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  1. Bavator

    Nassau 1715

    In the long run, there´s going to be a small, square-rigged 'tutorial ship' with just three sails on two masts that should be very helpful in learning the basics of sailing like tacking and wearing :)
  2. Bavator

    Nassau 1715

    Le Mercure certainly is a good starting point for a recontruction of the QAR (with some modifications, like a spritsail topmast), but as far as I know La Concorde was built as a privateer, so probably had sleeker lines than Le Mercure. Here´s an interesting build log for two models commissioned for the North Carolina Maritime Museum, using a small, early 18th century french privateer as a base for the QAR: https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/3741-queen-annes-revenge-by-shipmodel-1710-136-scale/& To make matters even more confusing, one of the captives aboard Blackbeard's ship later described her as 'dutch-built', which may indicate a steeply rising sheer aft/quarterdeck, possibly similar in appearance to L' Aurore or Neptunus (No 14). Yeah, some of the stuff that happened would make you cringe if you saw it on tv show (e.g. the lives of Avery or Rogers) . And it's amazing how small the vast majority of the pirate vessels were. Speaking of ships, I tried to find some reference material for your asset list, but didn´t find that much as most of the plans I have are either out of period or shipped-rigged and thus too big. If you want I can sent you some of the plans via pm :)
  3. Bavator

    Nassau 1715

    As I already said over at PA!, this looks amazing! I just finished 'The Republic of Pirates' and 'Under the Black Flag', so this certainly is a nice coincidence for me :P Out of curiosity, what did you use as a base for the Persephone? The AotS Blandford? And do you need both a french warship and a merchant or a combination of both, like the Whydah Galley?
  4. The Path PMC Egill Skallagrimsson on his way to visit an old 'friend'...and to finish a job once and for all. (RHS, ReColor, RSKL, ASCZ_Heads, spec4gear, DireOne SA, Diyala)
  5. Bavator

    Jurassic Arma - Raptor Pack

    Many thanks, dakaodo!! That took care of the error spam when playing. Still get the mp related error in the editor, but I can live with that. Having tons of fun with the raptors and Artemis on Tanoa. They´re sneaky little bastards in the jungle :P BB, I´m really looking forward to your improvements! This is one of my all-time fav addons :)
  6. Sorry for the late reply, been busy playing in Kunduz :P Yup, Project Opfor is the way to go imo. Haven´t noticed any serious bugs so far, except that some missions - like patrol - spawn outside the actual map. No biggie, though. That being said, Kunduz is a high quality map, but maybe a bit too small for The Hunt. Have you considered porting it to Diyala or Beketov?
  7. Really enjoying the Altis version so far, great job! Loved Hunter Six and this seems to be even better. One question about the Kunduz mission, what type of enemies can we select there based on the required addons list? I don´t see any middle-east themed bad boys (Tryk's Multi-play Uniforms Pack is gear only, right?). Or can we choose an addon pack like Project Opfor? :)
  8. Bavator

    ION, Inc.

    I´d love to see a RV based game in the 1800s...ship battles...hand to hand combat...WOOT!!11!!!! :D
  9. You mean the number of vertices? I´ve never made a helicopter, but I´d start with a cube, add some edge loops and extrude where necessary. Then simply drag the verts in position. Once you got the basic overall shape of the heli, do the details but try to keep a single mesh as long as possible. Its easier to control the polycount this way. At least that how I made my HMS 'Subdivision' (:p) but it should be the workflow for all complex models. This started as a cube, too: Edit: Oh, and very nice work, Abs!
  10. Bavator

    Independence Day 2 and 3

    Sure, and Red River is going be Game of the Year in 2011.
  11. Bavator

    From the creators of Birds of Prey: Apache Air Assault.

    Looks quite nice imo, but :eek:
  12. Bavator

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    They sport a book, too : 'Islam Is Of The Devil'. Just google their homepage for your "WTF!?"-moment of the day.
  13. It ain´t a RPG without a mana bar. I´m wondering if they´re going to include boss-fights at the end of a level, though.
  14. Oooooh...the Nimitz, great work Jdog! Colour brightness seems okay to me, but you should add some 'wear and tear' to it. @NodUnit not much of a tankboy myself, but the abrams + interior looks really nice :D
  15. Thanks for the comments :) QFT :D Too poly-heavy, I´m afraid. She´s at ~32k triangles now (unoptimised), the rigging should bring another 25k. But it would be great to see her in Arma, sailing into the sunset with the nice beaches of Lingor in the background :) ;)