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  1. I have been looking at VCOM AI (mod) for our group and am overall really impressed with it. I've had a few bugs with 3.1 that are fixed according to the changelog for the 3.2 pre-release, so I was eager to give that a go. However, while a load of options appear in CBA's Addon Options with v3.1, none appear at all with v3.2 (in editor, single player or while running on a dedicated server). Is this a known bug with the pre-release? Thanks
  2. fourjays

    update 1.86 verify signatures

    Think you mean 1.84? But it would be: In your Steam Library right-click on Arma 3 and go to Properties. Go to the Betas tab. In the "Enter beta access code to unlock private beta" field enter: Arma3Legacy184 Click Check Code. It should now say that the code has been accepted. In the select list above the code field, you should now be able to select "legacy - Legacy Build (1.84)". Click Ok. In the library it should now say "Arma 3 [legacy]" and it will begin downloading the rollback.
  3. fourjays

    update 1.86 verify signatures

    So should we expect a hotfix soon?
  4. fourjays

    update 1.86 verify signatures

    Yea. While our group doesn't use mods that are no longer maintained, I know a lot do, and there's a lot of mods that will never get new keys. Hopefully it is a small oversight on BIs end and will be fixed soon.
  5. fourjays

    update 1.86 verify signatures

    We had to disable the signature check too. I'm not sure if the actual check is broken, or if mods need to update their keys.
  6. fourjays

    JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.19.0130

    While our group really likes both NIArms weapons and JSRS, we don't use large quantities of the NIArms weapons and only have the (rather large) All-in-One pack for the JSRS compatibility. Is there any possibility of the NIArms compatibility PBO being broken up to match the individual weapon packs? E.g. compat_aks.pbo, compat_m4s.pbo, compat_g3s.pbo, etc. Or if that is not possible (I appreciate it may be a lot of effort), is the source code for the compatibility files available anywhere so I could build our own PBO with just the packs we use? Thanks
  7. Ok, solved it. Answer was that requiredAddons needs to have cba_settings defined. The UI errors are because of the way I have RscText, etc defined within the mod. Now have to figure out how to inherit RscText, etc instead, whichever for whatever reason has never worked the way I'd expect it to based on other inheritances in Arma. But that's nothing related to CBA.
  8. I'm trying to add a custom CBA setting to handle something new I'm doing in one of our groups mods. I've followed the instructions here on how to add your own settings, yet they never appear in-game. In my config.cpp I have added the event handler like so: class Extended_PreInit_EventHandlers { class bwi_armory { init = "call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers '\bwi_armory\XEH_preInit.sqf'"; }; }; With requiredAddons set as follows: requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Modules_F", "A3_UI_F"}; And then in the XEH_preInit.sqf file I have the following code: diag_log 'BWI Armory PreInit...'; [ "BWI_Armory_Test", // Internal setting name, should always contain a tag! This will be the global variable which takes the value of the setting. "LIST", // setting type "Test", // Pretty name shown inside the ingame settings menu. Can be stringtable entry. "BWI Armory", // Pretty name of the category where the setting can be found. Can be stringtable entry. [ ["A", "B", "C"], ["A", "B", "C"], 0 ], // data for this setting: [min, max, default, number of shown trailing decimals] 1, // "_isGlobal" flag. Set this to true to always have this setting synchronized between all clients in multiplayer { params ["_value"]; hint format["Armory says %1", _value]; systemChat format["Armory says %1", _value]; diag_log format["Armory says %1", _value]; } // function that will be executed once on mission start and every time the setting is changed. ] call CBA_Settings_fnc_init; The RPT has the diag_log message logged, so the XEH_preInit.sqf file is firing correctly. But CBA_Settings_fnc_init doesn't appear to be doing anything (no setting, no errors, no logs). All of the settings from ACE/BWA/STUI appear normally, so I don't think the problem is with CBA itself. I read in an issue that it could be caused by starting Arma with -world=empty, but I've always run with that and settings from other mods appear without issue. Tried it anyway, and it makes no difference. I looked through how bwa3_navipad handles it to see if I was missing something (as it's a much simpler mod to understand compared to ACE's macro mess). Other than the script_macro.h/script_component.h/xeh_prep.sqf files I don't see anything. I looked through the code in those files and all I see are constants defined for the UI elements and macros for logging errors. Checking in Extended_PreInit_EventHandlers in Config Viewer, I see no difference in the resulting init line that is being set compared to the ones for ACE/BWA. I tried the same implementation in a mission file instead (description.ext + XEH_preInit.sqf), and that works fine once the mission is run. The settings set via the mod still don't show though. Can someone offer any advice here? The instructions on the CBA site make it seem so easy, yet I'm getting nowhere and can't see what I'm missing. EDIT: Forgot to mention that adding "cba_settings" into requireAddons results in errors about UI elements as soon as the game starts. There's a lot, but they're like this: 14:08:37 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/RscDisplayMain/controls/TitleSingleplayer.textureNoShortcut'. 14:08:37 Warning Message: '/' is not a value 14:08:37 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/RscDisplayMain/controls/TitleSingleplayer.HitZone'. 14:08:37 Warning Message: No entry '.left'. 14:08:37 Warning Message: '/' is not a value 14:08:37 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/RscDisplayMain/controls/TitleSingleplayer.HitZone'. 14:08:37 Warning Message: No entry '.top'. 14:08:37 Warning Message: '/' is not a value 14:08:37 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/RscDisplayMain/controls/TitleSingleplayer.HitZone'. 14:08:37 Warning Message: No entry '.right'. 14:08:37 Warning Message: '/' is not a value 14:08:37 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/RscDisplayMain/controls/TitleSingleplayer.HitZone'. 14:08:37 Warning Message: No entry '.bottom'. 14:08:37 Warning Message: '/' is not a value
  9. fourjays

