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  1. ArmA III has many different vehicles, each with several different available textures. Some like the offroad (and now with the release of Tanks DLC, most armored vehicles as well) even have certain components like doors, camo nets, bags, and supplemental armor that can be added or removed. I love these customization options-- the only problem: it's impossible to edit any of this in-game. My friends and I like to play scenarios using MCC and Zeus to create missions on-the-fly rather than create them beforehand in Eden. This allows for spontaneity and overall shorter prep time. However, Zeus currently lacks the ability to edit vehicle appearance in any way. Currently, if I want an offroad with a different camo pattern or a tank with extra armor around the tracks, I have to edit a scenario to include that specific vehicle for the one missions I will use it in. Adding the ability to customize vehicle appearance to Zeus would go a long way in allowing players like myself to enjoy some of these customization options, especially now that some of them actually have function (e.g. supplemental armor around tank tracks). Players had similar complaints after Jets DLC dropped and there was no way to edit the pylons in Zeus, and then that feature was added. It seems like it'd be similarly easy to add this as well. TL;DR We should be able to edit vehicle appearance in Zeus like we do in Eden.
  2. Excellent! I was a long-time user of Ares and didn't know this updated version existed. Thank you, though I still maintain this should be vanilla. What would we do without our mod community
  3. Chris4819

    Y-32 Xi'an huge issues

    Bump. I have this exact same issue and have had it for some time. Seems to have started right around the time jets DLC came out? edit: I've been testing it, and it seems to only happen when you're in a group. I deleted my group members and the issue immediately went away without even restarting the scenario or exiting the plane. Very strange.
  4. Okay so the problem was I was spawning the plane from zeus, in which it has a different class name than when spawned via eden. Eden version works just fine. Thanks for your help.
  5. Hey Grumpy. Many have said, but I'll reiterate: great script. I've never had any problems with it until I tried using it with the A-143 buzzard today. No pylons show up for either the AA or CAS versions of that aircraft for me. I do have ACE and a few other mods, but all other planes and helos work just fine. It's very strange.
  6. nvm I got it. It was on the 'loading screen' because there were no missions in the TADST folder. So I just logged in as admin and the typed #missions.
  7. http://pastebin.com/7bx9Ss71 Here is the rpt from the latest TADST run. No mods are loaded. Game is in apex beta mode, however. Stuck in loading screen again.
  8. @terox thanks for your quick response. I feel I should start by sharing my objective-- I'm just trying to play with one friend in a private coop game. We had been trying direct IP connections to no avail. After that I've been trying both your method and TADST and troubleshooting both. Ports 2302-2305 are forwarded, and I have directX 12.0. Just a few minutes ago my friend and I were actually able to finally see my server in our browsers, but could not join; I was stuck in a loading screen. I would post an rpt, but there's just so many of them from so many different scattershot attempts.
  9. I did everything up to the step where I finally run the shortcut and start the server when it gives me this error dialog: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVideoOptions/Benchmark.defaultResult'. Then my server is not visible anywhere. Pls halp