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  1. carlosxx

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Awesome news, mes amis!
  2. And i concidered there last gear high quality, but this...absolutely amazing!!!
  3. carlosxx

    42 Commando Mods WIP

    Nice work! Thx for sharing!
  4. Impressive work mate!
  5. carlosxx

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    That look very interesting! It gives the new universe a bit more needed character. I can´t wait to try it out!
  6. Wonderful news indeed. I checked out your discord, and i can´t await the new gear! Thank you!
  7. The lastly added vehicles are absolutley well done, moddel and texturewise. I love the handmade paint for the winterversion of the APC, very impressive work. Are you planning to update, bit by bit, the other vehicles, to bring them to the same quality as the last ones? Thank you for your work!
  8. I can only agree, beautiful work. I wish you the best and thank you for sharing! Merci beaucoup!
  9. carlosxx

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Sneaky. Damn i love it!
  10. carlosxx

    USMC Packs Vietnam

    Damn, i waited for you to reach the Nam era! Awesome work!
  11. Now that is just awesome!!! Awesome indeed!
  12. Awesome work! Those wheels are the best i have seen so far in ARMA!
  13. carlosxx

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Wow, i was waiting for this vehicle since you got the models from Katie Byrne. Very nice work!
  14. The pace and quality is amazing. I waited a long time for les francais! Breathtaking! Are you allowed to tell what the first version, next week, will contain?
  15. Some awesome work there! Merci Beaucoup! Is it right to assume, that you will use the models for Squad also for Arma 3? I am no expert on this specific field of moddeling.
  16. This is some nice work! I love it! Do you plan to retexture this uniform (desert, etc,...)? I always loved this beauty form StalkerGB. Thx for your work!
  17. carlosxx

    Zee Identity Pack

    Awesome work!
  18. carlosxx

    My Summer projects

    @Flinty Is there a difference between the german one and this one? Eather way i love to see those vehicles.
  19. carlosxx

    My Summer projects

    I am really excited for the Pinzgauer! :)
  20. carlosxx

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Thank you very much! This is some greate stuff there!