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  1. Love the drawings in your sig.

    1. simcardo


      Thanks man! still have alot to learn in that subject

  2. RIP, Gordon from 2nd Platoon.

  3. Stopping by to say how much I liked your 2005 units for ArmA 1!

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    2. Laqueesha


      Heh, can't forget about those beardy blokes too. Ever thought of porting the 2005 units over? There's a dearth of IBA vests in A3.

    3. CameronMcDonald


      Ah, I think that ship's sailed, mate. I'm trying to put my efforts into mission making these days... though it'd be great if I could get more than one mission released. :down:

    4. Laqueesha


      Alright, thanks. Best of luck with that.

  4. I loved your OFP U.S. Infantry Mod. It was the best.

  5. If you want some Canadian units, check out wsxcgy's RHS Uniform Retextures Pack, which has CADPAT uniforms. RHS's M4/M16 pack and Accesories pack comes with an ELCAN sight too. Here's a pic: http://i.imgur.com/lPZWWMA.jpg

    1. Drift_91


      Thanks, I'll check it out. My friend will probably like having the plethora of other camo as well, since he likes to roleplay as different nationalities. Thank you.

  6. Howdy there! Are there any plans of releasing your Arleigh Burke destroyer mod?

    1. chops


      I'm still working on it, bit by bit.

    2. Laqueesha


      Alright, thanks. Glad to hear!

  7. Howdy, any updates about your USS Dewey mod?

  8. Any updates about your navy warships mod?

  9. What up, yo. You still in the navy?

  10. Howdy, got those lines for me? :)

  11. LOL, I had to look that up on Google. You funny man, you.

  12. Alright, best of luck with that. I'm eager to play with some Irish blokes soon! :)

  13. Hiya, mate! How's your Irish Defence Forces mod coming along? Cheers!

  14. I don't know, there are some helicopter mods that have text on both sides of the aircraft.

  15. You could just type it onto the tail area. Use the "Bombardier" font; it is very close to the MARINES text.


  16. Hey, mate! How's the helicopter coming along? :)

  17. What's up, buddy? I'm just letting you know that I can do the voice acting for "Lions of Kandahar" for you. All you have to do is PM me. Thanks! :)

  18. Hello, I was wondering if you still need help with your 2003 USMC OIF units. Just to let you know, I fixed the crewman faction config issue that you were having.

    Turns out, all you had to do was add "Side = 1" into the unit config in cfgvehicles.

  19. I'd be glad to do some voice acting for you. Just send me the lines and I'll record them ASAP.

  20. Me liekz yur abatarr.

  21. I have no money, I can't even buy a game I want. If you really want it, buy it. If you want to save your money and wait until the price drops, then do that. Personally, I'll wait as I have no money right now.

  22. Danke schoen, herr Enad.

  23. Why you troll me? :(

  24. He probably forgot. You can ask, he'll probably give it to you. I had to do the same thing.