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  1. HorbeySpector

    [WIP] ACA - Advanced Combat Animations

    Looks good! crossing my fingers for doorkicking :)
  2. Click for full size Custom TNF retexture of Adacas's amazing Military Gear Pack
  3. Your mod deserves some realistic NVG's, I feel like the A3 ones are not doing your units any justice :) Nice mod nonetheless! Also, have you ever really seen someone wearing a beanie/boonie/baseballcap and NVG's? It just seems so unnatural
  4. HorbeySpector

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'd also like to request some stuff from The North Face in-game (gloves or /beanie/fleece/raincoat/backpack). I noticed it on some military pictures
  5. HorbeySpector

    S.C.A.R -- Enemy Areas-of-Operation

    Just found this! Thanks a lot for making this mod, really enjoying it. Seems that we both like SpecOps/behind enemy lines type of gameplay :)
  6. HorbeySpector

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    A mod that lets you change the volume of rain, wind etc. through user config, so that they can be made louder without changing the volume of vehicles, weapons etc. It might do wonders for the game's immersion
  7. Age: 21 Timezone: GMT+1 Looking for: a unit with a modpack, public server (running insurgency or something similair), preferably SF oriented
  8. HorbeySpector

    [Photography] Armed Forces

    There's a special photography thread already :-)
  9. HorbeySpector

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I would love to see updated versions of these 2 mods: Deadfast's third person mod VAA - Virtual Arsenal Anywhere (they currently don't work anymore)
  10. HorbeySpector

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Please hear Somesangheili. 1 or 2 for each scene would suffice :)
  11. HorbeySpector

    PLP Urban Packs

    Your mods should be part of the default Arma 3. They're really well done. Keep it up!
  12. HorbeySpector

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    What can I say.. the terrain looks absolutely beautifull. :) However, what I'm more astonished by is how well the Ai navigates through the jungle. It works exactly as I'd hope. I just saw an Ai teammate crawl underneath a big fallen tree and come out on the other side. Also, my first firefight in Tanoa's jungle went very well, it didn't feel like Ai could see through the woods whatsoever.
  13. HorbeySpector


    If they decide to give jungle BLUFOR a retexture of the pre-existing uniform & vest, I think they're making a big mistake. Retextures make up a great deal of the community's mods, and adding new models would fuel the steam workshop even more. Also it seems rather.. easy
  14. Addons used: Spec4 RHS RoadRunner's Mich 2001 Hawaiian's 75th Rangers mod SMA Weapons Massi's USSOCOM
  15. HorbeySpector

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Love the new stuff! :) AOR1 and AOR2 versions of the new uniform would be a nice addition, as well as maybe some different gloves
  16. No photoshop used (as usual) :)
  17. HorbeySpector

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Very cool! :D A regular t-shirt (not tucked in) on top of it would be nice as well