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  1. Baconeo

    BMR Insurgency

    Has anyone else notcied that the disabling of stamina is no longer working? For me it seems to have stopped working and no matter what script combination I try it seems to not work.
  2. Baconeo

    3CB BAF Weapons

    PM'd you some images, let me know if you want more.
  3. Baconeo

    3CB BAF Weapons

    No problem, if anymore information is needed/wanted feel free to PM and I will be happy to help. I have access to a reference images that I can share as well as obviously having my own example that I am more than happy to take pictures of if needed.
  4. Baconeo

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Very nice work on the release chaps, couple other points on the L119s: 1. The 10" version (labeled CQB) should have the flash hider flat with the front sight rather than the additional inch or two we have currently. (can be seen here www.eliteukforces.info/images/gallery/royal-marines-commandos/43-commando.jpg) 2. The stock is incorrect for an L119, the more modern version are now having the Magpul MOE stock on them however the traditional Car-15 stock is still in use with a rubber buttpad (and in my opinion what makes an L119 an L119) 3. In terms of foregrips etc on them they are usually a personal choice by the guys using them in the Regiment so what may work better than adding loads of variants in is doing something similar to how RHS do it. They basically have a normal railed variant with no attachments and then have the attachments separate. The most common choices currently are a standard Tango Down style foregrip and the AFG. 4. EMags (like the L85 uses) are the go to mag now for L119s Another thing I was unsure of as it was sort of hard to tell but on the CQB version the bayonet lug needs to be chopped off as otherwise the suppressor can not fit on (and so is done on all 10" versions). In regards to the RIS on the CQB version, it is how all L119s are setup now, the older style handguard was used but it was when they were first adopted and changed before Iraq I believe (maybe earlier than that). Ontop of that I had two questions: Are there any plans to add in the suppressor that is used with the 10" version? It is the Socom 556 suppressor by Surefire if you need a reference. Do you plan to do any L119 specific attachments? The most common modern sights used now are the Aimpoint CompM4 + Magnifier on the 10" and on the 16" is the Acog TA01 with a RMR sight, the most common light/laser modules are the LA-5 (basically a PEQ-15). Other than that very nice work on the release as I said before! Also, sorry if this post came off wrong but the L119 is one of my loves having built my own for airsoft off of lots of reference pictures haha.
  5. Baconeo

    Advanced Rappelling

    Will you allow multiple people down the same rope?
  6. Baconeo

    Weapon Switching on the Move

    Also, is it possible to make it so that when the current switched to weapon is pressed it will revert back to the primary? E.g. I take my pistol out, press the pistol button again and it will switch to my primary rifle. Same goes for launcher.
  7. Baconeo

    Weapon Switching on the Move

    Any news on whether we will be getting slingable weapons?
  8. Baconeo

    Apex Gear Feedback

    A JPC style vest would be more appropriate for the CTRG faction over what they currently have, they currently do not look like SF or anything of the kind.
  9. Would it be possible to add a tick box to enable battleye to avoid having to change the exe each time you want to start up with battleye? It would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Is anyone able to upload the latest version to MEGA please?
  11. Awesome work on the update? Just a question, are there supposed to be no unarmed Hueys/Hueys just armed with M60s or am I blind?
  12. Baconeo

    World War II Units

    Awesome work! Any plans to include the Garand?
  13. Over at the 6th we have edited these to use the new combat pegasus (olive and black). If the original creator gives me permission I can release them to the rest of you but he would need to give me permission as it is his mod at the end of the day.
  14. Would it be possible to get a similar search box in Zeus as there is in the Eden 3D Editor? Many a time have I wanted to find something and had to sift through lots of tabs just to find what I wanted when a simple search box would make it quicker.
  15. Baconeo

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Very good on not conforming to the god awful mag grip, that VERY British tank in the background looks good also.