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  1. LDU30

    Chechen War Russians

    Can you reupload file please? Chechen War Russians Replacement by Hund 😅 thanks mate
  2. Why with the bigboss functionality activated improves performance? 500 ai untis 60-50 fps wth hal & big boss activated. I7 8700K @ GTX 1080 ti big boss is great!
  3. ok thanks rydigier Works
  4. RYDYGIER PLEASE CAN YOU PLEASE, SEND ME THE CONFIGURATION ON HAL 1.23? with ifa3lite custom artillery?? by private message? God bless you I am very clumsy and I get line error when trying to enter the configuration of another artillery scripts ...…
  5. You can create compatibility of the artillery system, with the Iron Front arma 3 lite mod ? thanks Great mod !
  6. Add a sdkfz 250 (fow mod model), add an antitank gun for americans (british 6pounder fow mod moddel), add an mg-34 on Steel plate on cupule on stug 3 g xD thanks
  7. I am a worker camarada I'm proud of me.....And I do not fall off the rings of the hands. Your symbol is a cogwheel & red hammer? hahahaha
  8. drop it, drop it.....thanks community! Sorry if i have offended someone here.
  9. Would be great to implement RPK-74 & RPK74m LMG to RHS escalation mod so we do not have to depend on other addons, please guys make it, (And no, I will not use the editing tools. I do not know how they work).....thanks RHS workers.
  10. LDU30

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    ok! sorry. I already asked for it in its corresponding thread.
  11. LDU30

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    OK but Would be great to implement rpk-74 to mod ... just that! XD
  12. LDU30

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I do not have time, I work a lot and I have 2 children And most importantly I do not belong to the RHS team..... and I asked you to do it yourselves and PLEASE.You are very rare, you can not ask or advise anything, it is to improve your mod, and not depend on other content OK thanks anyway........ :p
  13. LDU30

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    This mod need an RPK-74 & RPK-74M so we do not have to depend on other addons, please guys make it. Thanks.
  14. LDU30

    Soviet Armed Forces

    Gracias camarada! Superb mod! greetings from Euskal Herria!
  15. LDU30

    Project OPFOR

    Ok thanks man, .....I can also customize on the virtual armory......I think still as in arma 2 old times...xD