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  1. FluffernutterSergal

    Firewill Standalone Series Release Thread

    Thanks for letting me know! I've always been excited for it! 😄
  2. FluffernutterSergal

    Firewill Standalone Series Release Thread

    Hello Firewill! I am curious as to if you are intending to add or would you add the GBU-28 as a weapon that the F-15E (or further) could carry?
  3. FluffernutterSergal

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Vehicles that I hope they might add (the equivalents at least): Tanks: T-14 Armata (this will likely be added I think) Leopard 2A6M 1 or 2 Abrams Variants, preferably Uparmoured with reactive plates Leclerc Type 99 Challenger 2 IFVs/FSVs: LAV 3 or LAV 4 (the latter being still designed and tested) Pandur 2 ZTL-09 M1128 AMX-10RCR BMPT "Terminator" (you know you want this cancer in public PvP HAR DEE HAR) (Not really, but) AA: Modern/Future ZSU Equivalent ADATS Oerlikon GDF Pantsir Avenger (Future Variant) And maybe some new bombs for Jets to combat these vehicles? Maybe ECM bombs or Smart-Clusters (E.G. CBU 105 WCMD or CBU 107?) I know that none of these will be likely added, and likely most of them aren't even considered by Bohemia. However, I really like these particular addons and tanks, as they are some of the most interesting to myself :V And could make combat hella intense
  4. FluffernutterSergal

    What snow do you want?

    As a Canuck, I can safely say snow is confusing. Basically the fresher the snow, the shinier and whiter it appears. A good middle ground is some thinning snow with a bit of muck/mud. This allows people to play with/without snow camo, and is more realistic as when it snows it is rarely super white for long. However, in the mountains I would imagine it would usually be clear and maybe rocky, so snow would always be white more or less. Meh, you do you!
  5. FluffernutterSergal

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    NEVERRRRR You aren't good enough! Commit seppuku for your dishonour D:< Nahhhhhhh I joke.
  6. FluffernutterSergal

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Excuser moi, but how goes everything? Don't want/need an update, but I wanna know (if possible) how Fuller and other Mod Team members are doing? Nothing too personal if you don't want to indulge me, but I am just trying to extend some courtesy if it is okay to.
  7. FluffernutterSergal

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE :V So fucking excited! First thing I'ma do: check out the F35B VTOL and then the Bombers and Loadout changes *ded*