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  1. That is because a vertex weight of zero means the vertex doesn't really belong to that named selection and the exporter doesn't export empty groups because they tend to clutter everything while being completely useless
  2. not yet, it's still planned but work hasn't begun yet.
  3. we where planning on delivering the FIA with the french AMX-13 but that will happen in a later update
  4. in the first release there will be no hood-up models simply because i didn't get around to create them, they are planned for the future though, i am just really occupied in RL now so waiting on those would delay the release even further.
  5. they were used by the nogovan armed forces, the remnants of which became the cornerstone for the FIA after russia invaded
  6. did you apply rotation and scale?
  7. for release 1.0 they will use alpenflage but more is definitely to come
  8. Even Guba couldn't resist to try it out
  9. the answer is: the New Uniform of the FIA Soldiers it will become an M70 Parka from the Swiss Army It's still missing most of it's detail though
  10. specialist groups with M47 and Stinger Teams that are preconfigured for easier placement aren't a bad idea
  11. doesn't the RTM import theoretically work with the animation retargeting addon for mocap animations?
  12. Heinrich Kramer

    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    pretty sure that's deliberate as AI tends to act strange when it get's damaged without finding an enemy they'd just lie down and die because it is primarily programmed to react to enemy fire, not gas
  13. Mr. Skellingtons CBRN Defense Units This Mod adds modding ressources for CBRN Defense units for Nato, AAF and CSAT. Have fun Modifying them. Content: NATO CBRN Suit MTP and Woodland Plate Carrier for the NATO Suit (MTP and Woodland) M50 Gas Mask M50 Gas Mask with Hood (MTP and Woodland) AAF CBRN Suit (Green, Black and Blue) M04 Gas mask M04 Gas Mask with hood in Green, Black and Blue Tactical Vest for the AAF Suit in Blue, Black and Brown CSAT CBRN Suit (Blue, Red, Yellow, White) S10 Gas Mask with Balaclava (Blue, Red, Yellow, White) Kevlar Vest with ELBV in Dark Blue Hex-pattern All Content is unlocked and not Binarized, .blend files and Ambient Occlsion, Normal and ID maps for some Assets are in the Additional File section. Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/8YsiD Requirements: None Known Issues: This is a Modding Resource now. Issues can be introduced and Fixed by the Mod teams that are building upon my work. None of the models have Working Clan Signs and Insignias. The Independent Uniform is UV Unvrapped in a very stupid manner. Unfortunately i am missing the Textures for the Opfor and Independent Suits and Masks, i don't know where they've gone. The Folder and File Structure is a complete mess. Parts of the names might be in german, i am not sure about that but i mix it in a lot :) Credits & Thanks: Models, Textures, Configs: Mr.Skellington MTP Pattern: Rusty from Facepunch Thanks to: Alwarren for his Arma Toolbox for Blender The Modelmakers Discord group for answering my Questions Bohemia Interactive for creating my favourite Game. Links: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1swaOO0PGnHWXpjdi1xWFNLLUE Changelog: Released Source Material, Mod no longer Supported. License: Plublished with CC-By You are encouraged to edit the content of this mod.
  14. Heinrich Kramer

    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    the colour textures are the 2nd smallest textures of all, it would make a lot of juggling with pbos that are smaller than 1 mb each
  15. Heinrich Kramer

    [WIP] Contamination Area Mod

    there is no shame in using already existing config files, nobody does every single one from scratch, that's just unnecessarily reinventing the wheel
  16. Heinrich Kramer

    Mr. Skellingtons CBRN Defense Units

    I stopped Supporting this mod and am giving it up to you. Yes, you. everyone that is willing to build upon it or use it in any way possible, the OP contains a download link with the unbinarized source files and the .blend files for my fellow Blender enthusiasts out there. Thank you all for the Feedback MfG Heinrich Kramer/Mr.Skellington
  17. we currently have woodland, Special Forces (woodland and green uniform parts mixed in 2 variations), Crewman uniform (Green), Black Ops (Black), Nightops (Gulf War night camo) and Chocolate Chip.
  18. the uniforms themselves are pretty bright actually, i had to darken them because they shined :D
  19. No. we currently have US Troops and Soviet Troops, we do not have any special uniforms like flight suits and officers uniforms. US Forces have Alice Rigs and Pasgt Equipment (with alice rigs on top) Soviet Forces have 6b2 Vests with Chicom Carriers and shoulder slung pouches. Planned are more Uniform Variations for the basic infantry, Officers/Generals uniforms, Flight Suits and Crew Overalls and the whole FIA faction is currently missing too.
  20. i accidentally misnamed it as 6b3 though
  21. I have also been working on the Soviet units
  22. Some of the Vests have butt-packs, some don't, depending on the role i didn't get to build any goggles yet but that'll come too.
  23. Heinrich Kramer

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    running vehicles only would mean they spawn empty running units only would mean they spawn unarmed the only on that can be run alone without risk of bugs should be weapons