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  1. Wow! Thanks for every response guys, except for that one deleted 😅. The answers went even for more than i tought. I'm very noob into scripting but learned some insights from all reply's. Backstory is, I'm making a simple single-player mission for fun with a scripted mass StaticLine paradrop at beginning. I had thought about that "getOutMan" eventHandler to make the mission task, containing the objective, only create after the player unit jumps only when out of plane, with the objective appearing not until descending in air.
  2. Hello, i would like to take advantage of this topic to ask a similar question. It's also about the "getOut" and "getOutMan". What the variable _turret means and how should I fill in with? I managed to work but still appear error. I'm using like this in the init of player unit. this addEventHandler ["GetOutMan", { params [player, "cargo", dropship1, _turret]; [west, "tsk1", ["Paradrop inside the designated Drop Zone. Assault and secure the village of Athus. Enemy occupy the village with garrison", "Seize Athus","mrk1"], "mrk1", 1, 2, true, "attack", true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; player removeEventHandler ["GetOutMan", 0]; }]; I am doing it right?
  3. Excelente!!! I remember suggesting naively in the steam comments this possible coalition, it took a few years but it happened hehe, all the best Brazilian modders from the ArmA community portraying our ground forces. Q u a l i d a d e , thank you all for your work!
  4. @veteran29 Hello, I maintain a simple collection of mission ported to other terrains and wanted to know how I use your app to update then all, its that i'm not much clever with command lines 🤪 I read the readme, but I'm still floating in how to do it correctly.
  5. @Temppa Any chance for a alt version of old Svartmarka with the more waged by war landscape and ruins. Both settings are amazing and interesting.
  6. Hello, how do i make a group of infantry (mine and other AI groups) inside some transport planes jump on waypoint activation with Static Line? found the function deployStaticLine, but didn't know how to use
  7. Gave a test right now, had a struggle with the setup at first, the modules have a lot of options ands things to sync with no manual, but with patience it worked (also was after the spawn/respawn hotfix). I liked, it's 'easy to create dynamic scenarios powered by HAL, i made a quick scenario with the Unsung mod and it was chill playing as a cog in the war, the reinforcements and support kept coming, seems like a big session, even in SP.
  8. @NinjaRider600 What is the difference between the three reinforcements mode (A for new spawing aircraft and B for reinforcements using parked aircraft, C for populating actively parker aircraft), can you please better explain?
  9. RommelBr


    Amazing terrrain, its giant, really has a African feeling, well done.
  10. Sweet! Vcom is easily my favorite must have AI Overhaul, its a big improvement over vanilla ai, bots behave almost humanly. Would like to thanks @genesis92x and @Freddo3000 for their works.
  11. RommelBr

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Thank you Rydygier for the update, appreciate all your work! I would like to show you some erros i have been noticing in the RPT Logs with HWS, they have appeared consistently each time i port,test and play then. 1st Error 17:10:03 Error in expression <random (count _fcsA))); selectPlayer _player; RYD_WS_ForcesA = _fcsA; RYD_WS> 17:10:03 Error position: <_player; RYD_WS_ForcesA = _fcsA; RYD_WS> 17:10:03 Error Undefined variable in expression: _player 17:10:03 File C:\Users\Romme\Documents\Arma 3\missions\HWS%20BrayDunes.SWU_Dunkirk_Bray_Dunes_1940\init.sqf, line 1492 2nd (this and the above aren't disruptive) 17:10:03 Error in expression < if (RydHQ_RHQAutoFill) then { [] call RYD_PresentRHQ };> 17:10:03 Error position: <RYD_PresentRHQ };> 17:10:03 Error Undefined variable in expression: ryd_presentrhq 3rd (and the most important i think, seems to be the one crashing the mission loading on some terrains, and sometimes) 17:10:04 Error in expression <); } foreach _cluster; _center = [_midX/(count _cluster),_midY/(count _cluster)> 17:10:04 Error position: </(count _cluster),_midY/(count _cluster)> 17:10:04 Error Zero divisor 17:10:18 Shutdown normally Some notes and questions: Certain terrains don't work well with HWS (the ones without proper config [it is terrain maker side job/fault anyway], i see that WS rely on natural markers "Cities,Villages,mountains, etc...") because of the way your script sees the terrain itself; Any improvement on how War Stories analises map, its strategic positions and spawns the battlefield around would be amazing :) Maybe add the possibility to point on map wich strategic points the battle will be for? (point where obj1/Obj2/... and so will be [Hetman logic])
  12. It looks like a scene from BiA: Hell's Highway. Excellent work! @simcardo Any chance of seeing this implemented in IFA Lite?
  13. RommelBr

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    @alky_lee I see, this appears for me as well when i play on the editor, and on other terrains ports too, its something with HWS code, but this error does not stop from actually playing it, everything seems to Spawn and work even with that. Theres other code error that appears too, something to do with "_mag", but again, these does not seem to break anything. I had these erros happening for me way before i implemented NR6 work. I had these happening too, can't do much, just reset mission and try again, seems to have to do with the way HWS analyze and Spawn its groups. HWS code need some fixes, but im not script wise to do that unfortunately.
  14. Well i wish HWS had reinforcements happening meanwhile battles too, it would bring some more dynamism to the war, but so far don't make sense implementing NR6 reinforcements script in HWS yet. NR6 Reinforcements is not War Stories wise, but for Hetman missions its ok. Also the scprit only woks on east or west side and you have to config per mission; War Stories need its own reinforcement scripts. All i can do (you too) is beg for Rydygier in Hetman: War Stories topic to love it again and implement some needed reinforcement. :)
  15. RommelBr

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Hetman and War Stories deserves more, when will they be receiving some needed love again?