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  1. Issue with faction replacement packs not being able to load on dedicated server due to no signed keys for any of the pbo's? any workaround?
  2. Got it partially Working but it's throwing errors after getting the addons to work with the dedi Server....
  3. krizz kaliko

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Can someone explain how to get the ai to automan the defenses, it seems halfway through the mission I setup defenses and nobody mans them, so they just explode after the timer? Also the ai doesnt seem to want to capture bases and stays at base.... 6 hours into mission dedicated server no performance issues, running according the mission "Server at 38 FPS" ?
  4. So for awhile on a private server with friends we have been using Rubber edition CTI, but we want to update/change some things, for example uniforms, even just camo textures, I have found a few on the workshop but some are not signed/have no server key/or-just-broken. I was wondering if the community could point me towards a replacement pack, I currently have the amazing The CSAT Modification Project on the workshop. But I tried using a replacement mod for cup with the default factions Link to replacement project but it has no server keys or signed keys for the mods for a dedicated server. I just want to replace Nato and AAF/Fia/CTGR with cup or anything but can't find a solution?
  5. I was wondering if anyone knew of any updated ones that use some of the new features or that are more refined. I am using PVT Petes version right now, but the AI becomes unstable with alive... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Keep getting a server error telling me a file isnt working.
  7. krizz kaliko

    Just getting back into arma 3

    So I have been away from Arma 3 for about a year-and-a-half to two years now. I left because I wanted to be able to create missions, that I could play by myself or with friends without needing to spend 100 + hours learning how to code. I don't know if this is possible but I have a question that I'm here to ask today? I downloaded MCC sandbox and was told to start there. My goal at the end of this is to create a completely Dynamic mission for me and possibly other friends to play when we have time, and I do not know if that is possible but I would like to ask the community. I have rhs plus a ton of other mods. I'm talking 64GB+ of vehicles, uniforms, textures, xcetera. All I want is to make a simple mission where I'm able to set up my starting units and maybe create a base in the editor. And then somehow have a way, to get dispatched to go take out targets and do certain missions with varying Rewards. Those rewards with then allow me to upgrade the base. I know there used to be a lot like this that worked with rhs, however it is no longer being updated. I wish this game was as simple as, I throw all that unit I want into a certain type of pool, and that the game will use them for each side, but I understand that this is not the case. Is what I am asking too much or is it possible? Thank you for any help!
  8. krizz kaliko

    LF Exile Scripter (PAID) (New Community)

    Still looking for someone.
  9. krizz kaliko

    LF Exile Scripter (PAID) (New Community)

    Pmed you, Still looking.
  10. So a few friends of mine(we all have run communities or been apart of running a ARMA2/3 community) have decided that we would like to run our own exile server. I need a scripter to add missions and mods as wells as use and come up with scripts that we need, If you are interested comment or post here with your experience. Thanks, Shae
  11. So I just want to throw some feelers out there and see if there is a dev looking for some extra cash. I am looking for someone to edit CTI and make it RHS compatible with the update. We can talk about compensation ECT. Basiicly looking for someone to add the new vehicles and units to the mission and not a lot of custom scripting. PM me or post here if you need more info.
  12. I'm willing to pay a dev to make a mission for a MILSIM clan I belong to, a simple ALIVE style BECTI with updated RHS compatibility. We can discuss payment and ECT. Post here or MSG me.
  13. krizz kaliko

    Looking For BECTI with RHS integration

  14. I'm looking for a server to play with my friends, but most have AI disabled and I want to let the server run while i sleep and let the ai has it out between themselves and build shit. Is there a BECTI mission that anyone has or knows about? I have looked everywhere.
  15. I am apart of a A3l RP fire company and we are looking for a DEV to help work on our fire vehicles, pay will be discussed based on how quickly and accurately you can get information to me as well as availability. Post here or Email, If you email me, say Steve sent you. GFRFireChief@gmail.com