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  1. That is because a vertex weight of zero means the vertex doesn't really belong to that named selection and the exporter doesn't export empty groups because they tend to clutter everything while being completely useless
  2. not yet, it's still planned but work hasn't begun yet.
  3. we where planning on delivering the FIA with the french AMX-13 but that will happen in a later update
  4. in the first release there will be no hood-up models simply because i didn't get around to create them, they are planned for the future though, i am just really occupied in RL now so waiting on those would delay the release even further.
  5. they were used by the nogovan armed forces, the remnants of which became the cornerstone for the FIA after russia invaded
  6. did you apply rotation and scale?
  7. for release 1.0 they will use alpenflage but more is definitely to come
  8. Even Guba couldn't resist to try it out
  9. the answer is: the New Uniform of the FIA Soldiers it will become an M70 Parka from the Swiss Army It's still missing most of it's detail though
  10. specialist groups with M47 and Stinger Teams that are preconfigured for easier placement aren't a bad idea
  11. doesn't the RTM import theoretically work with the animation retargeting addon for mocap animations?
  12. Heinrich Kramer

    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    pretty sure that's deliberate as AI tends to act strange when it get's damaged without finding an enemy they'd just lie down and die because it is primarily programmed to react to enemy fire, not gas
  13. Heinrich Kramer

    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    the colour textures are the 2nd smallest textures of all, it would make a lot of juggling with pbos that are smaller than 1 mb each