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  1. Alrighty guys, Santa came last night and gave me more goodies to deliver! This is the high poly version of the Mk38 25mm gun wich you can controll from the bridge. You will also be able to walk up to it and deploy controls to control it manually. The ship will have two of these (one on each side of the ship seen below.) Enjoy!
  2. More progress already! The first of these renders took 2 hours :D Feast your eyes! Will update with more later:
  3. Hey guys! I am Nelson but you can call me Nelson. I will be doing all the PR for this project so stay tuned for lots more cool stuff and updates from myself!
  4. We are doing our part to fix that :D
  5. Hey everyone! We got the textures on the model so take a look! Obviously we have some work to do but this should wet your appetites! http://imgur.com/a/lYs56
  6. Working on some of the textures right now and changing the name from X-47B to MQ-25. Should have some more pics soon! :D
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Matchbox/Nelson you can call me either and I just wanted to introduce myself as the other dev on this project! We cannot wait to get this out to you guys and we thank you for your patience and support in advance!
  8. M.Nelson

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Something that may or may not have been mentioned before is a map with the center of focus is aviation. Preferably a giant airfield with a lot of tarmac and plenty of space to fly the aircraft. I feel like all of the maps that have been released thus far have neglected the airfield portion of the map with the exception to machloop but that has its own problems with ground textures and it is a bit on the small size. Anyways to make it simple: 1. Big Airfield (Preferably multiple runways and taxiways with a lot of tarmac) 2. A lot of space to fly aircraft It could be a desert for all I care, I just think it would be cool to have a massive space with a great airfield to use.
  9. M.Nelson

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Ah okay great. Thanks for the response.
  10. M.Nelson

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Does the E3 have an extended radar range and actually function as an E3 would or is it just the model with the normal radar? I have had the mod for a while and have never been able to tell.