it just doesn't do anything at all.