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  1. Mad how simple colour variations could completely change the theme of the terrain, very nice
  2. Is there still a discord for this project?
  3. scrombleboy

    Mega City 3 --- An urban combat focused terrain

    Looks great, how's fps looking?
  4. British soldiers leaving the Bandar-e-Ghazmi Palace compound, South Takistan, for an evening patrol, circa 2004. CUP, RSO Buildings, 3CB, Rismarcks Static Animations, Khorramshahr Terrain, Polpox Artwork Supporter, MNP retextures, S&S
  5. scrombleboy

    Spearpoint: Cold War UK (New Alpha)

    It is an absolute pleasure to have you back, one of my favourite mods for arma 3! Best of luck with this new release I will be following it closely
  6. "On the foggy spring morning of April the 10th, 2007, 1st Battalion Coldstream guards embark from Malden Air Base, to South Takistan, where they will spend the next 8 months carrying out security operations under the British Operation codenamed "Stallion". They will be deployed to the Karichar area of operations which has seen heavy fighting between Western security forces and Takistani insurgent groups in the past few months." Stay tuned for more. Addons used: CUP 3CB [BMS/S20UI] the 'Parachute Regiment' DDPM uniforms Polpox Animation Viewer TFR Static Poses ZL2 Static Poses Whiplash Static Poses
  7. scrombleboy

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    Congratulations on the release! This has been a long time coming.
  8. scrombleboy

    Spearpoint: Cold War UK (New Alpha)

    Back from the dead I see?
  9. British troops entering Basra, 2003 Mods used: Fallujah CUP vehicles + units 3CB Weapons + vehicles Extra RHS Uniform Re-textures DireOnes poses (I think, correct me if i'm wrong) Polpox artwork supporter
  10. scrombleboy

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Lovely release! Merry Christmas
  11. scrombleboy

    Soviet AF Pack

    Congrats on the release pookie!
  12. That's a lot of new content! All of it looks great
  13. scrombleboy

    Spearpoint: Cold War UK (New Alpha)

    Some worthy additions to the Arma 3 scene, very nice!:) congrats on release
  14. scrombleboy

    US Forces 2000s

    That's interesting, the Ranger body armour looks a lot like the British Opsrey body armour.
  15. scrombleboy

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Great content as usual! :)
  16. scrombleboy

    Jets DLC Terrains

    Could you tell me which terrains currently have objects placed, such as villages etc?
  17. scrombleboy

    Cold War mods?

    US military mod by Delta Hawk encompasses US military gear from 80's-90's I believe, all very high quality.
  18. scrombleboy

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Thanks for the clarification - may as well throw a suggestion in if that's the case, but a proper Mk6 British helmet would be great, maybe a variant with and without goggles in DPM/DDPM. Should still be within your reasonable timeframe as it was used extensively until 2009, with it still being used today in smaller amounts. The gear you've been pumping out is inspiring also!
  19. scrombleboy

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Thanks, but I've already been following that mod for some time now, it's got some great stuff. I definitely didn't make myself clear but i was really looking towards other NATO members equipment! My bad
  20. scrombleboy

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Is late 90s/early 2000s gear out of this mods scope? All i've seen so far is modern/near future gear being mentioned so I'm not sure, so I thought it was worth an ask.
  21. TOP: Russian Paratroopers storming a local airport in South East Germany during a NATO evacuation of civilians BOTTOM: A USAF C-130 attempting takeoff during the attack Addons: X-cam Taunus, Project Zenith Retextures, RHS, SPR, Polpox Artwork supporter, DZN vehicle on fire, CUP Vehicles
  22. scrombleboy

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @BAMSLAM Your Modern Warfare screenshots are fantastic. Which mod that you listed includes the red and black camo that some of the Russian units wear? I can't find it. Thanks
  23. scrombleboy

    Spearpoint: UK armed forces 1965-85

    Are we likely to see ECBA body armour in this mod? As far as I know it was introduced in the 80s, so its within the time frame.
  24. scrombleboy

    Spearpoint: UK armed forces 1965-85

    This is something I've wanted to see for a long time, all the best with this!