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    Hi all , and first of all, thanx a lot Gemini, for all this work. As I don't find the information anywhere , I allow myself to ask my question here , if someone could have the answer lol. For now , I'm on OPEX kunduz, training myself. And I was on a very f***** hard m ission. When I came back to the camp , my vehicule needed to have 2 of its wheels to be changed. I have the mecano speciality. A tool box. I went to the repair workshop , but nothing happened. I saw on a video that we just need to place the vehicule on the workshop so that he's repaired automatically .... Wel... I'm I doing something wrong ? I could change the wheels by my own , but each vehicule just has 1 wheel huhu. Thanx a lot for the answer :)
  2. Malone Onze


    Hi guys. My friends and me are testing a lot of mods , to create missions for us , etc. Like many others. Most of them are developpers , so they really enjoy to create script ... Like we say in french "pisser de la ligne de code" , and in english it could give something like "peeing codes lines". lol . But , during weeks , since they managed to make me entering in that game after years, I watched many french teams videos , like Typex's , RAckboy's, etc. And many of them tested the OPEX mod. Revelation. That's the next step for us. So for now , I'm testing it on my own , like everyone in the team tests mods to make a kinf of feedback after... You know the "music". And , for sure, it's the most incredible mod I've seen till now.... A base , a life inside , many interactions .... Perfect. Gemini ....Perfect. SO I have a many questions huhu. But one for the moment. We will certainly recrut a kind of commander. A man always in a room , looking at the map etc. And I saw that there is a live feed video screen. That looks perfect for us if this guy could follow some live actions for analysis. But for now , I don't understand how it works. I'm understanding that I need an enhanced Helmet, to make the video possible through the cam. But how can we see a second cam ? For now , my friends are not testing opex at the moment. I'm sure it will be in the next days. So I tried to spawn a guy from Zeus , put on him the same loadout as me, the enhanced helmet etc , make him joining me in the same team... But it doesn't work.... Does it work only with true players ? What am I doing wrong ? Thanx a lot for this mod , Gemini , again. It will give us hours and hours of fun , 'm'sure 'bout that. The GM of our games used to prepare all the missions , so without the surprise of the tango's locations, the knowing of the waypaths , too bad for him, he has not all the fruit of the game 😄. With such a mod , he will feel less control about the mission. Hope it. Thanx a lot for your answers !