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  1. Realthinged

    MBG Aliens Ground Forces

    What I think we are really need for Arma 3 is flying saucers that look classically (not nazi's UFOs as it already exists). What do you think? https://imgbbb.com/image/e95E5
  2. Realthinged

    LRG Fundamentals

    Hi, MitchJC! Please tell me how to disable colored balls over AI unit's heads? I have tried to turn all off in LRG icons settings but still the same balls... P.S. Sorry! I found it! It was VCOM debug mode.
  3. Hi to all! As I noticed ACE medicine is not working now with a new DLC Global Mobilization content.
  4. Realthinged

    LRG Fundamentals

    Yes, you are right! Because of different factions it is inpossible now. 😢 Thank you for your excellent work!!!
  5. Realthinged

    LRG Fundamentals

    MitchJC, thank you for adding IFA3 factions to your great mod!!! 😃 But there is a problem to spawn any IFA3 vehicles (cars, btrs or tanks). Only soldiers are spawning well and also error messages...
  6. Realthinged

    LRG Fundamentals

    Sorry for asking... Will be a possibility in future to add IFA3 factions in your awesome mod? So we will can play World War II random missions. That would be so cool! Thanks again for your great mod!
  7. Hi to all! Please tell me how to use Unsung modules in 3den editor? Is it possible with ACE or not? Is there any manual? Thanks!
  8. Realthinged

    GF Auto Loot with userconfig Mod

    Thanks a lot, GEORGE FLOROS GR !
  9. Realthinged

    GF Auto Loot with userconfig Mod

    Man, you are a genius!!! So many years without such cool and easy to use thing! Only one question. Please, tell me, what I need to write in userconfig to exclude for example CUP or RHS items from loot without disabling these mods ? Or to loot only weapons for example...
  10. Hi, TPW! Big congrats to your Anniversary!!! Sorry for my question, but please tell me, how to use RHS factions in your TPW skirmish option? I tried different names of factions and nothing works good. For example: tpw_skirmish_friendlyunitstring[] = {"rhsusf"}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select friendly units from config tpw_skirmish_friendlyvehiclestring[] = {"rhsusf"}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select friendly vehicles from config tpw_skirmish_enemyunitstring[] = {"rhs"}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select enemy units from config tpw_skirmish_enemyvehiclestring[] = {"rhs"}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select enemy vehicles from config tpw_skirmish_resistunitstring[] = {"rhsgref_ins_g"}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select resistance units from config tpw_skirmish_resistvehiclestring[] = {"rhsgref_ins_g"}; // Custom string (comma separated) to select resistance vehicles from config
  11. Realthinged

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    It would be so great to have something like EVR Blowout for different missions. Because EVR Blowout is not working in my missions, I don't know why.
  12. This is great!!! Where exactly can I see your presentation video?
  13. Realthinged

    NIArms Release Thread

    froggyluv, you need to copy NIAarms1_ca.paa from folder @NIArms All in One to all @NIArms compatibility folders.
  14. Realthinged

    GF Headshot + Killfeed Script

    Thanks for your answer to me! But the same missions without script are working fine after camera. I use a lot of mods as usual :)