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  1. bloodwyn1756

    WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    Yea it should be. Take a look at the last changelog. The liberty probaply has an okay geometry lod.
  2. bloodwyn1756

    WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    Yes thats because I disable the collision with the vehicle so that the player doesnt die. But I enable the collision again after getting off the vehicle. Maybe there is a problem there. Are you using any mods that could interfere with WMO?
  3. bloodwyn1756

    WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    I think its not breaking anything significant, but Ill take a look.Thanks.
  4. bloodwyn1756

    Nassau 1715

    You can give it a try right now 😛 Yes, you can walk around freely, set the sails, shoot the cannons etc.
  5. bloodwyn1756

    how to create a proxy ? in oxygen 2

  6. bloodwyn1756

    WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    Maybe the ace guys calculate their fatigue by checking the distance traveled? I guess this can be disable somehow but I'm not familiar with their scripting features.
  7. bloodwyn1756

    Nassau 1715

    We are constantly making progress. Check out our twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Nassau1715 Or join our discord: https://t.co/SVMlAO02AT
  8. bloodwyn1756

    WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    Just tried it and yes. But it gets tricky when the vehicle gets faster or flys too high. Armas auto halo animation cannot be disabled.
  9. bloodwyn1756

    WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    Update Released Changelog: - compatibillity for attached objects - compatibillity for objects without velocity. F.e. oneachframe setpos like ATS by duda (WMO_specialObjects array) - sacrifical collision with the object that is ridden - improved stability (less dying, smoother experience overall) - improved Multiplayer synchronisation when going slow (<40 km/h) Notes for Developers: - pushback (object, classname or model) to the array WMO_specialObjects makes objects compatible with WMO (f.e. when it's not kind of land/air/ship)) - pushback (function) to the array BW_WMO_enter/BW_WMO_exit executes the function when the player steps onto/leaves a WMO Object with the object as a parameter. Notes: Slopes that point into the direction the vehicle is going might cause (more then usual) stuttering. Please provide feedback to this new version. I don't think that I can improve the walk on moving stuff feature much more in Arma 3. The limit seems to be reached for me. Have fun! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=925018569
  10. bloodwyn1756

    Command to return lod

    If it's you model you might be able to paint every lod a different color...
  11. bloodwyn1756

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    I think there is a misunderstanding happening here. Some people here want Bohemia to continue there DLC policy, where everyone can play on a server with a dlc used. Players without the dlc get commercials and are prohibited to do certain things. (like picking up dlc weapon, entering vehicle as driver etc.) The argument countering that is that this way everyone that owns arma has to download all data, even if they don't want to. Solution suggested: Let people decided if they want to download the "free" version with the commercials and restrictions or not. So I was just hoping that BI continues their dlc strategy and expands it so that people have a choice to download.
  12. bloodwyn1756

    Advanced Sling Loading (MP & SP)

    Not sure how this mod works, but you could try to lower the tanks weight to ~200kg. This works in vanilla. At least with trucks.
  13. bloodwyn1756

    Implementing SetPlateNumber in addon

    Seems to be 63 characters in the current version (1.81.144059) I experiemented a bit and with this addition, you can make signs that can be edited by a player. f.e. custom place name signs, server rules signs, commercial signs...(without having to create a texture for everything) The size of the font seems to be directly dependant to the size of the selection. So this adds quite some possibilities for modders and I am looking forward to it in stable!
  14. bloodwyn1756

    Underground Bunker Models Possble ?

    You found videos of it, so seems possible^^. The trick is to "dig out" the heigthmap, where the underground stuff will be and add sacrificial ground above. Take a look at those maps with (noclip) camera. (F.e. Chernarus Redux, Namalsk...)
  15. Same. And Addon Builder does not open anymore even when reinstalled... could also be caused by smth different of course.