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  1. that's why i haven't made a ticket in your bugtracker yet. i am not sure if it's a mod conflict and i haven't had time yet to do some testing. also it only seemed to appear if you changed your view distance and object view distance during the mission. i will test that as well next week.
  2. hiho, we recently experience a strange issue on summer chernarus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E48voP3ztII this only happens on summer chernarus and all 20 people in that mission had that issue to some extend. the video was taken in spectator, but it was the same during the whole mission. i just wanted to ask if that is a known issue and/or if someone else experienced it aswell. if that is new i will try to reproduce and then post it in the bug tracker but i wanted to check first if it is somehow already known and maybe even fixed.
  3. i have a quick question: i am trying to make a mine detector and so far i have it ingame, and it is in the right slot and everything. i inherited the class from the ace mine detector, there is no problem there. the problem however is that i don't get the action to turn the detector on/off or connect to headset. i had a look at the code of the ace detectors and just could not find what i am missing. could you point me in the right direction? if it is even possible to add detectors without changing things in the ace code?!
  4. b.a.verrecus

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    quite a while ago i did some testing with the lesh towing mod and basically just added lesh entries for the howitzer. it kind of worked but would need a little more work. also, i haven't tried it with the new updated version of lesh, so i have no idea if it would still work.
  5. i have a quick question. we are trying out acre for some time now and have one problem. our streamers like to mute themselves in teamspeak when they talk to someone via the stream. this seems to not be possible, as acre automatically unmutes the players. i have not found a solution for this. is there any solution or have out streamers to deal with it and find another way to talk to the stream?
  6. hi, i have a question about the new hellfires or more about the system behind it. icurrently try to add it to the config of a agm and it works more or less. with that i mean that i point the lasermarker somewhere, i can select the agms, i can also select the attack profiles and when i am in range and shoot, the missile hits the target. now the problem is, that i don't see the laser code of the missile (and cannot change it) and i also dont know if i am in range or not. so, if i keep the code 1111 with the laser marker it works, but as soon as there is another code used, i can't hit it. i noticed when using the ace hellfires that i have the code shown under the ammo view of the vehicle and also a red (or gray) symbol for the laser. i dont have that with my self made agms, so i guess i am missing something but could not find what that is on the ace documentation page. also i would like to know where i can find out what all the seeker types mean and how they behave exactly in game. also i noticed something with the comanche. i only have a laser marker when i also have at least one hellfire missile with me. is this intentional?
  7. b.a.verrecus

    Faces of War [WW2]

    hi, it's me again :) haven't had time yet to test the new version, but if i find issues should i send you a pdf again, or would you prefer it in a different way? and for the piat on back, maybe the bwmod has some kind of workaround?! they have their launchers carried diagonally on the back. maybe that could solve the issue...
  8. b.a.verrecus

    Faces of War [WW2]

    @giallustio i sent you a little bug report yesterday. maybe you want to have a look at it before the next release ;)
  9. really? two people told you already to try disable and NOT enable and you still try enable?
  10. b.a.verrecus

    Faces of War [WW2]

    as is saw that you heven't read it yet, you might not have noticed, but i sent the rpts via private message
  11. b.a.verrecus

    Faces of War [WW2]

    sure. might take a little, we tested a lot of things yesterday, so a lot of different rpts to look through to find the right ones ;)
  12. b.a.verrecus

    Faces of War [WW2]

    server or client?
  13. b.a.verrecus

    Faces of War [WW2]

    it's me again :D done some testing yesterday, and we narrowed it down to a fow issue. we turned off all mods but fow (yes, even cba, even if it needed a little work to get the rifles ingame then. but also tested WITH cba) and still had the issue. we also found out that the casings get spawned while the bolt is still in front position. that means that when you shoot and keep pressing the mouse button, casings get ejected (those casings get multiplied by the clients connected) and when you release the mouse button your character pulls back the lever and only one casing gets spawned (as it should be). this happens with all bolt action rifles and with the garand (here it does not happen with casings, but with the clip). as i am not sure if i used all the right english expressions for what we did, i recorded a video to show it: and another quick question: do you guys have a feedback tracker of some sorts? i have taken a great interesst in this mod and found some minor issues and also would habe one or two suggestions :)
  14. b.a.verrecus

    Faces of War [WW2]

    well, the basics (cba, ace, tfar) and some WWII mods (ifa3, len wepaons, csa). so it might be a modconflict? i will get me some people and find out and will report later this week!