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  1. Undeceived

    [PvP 2-16] Hitmen

    Cool concept. Gonna try that out next time I play with my friends.
  2. Undeceived

    [SP] UNTSALT Day 1

    Fantastic, I'm gonna play it when I return to Arma (I'm "otherwise engaged" at the moment.) Good to see another mission from you, ME!
  3. I can't help you right now as I'm not at home, but there's a (better) working version as pbo in the download package of my campaign Underdogs (check my sig). It's not signed though. If you need further help (e.g. finding it), give me a shout and I'll check it out today evening.
  4. Undeceived

    I'm a Armaholic, where to from here?

    Some completely different ideas: Be a beta-tester and teacher for mission or addon designers. Helping and teaching others is both time consuming and a satisfying activity. And it helps to rear the next Armaholic generations. But what I would really like to see for some time now is a new and qualitative mission reviewing website, such as OFPEC.com was (or probably still is, but there's not that much activity there nowadays). In times of chaotic and spamlike Steam Workshop mission floods there's no place I know that takes an in-depth look at missions and reviews them - there are only many pools of thousands of missions, but it's almost impossible to find good jewel missions there.
  5. Yeah, this is annoying. If you press forward while the wounded animation is played, your character will play the pick-up animation, which at least saves some time. But it should go automatically of course. Let's hope, Psycho can fix it soon.
  6. Undeceived

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Ok, I can understand that. Would love to see previous assets officially in Arma 3 though. I love CUP that much that I'd happily pay for it, but of course there are probably many internal obstacles in the way.
  7. Undeceived

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Great idea, BIS! And good to know about your continued commitment for the game. My suggestion is that you take CUP into this program.
  8. Undeceived

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    It's very impressive but they changed some parts which are cooler in the studio version (talking about music notes, not about arrangement or synths, etc.).
  9. THANKS, CUP team! Thanks a lot. A small note: The CWA changelog link leads to this forum thread page.
  10. Fantastic work, guys! Thanks a lot!
  11. Thanks a lot, kju! Great work!
  12. Undeceived

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Btw., I don't know if anyone stated this already but the music of the Jets DLC is just f****** awesome. You music guys / the composer(s) really did a great job here, I especially love the main theme "Fighters Jets". When I saw the Aircraft Carrier Reveal Trailer, I was absolutely blown away. This soundtrack is even better than the LoW one, IMO.
  13. Undeceived

    How to make music loop

    Just to complete this good collection, there is also the script Cly_Jukebox by @celery. Awesome script - playlist, looping, random order and it does even resume the track when loading a saved game. (sorry @badpr1m3r, I didn't really reply to your post...)
  14. Undeceived

    [WIP][SP/Campaign] Avenge

    Good to see new SP content in here - congrats on the release, panicsferd. Yes, the plot looks interesting.
  15. Undeceived

    Forums Upgrade

    Yeah, I'm experiencing both: 502 Bad Gateway messages and a speed slowdown since the forums were upgraded to the current system (I'm not talking about this latest update) . Functionality and everything else is cool and I like it, but regarding speed it's rather a downgrade. The old forum loaded pages way faster.
  16. Undeceived


    Thanks a lot for re-releasing the mod, Maxjoiner! Much appreciated as I'm using it in a SP project.
  17. Undeceived

    Learning Scripting

    This is what introduced me to sqf: http://www.ofpec.com/editors-depot/index.php?action=details&id=390&game=ArmA From there on it's all about learning by doing / trial and error, in combination with searching in the forums/BIKI/web and asking for help.
  18. Undeceived

    Forums Upgrade

    Can we somehow delete clubs? I created a bullshit one in private to check out its features and now I'm stuck with it - hopefully not forever. Thanks! ProfTournesol, did you try to empty your browser history including cookies?
  19. Undeceived

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Awesome post! And I can only agree.
  20. Undeceived

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I would love to see an other setting than in the 2030's. Something between WWII and a hypothetical conflict in our current time (preferably Korea crisis). Or "back to the roots" with NATO vs. Russia (today's Crim crisis or so).
  21. Undeceived

    Forums Upgrade

    The hamburger menu works now. Thanks!
  22. Undeceived

    Forums Upgrade

    And Edge.
  23. Undeceived

    Forums Upgrade

    I have a small suggestion regarding the notifications (which I like a lot): When a notification appears at the bottom of the page and I follow it, it should be removed in the main notification center at the top of the page.
  24. Undeceived

    Idea: North Zagoria

    For me the lands north of SZ were always Russia so I never thought about a North Zagoria. The idea is cool though. But as (if I'm not mistaken) no one released or announced such a map so far, I'd say you will have to make it yourself if you want to see it.