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  1. ppitm

    Nassau 1715

    Saw your post on Steam, but to elaborate, leeway might not be possible for Physx-based boats. Maybe some experimentation with config could make it possible, but that's going to be a slow process even if any improvements are possible. The whole sailing system works on simply applying force to various points on the model. It's elegant and reliable, and means that no one has yet managed to send the sloop into orbit, as tends to happen with your average Arma tank. No leeway is probably better than trying to hack the system and getting unpredictable or jerky results. For the frigate, we can just compensate by reducing windward ability from the theoretical maximum, accordingly. It might be worth hacking the cutter's performance somehow to make it more towable. However, I will say that the cutter has a very low hull speed, and IRL it would be highly inadvisable to attempt to tow it under sail at 8+ kts. The boat would be liable to get towed under or capsize atop its own bow wave. So there is a happy medium somewhere.
  2. ppitm

    Nassau 1715

    We are working on fixing an exploit involving 'semiautomatic' fire for the swivel gun. Also, the musket is currently shooting blanks when using the Zoom Temporary (Hold RMB by default) function, so the workaround right now is to shoot from default camera zoom.
  3. ppitm

    Nassau 1715

    Welcome aboard! Landsmen are welcome to tag me with questions about the sailing model. And if anyone would like to contribute, we are very much in need of custom missions, public domain sound files related to water, wind and weaponry, as well as customized Fx.
  4. ppitm

    Emitter 3Ditor

    Total newb here, sorry. Can this mod be used to alter vanilla Fx so they can be packaged in another addon? For instance, increasing the size of bullethit particles.
  5. I know that creating explosion and impact Fx in Arma is notoriously difficult. But how hard is it to tweak Bohemia's vanilla effects via config? For instance, I need a larger, more visible version of the default bullet impact, to represent a 4-inch cannon ball. Is there a config value that would simply scale up the smoke and particles produced?
  6. ppitm

    Bohemia Interactive Mníšek Studio

    Are there lots of random bird nests and graves scattered around? Or ancient treasure?
  7. ppitm

    Nassau 1715

    Wow, things have really taken off since my last visit! Let me know if you need any help with research or sailing model feedback.
  8. ppitm

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Where do you guys go to find good RHS missions? I spent about 40 minutes on Steam Workshop subscribing to everything I could find with RHS in the title. The result? About a dozen OK missions and three times as many that were unplayable because the authors forgot to mention the whole stable of tiny SF uniform mods that were also required for no reason whatsoever.
  9. [edit: wrong thread]
  10. ppitm

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    What should I do if the mission freezes in the final loading screen? I watch the cutscene, pass the Map screen, select the mission parameters in-game, and then Arma locks up in the last loading screen. (Usually midway through the loading bar in the little inset window.) This has happened with the updated mission versions for RHS in both Altis and Chernarus. Could it be related to the 'out of memory' issue I've seen people reference online?
  11. ACE3 already has multiple generations of NVGs, many of them about as crappy as what you see in that video. Take a look in the crates.
  12. ppitm


    As an old man you should know your history better. If you are going to compare levels of content to ArmA 2, you will be severely disappointed. ArmA 2 was really a game-and-a-half, as it cannibalized large numbers of assets from Game 2, a canceled project that cost BI years of dev time and lots of resources. That will not and should not be repeated. You also forget how many low-quality vehicle assets ArmA 2 had, again dating to its canceled predecessor. A2 also had a lot of neat gimmicky modules like the armory, ambient combat, quick missions etc, but most of these were really barely functional and in an alpha-like state. A3's higher standards have tradeoffs. And the feature suite still has expanded enormously. You forget how barebones A2 was. In A3, you barely even need ACE mod, because so many of the formerly-groundbreaking modded features are now standard in the game.
  13. ppitm

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Since when? All I've ever seen is Extended Armor.
  14. ppitm

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Whoa is me. RHS units are still dying in one hit to the chest or limbs, regardless of body armor. I have verified my ArmA cache, reinstalled the mod with workshop, switched to Main Branch, disabled ALL other mods. Still nothing. What the heck could it be?