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  1. Yep, a lot. Normally the machine which operates the artillety is pretty heavily loaded. I hoped there would be a way to trace such kinds of AI issues.
  2. I think locality is not the case. When I run the command globally, it is executed also on the machine Sochor is local at. The other machines are highly likely to make a locality-check and ignore the command at Arma level. I started those experiments with console because at some points of time, artillery stops executing commands a local script issues. From the birds-eye view the issue looks the following way: artillery spawns follows my script commands for some time then stops responding both the script commands and console ones I don't know the exact conditions of how to reproduce that, but it happens on a regular basis every day.
  3. Sometimes artillery AI hangs and ignores the commandArtilleryFire. The situation: Multiplayer AI Sochor is located at Altis, [5176.66,20690.2,0] and handled by a remote machine The vehicle ammo is full, canFire and inRangeOfArtillery return true The target is at [11065.1,14966.7,0] I open debug console and issue the following command: ([5176.66,20690.2,0] nearestObject "Tank") commandArtilleryFire [[11065.1,14966.7,0], "32Rnd_155mm_Mo_shells_O", 5] Hit "Execute global" Nothing happens, No errors in logs My question is - how can I find out what's wrong here?
  4. Guys, after I have configured dynamic loadouts for the aircraft, how do I specify a default one?
  5. @Dedmen we're talking about the dedicated server fps. And the snapshot I provided was taken on the server machine. As @Groove_C says, there are no mods there - a pure vanilla server instance running A3 profiling branch. That`s, why I'm very very confused by the words regarding environmental sounds. They make no sense to be played on a dedicated server. But if they really are, and if you're right in your suggestions regarding the profile provided, then we really need some official attention.
  6. @Dedmen thank you a lot. All I can say - I have the following at the mission start in the init.sqf: enableEnvironment [hasInterface, hasInterface]; Have no other ideas of how to influence the environment the other way. Maybe, the dynamic weather (e.g. rain - it makes sounds) which is handled by the server causes that. Or there is another leak in the game code Would be awesome if some BIS guy came and helped us out, e.g. @Dwarden
  7. @Dedmen I somehow solved my previous issues - reduced the number of AI's here and there. But now there is another kind of issue with the server. It works with high FPS numbers about 30-50 for approximately 18 hours, but after that, fps suddenly drops to ridiculous numbers of 1-3 fps. And those numbers do not rise back even after the number of players and AI enemies decreases. My checks at such moments show there are not more units/vehicles/groups than when FPS is high. Also, I don't see any leaked/dead units/groups/vehicles on any of the machines. Could you take a look at the snapshot and advice? It looks another way than the previous one. By the way, I know at least one more PvE server except us, who runs completely another mission but suffers the same kinds of issues.
  8. Well, that's are empty groups somehow getting created on the server. I suggest they're left after players join/left the server. One thing I can be sure in - noone of the mission scripts calls the createGroup command on the server machine. Anyways, the situation doesn`t change if I issue "{deleteGroup _x} forEach (allGroups select {local _x})" on the server. But it gives a very short but a very high fps boost after I exec the disableRemoteSensors command on the server. FPS gets to 20-40 from 10, but lasts minutes.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Actually, the setup we have now is the following: -PVE mission -25-30 players -about 100 enemy AIs spread between 2 HCs -about 25-30 friendly AI units controlled by players machines -no AI units are controlled by the server itself And what is interesting - both HCs, controlling AIs, have a pretty good performance with FPS in range of 20-40. But the server is not so happy. When the number of players grows to 18-20, the server's FPS starts degrading severely. And yes, when the number of enemy units goes down (drops from approx 100 to approx 50), the server FPS starts getting normal;
  10. Hi folks. I'm trying to profile low FPS on the server. Here is what diag_captureFrameToFile outputs: https://gist.github.com/winseros/692cf3685b5b3733d976dcf6dab584a6 The problem here - I can't see any particular spot of troubles - all the performance-eaters seem to be spread among several places, but without any visible peak. Could you suggest what can be done to improve performance according to this snapshot?
  11. @swtx thank you for the mod. May I ask you to update the mod keys and signatures? The existing ones are not considered valid and players can't join our server with this mod even after we've added the bundled keys to the list of allowed. Here is DSCheckSignatures output: D:\Arma 3 Tools\DSSignFile> .\DSCheckSignatures.exe -deep D:\fs_nvg\addons\ D:\fs_nvg\key\ Checking D:\fs_nvg\addons\fs_nvg.pbo Signature D:\fs_nvg\addons\fs_nvg.pbo.fs_nvg.bisign is wrong
  12. Which way did it kill the submersibles on the depths?
  13. winse

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Doesn't change anything substantial - already tried.
  14. winse

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Guys, who can guide me how to make AI-driven helicopter to use unguided rockets efficiently against ground targets? Whatever settings of AI skills I apply, the result is the same: With a fixed wing, it is slightly better, but still not efficient enough. In my understanding, currently, AI aircrafts are mostly useless without guided weapons as they simply can't hit a thing. Or I am just doing something wrong?)