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  1. Command to return lod

    If it's you model you might be able to paint every lod a different color...
  2. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    I think there is a misunderstanding happening here. Some people here want Bohemia to continue there DLC policy, where everyone can play on a server with a dlc used. Players without the dlc get commercials and are prohibited to do certain things. (like picking up dlc weapon, entering vehicle as driver etc.) The argument countering that is that this way everyone that owns arma has to download all data, even if they don't want to. Solution suggested: Let people decided if they want to download the "free" version with the commercials and restrictions or not. So I was just hoping that BI continues their dlc strategy and expands it so that people have a choice to download.
  3. Advanced Sling Loading (MP & SP)

    Not sure how this mod works, but you could try to lower the tanks weight to ~200kg. This works in vanilla. At least with trucks.
  4. Implementing SetPlateNumber in addon

    Seems to be 63 characters in the current version (1.81.144059) I experiemented a bit and with this addition, you can make signs that can be edited by a player. f.e. custom place name signs, server rules signs, commercial signs...(without having to create a texture for everything) The size of the font seems to be directly dependant to the size of the selection. So this adds quite some possibilities for modders and I am looking forward to it in stable!
  5. Underground Bunker Models Possble ?

    You found videos of it, so seems possible^^. The trick is to "dig out" the heigthmap, where the underground stuff will be and add sacrificial ground above. Take a look at those maps with (noclip) camera. (F.e. Chernarus Redux, Namalsk...)
  6. Same. And Addon Builder does not open anymore even when reinstalled... could also be caused by smth different of course.
  7. How to remove animals

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableEnvironment This simple script command let's you disable animals, as written above. Everything else will require you to learn modding yourself. If you just want to extract pbos check out bankrev from the steam Arma 3 tools or download pbo manager. Just Google a bit.
  8. Non-DLC servers?

    I have no attitude I just looked into my (ingame!) server browser because I was curious... Rigth now I am not sure if means that they do not use any dlcs. In the launcher browser, every server needs a dlc...
  9. Non-DLC servers?

    yes. I found 7 without having to scroll down.
  10. [WIP] Great White Shark

    You should definetly make a new thread in Addons and Mods completed or at least edit the original post and add the download links etc. I didn´t even notice that it was released!
  11. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    What about an optional download? So if somebody wants to play on a Server that uses third party dlcs he can donload the free version (with adds etc.) from Steam. This way the user could decide, if he wants to use up more disc space or he wants to do without those dlc servers...
  12. banned by infistar

    Well offical servers are not connected to infistar. Any (private) server owner can decide who he wants to join and who not. Thats how it works So I recommend you to calm down, ask why you got banned and try to convince the person that you are not guilty etc. OR you continue raging in this thread and risk of getting banned again here
  13. banned by infistar

    Infistar is not official software from bohemia interactive. It's made by an external developer and server admins can pay them to use their service afaik. So to answer your question: infistar provides admin tools and extra cheating protection. (And it seems to be smarter than I could imagine, if it really detects new accounts by the same person :€))
  14. hat between legs??

    Looks like a missing model config. Make sure, that nothing else has changed since it worked.
  15. Chernarus Redux 800+ screenshots from me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055205907/screenshots/?appid=107410&sort=newestfirst&browsefilter=myfiles&view=imagewall