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  1. Danilik


    "By default, team switch is disabled for MP games. You have to enable it into the mission parameters, at mission startup." I have enabled but no function egually
  2. Danilik


    Ops , Launch multiplayer mode, in singleplayer is ok, but is impossible to implement in multiplayer ?
  3. Danilik


    "Open the map and select the "Team" section. There should be a "switch" command on every member of your team." I don.'t have switch command . ???
  4. Danilik


    2. Thanks for the TeamSwitch, but it misses a small thing imho. By default when you teamswitch, #1 remains the leader, and in the usual AI way, starts giving dummass commands especially to mess up your game, like telling everyone to disembark from all vehicles, sending someone to someplace, etc. I've been fixing this issue with the following: onTeamSwitch ( {_group = group _from; _group selectLeader _to;} ); Very very interesting, Great idea neofit.
  5. Danilik

    [SP] Pilgrimage

  6. Danilik

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I did not understand, you can play with vcom a.i or not
  7. with 1.01 version is ok
  8. probably is a my error. I don't know which one
  9. If loading virtual arsenal at the same time as the fob is ok, otherwise it will not work
  10. 1) in vcomai I must deactived "west" ai ? 2) Don't load virtual arsenal, my soldier is naked -:)
  11. Confirmed release for July 7? I can not wait. You worked A.I ? Different and better than vcom ? Thank you for answer, very kind and compliments for the job. Ciao
  12. is possible to play with lan server ? I hope ok I and my friends have 970 gtx; I5 4590 ; 8gb ram