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  1. I've found an issue when using the improved system UAVs. When trying to utilize the turret view the following error is thrown up. This was done with just ITC Land, Latest ACE and CBA.
  2. @Eesh Sin Ger You don't have to. I was answering your question literally. The battery for the Apache is under the right hand stub wing behind a folding panel. That's where the battery is installed. In order for you to turn on battery power and thus enable you to start the APU you need to turn the Master Ignition Key switch that is housed in the pilots position on the lower left control panel. Its a rotary switch with the options Off, Battery and External Power written around it. It would also normally require you to put the aircraft key into the slot on the top of the switch for the aircraft to be allowed to start engines. I don't believe that is modeled in Arma.
  3. @Eesh Sin GerIn the folding panel under the right hand stub wing. To turn on battery power you should operate the MIK switch which is only available in pilots position and is situated on the lower left control panel.
  4. A little late for the bus. Mods: Ravage, Friths Ruin, RDS Civilians, Chernaurus Redux and a little Photoshop.
  5. TechThings

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Are the interiors of the Man trucks placeholders? Here's a workaround of a 6 tonne variant of the MAN SV which shows all of the interior and exterior details. Great work on them so far.
  6. TechThings

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Would it be possible to get a standalone version of the AFSOC units? I'm part of a milsim looking to start a Para Rescue attachment and the PJ and CRO equipment you have would be awesome.
  7. TechThings

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Folding Rotors on the Apache is not an automated system like on many Naval aircraft. It requires a team of technicians and some specialist equipment in order to be carried out.
  8. In support of Beagles post i have had a look into the current Mk8 Mod 1 SDV used today and what information there is on this. The only non classified information available is that it can do 21mph and it can be operated at extended periods of up to 12 hours. This should give it a real life range of approximately 252 miles. I understand this is a game and this would be unfeasible. So if you decrease this by a 1/4 to instill some type of game play aspect you still have 4 hours of operation at 21mph ending with a total range of 84 miles. Reference for SDV Details. Military Factory Defence Media Network
  9. eggbeast i have had a look through all of the US Forces load outs and have posted a bug report on your forum with some other inconsistencies i have found. Hope this helps.
  10. Just popped on to congratulate you guys on your continued work on this great mod. i have been playing mostly on SP with the Unsung mod since its release on OFP and i have to say its one of my all time favorites. There is one question i have about the infantry load outs within the mod. The 1965 US Army forces which are using the M16 are carrying 30rd 5.56mm magazines in their rucks. Is this due to the alice packs having a generic loadout that is equipped to the 65 and later forces?
  11. TechThings

    Enhanced Visuals

    thank you for this amazing mod. I have come across a small issue whilst in game which turns the Blacn and Green NVGs into Binoculars. They are able to be put in the NVG slot but the night vision does not work. The tool tip for the two NVGs are also the same as a binocular.
  12. TechThings

    Aliens Mod

    Great Mod. I Really loved Vilas's USCM units when he released them for ARMA 2 and your porting and refinement of those units is pretty damn cool. To simulate the shoulder mounted torchs i have been using the shoulder mounted flashlight mod by Feint on a few of my missions and that seems to work. There was a small issue of the UDL-4 Cheyenne being unable to fly with the APC stored inside. The dropship pitches its nose up then will explode. This was tested on stable with only CBA, Dynasound 2 and Aliens mods active. Thank you for your hard work and i look forward to what you create in the future.
  13. Great Representation of the AH. In fact probably one of the best since games like Apache Longbow and Apache vs Hind. It shows that this is either one very researched addon or that you have had real experience with the aircraft itself. Well done. An idea for the start sequence would be to have the "APU ON" caution on the UFD to show that it has been started when selected. Also if possible have MPDs only start with battery and then the IHADSS start with the APU. The burst limit on the gun from what i remember as well is represented in the game can sometimes be a little misleading as a i fired 5 rounds out of a 10 round burst and then proceeded to try fire another ten round burst and was only allowed to fire 5 more. From what I've experienced the AWS burst limit is to limit the amount of rounds fired on one trigger pull and does not add up the total rounds fired from multiple trigger pulls then add a delay when reached. Just a few ideas that are mainly cosmetic to help polish an already amazing airframe you guys has created. Thank you for your contribution to the community and good luck.
  14. TechThings

    AH-64 Pack

    The Defence system installed on the AH MK1 is called HIDAS or Helicopter Integrated Defence Aid Suite. Unfortunately I was looking on the internet for some unrestricted information for you guys as unfortunately all the information I personally have is UK Restricted and I may get in a little bit (Hell of a lot) of trouble posting it here. Ignore my last. Here is a little article on Janes about HIDAS http://articles.janes.com/articles/Janes-Radar-and-Electronic-Warfare-Systems/Helicopter-Integrated-Defensive-Aids-Suite-HIDAS-United-Kingdom.html enjoy.