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  1. terrydraper


    Are there anymore updates to come? Love the work gets better by the day the more I spend time on it
  2. terrydraper


    Ahhh ok thank you, is there anyway I can save in sp ? Mid mission ? Sorry to be a pain but I do love your missions 😁
  3. terrydraper


    I pick up the tent and deploy, it tells me it's a respawn point, but when I die there's no option to respawn, end up having to start again from toc, I play sp
  4. terrydraper


    Hi, When I sent up a tent as a respawn, when I die and press respawn, button does not work, cones up with you died, restart or end ? mission restarts from computer, what am I doing wrong here ? I was having better luck with the old save system, so annoying when you get so far then some bad guy takes you out, then having to restart from scratch help !
  5. terrydraper


    Hi, I'm using your save method, but every time I load a game I'm missing my squad back at hq and must recruit again, and once saved/finished for the evening how do you exit game correctly. There's only abort button there, I play sp Kind Regards
  6. terrydraper


    Hi guys, I have recently discovered arma 3, and wow what a game !! After scrolling through many missions etc i came across opex !!!!! Love it, im hooked, especially tanoa, congrats on the great work, i have an issue hopefully you guys may be able to help me with, my save games, i dont have the time to play long sittings, so must save regularly, but more often than not my resume button goes missing making me have to start all over which is annoying, can you guys offer me advise here please, would be much appreciated, im learning, and would love to eventually to play opex online with fellow gamers at somepoint also