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  1. Mods: VSM pack, Dirones static animation/pose pack, Specialist Gear mod, RHS USAF. Very noob at photshop :P my first image hehe
  2. The CIWIS will intercept missiles, i can probely add more function to it to shoot at RPG too, But i dont know if i want it to have manual control of the CIWIS because the MK-38, VLS and MK-45 + the deck guns can shoot at small boats
  3. Hi. Yes, the MK45 will have a artillery computer ingame with also manual control so you can take out targets close to the ship. It will also have the mk38 Mod 2 (25mm M242 Bushmaster) weapon system that will be controllable from the bridge to take out threats close. The MK45 and VLS will be controllable from a console in CIC. The Mk38 25mm will be controllable from console in bridge.
  4. The model of the picture above is decreased in details for getting it into arma 3. Will be posting renders of everything later. Arleigh Burke - DDG-105 USS Dewey (Work in Progress) Hello everyone! Over the past few months, I have been working on the Arleigh Burke DDG-105 and I am now a good way into the process but there is still a lot to do. The USS Dewey DDG-105 was used in TV Show The Last Ship, USS Nathen James or DDG-151 Discord: https://discord.gg/s5ycBbr Features: One drivable and one static ship. Interior CIC and Bridge. All the weapons on the real DDG-105 (execpt for torpedos) Animated ejeactable casings for the Mk45 5 inch artillery gun Service menu for loading VLS (Will be possible to load each cell of your liking. If you want to stick 62 tomahawk missiles in it you can :D) Custom radar screen for incoming aircraft or missiles (Radar screen will be in CIC) Instruments for navigation Animations for hangar doors CIWIS for shooting down enemy aircraft or incoming missiles. and some sound effects for general quarters alarm and other things. more features coming soon (All these features are subject to change!) FAQ: Q: When will it be done? A: When im done. (no release date) Team: Norsk2277 (Modelling work & texturing) M.Nelson (PR - Public Relations) Credits: Norsk2277 - (Modelling work & texturing) Brian/Foxone - For VLS model. TeTeT & TheSn4k3 - For CIWIS script and model. EA-18G Development skype group - For ideas and suggestions. audiocustoms - For naval gun sounds and help with audio editing. Here is what it looks like ingame. I added it to arma 3 just for testing the scala is 1:1. I will be posting some renders of the model later. Album: http://imgur.com/a/dBbws
  5. Progress: i have not done so much, another project has taken up most of my time but its slowly getting there.
  6. Early WIP (DDG-105) The shadows on the bridge windows is a bit wrong. shape will be adjusted to look more accurate to the real thing soo it is work in progress, things can change but it will have interior also. More information coming later in a few months or weeks.
  7. I dont know yet, Maybe the PLS wich can load containers but i am not sure yet. I will have the HEMTT M1975 DSB in woodland and desert skin. I am also considering modelling just a reversing camera on the back of the truck if somone play in first person because the truck is very long and heigh is about 4meters. the screen will be mounted on the windscreen or somewhere else. The cabin of the HEMTT DSB will be like the real thing, i got allot of pictures of inside the cabin :)
  8. Hi, after a long break im back on track with modelling of the HEMTT. Keep in mind that this project will still take a long time since i am the only one who is working on the HEMTT + i have a part time job. Yea that is possible, but i think somone else is working on the container loader, but the dry support bridge version is based on the M1075 wich can load cointainers and other stuff. I am trying to get the system as close to the VBS version but it will be a bit diffrent. The model itself is not based of the VBS since the model is not accurate enough from the real HEMTT DSB, i have around 799 files of refrance images of the truck along with manuals showing of how system works and pictures of diffrent parts on the vehicle
  9. norsk2277

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    Do the VR work with arma 3 battleye in multiplayer? or do i have to disable battleye to play?
  10. norsk2277

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    I have a few questions: 1. How was arma 3 with the oculus? 2. Was it very immersive? 3. Have you played DCS? 4. How is it playing arma 3 in milsim units with the oculus rift? 5. Do you feel like you are ingame? is it scary getting shot at?
  11. I have been working on the LRASM or AGM-158C LRASM is a long range cruise missile armed with a penetrator and blast fragmentation warhead (1000 LBS Blast fragmentation) with GPS navigation system and other features. It can be launched from the Destroyers VLS or droped from Airplane like the FA-18 :) more information about the real LRASM by Lockheed Martin Here is a dev picture, its still very WIP!! The shape is not done yet but i decided to give a little sneak peek :) The wing will get re-designed, also the top from the tail will be littlebit flat like what is seen in the video :) i repeat again! the shape of this object will change to make it match the real one :)
  12. Short update: Allot to do still :P going to work more on the other objects to complete the high poly version of parts in the model :) atm i am working on the crane and that is the big thing that sticks upwards. Perspective View Orthographic view