    Broken Zeus causing crashes

    @DwardenI'll see what I can do, but it may be a while. Given how simple the script in the mod is I should be able to replicate it as just a mission file.
  10. fourjays

    Broken Zeus causing crashes

    @Dwarden We've got to the bottom of what is causing our Zeus CTDs. It is one of our own mods, but I also believe it might ultimately be a bug in Arma. We have a "respawn template" that deletes dead bodies in the spawn area. This runs "onPlayerRespawn". It seems that the Zeus CTD occurs for any Zeus whose character's FOV sees the body of a Zeus get deleted. Non-Zeus player's do not trigger the crash at all. Hope that helps in some way.
  11. fourjays

    Broken Zeus causing crashes

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I posted this just after the op where we discovered it, and mid-op I switched to the latest performance binary to see if that fixed it, but it did not. If there's newer ones I'll give them a go tomorrow. Might have more information from tonight's operation. The Zeus reported that it occured when anyone died within his characters FOV (not Zeus camera FOV). So if someone dies in Zeus camera, it is fine, but if they die within the FOV of his player character (even if it isn't in Zeus camera at the time), they get a CTD. We believe this also explains our prior issue where Zeuses respawning kicks the other Zeuses, as we were all standing close to each other. We'll test it further and try to narrow it down to just being base game Arma 3 as we run with a lot of mods. In case these are useful regardless though, these are the RPTs/crash dumps we have so far. One from myself on the 15th October (https://www.dropbox.com/s/bykp90roqfwxno7/fourjays_arma3_x64_2017-10-15_22-32-10.zip?dl=0), one from the Zeus who experienced the issue tonight (https://www.dropbox.com/s/1mqtumhebnhajuq/0mega_arma3_x64_2017-10-21_20-08-58.zip?dl=0). Thanks
  12. fourjays

    Broken Zeus causing crashes

    Good that the Zeus crash on map opening was fixed, but our group is facing a new crash with the latest hotfix. If there's 3 or more Zeuses, and 1 respawns (via menu, script or plain old death), it will almost always result in the other 2 experiencing a CTD (not the one who respawns). Coupled with the still un-fixed Zeus-not-opening-until-they-respawn bug means that we can't have more than 2 Zeuses at all in our operations right now. :( Has anyone else experienced this or have any information to help narrow it down?
  13. Thank you! I've been trying to find the cause of this issue for months then stumbled across your post and confirmed this was what was causing it. All along I've been thinking it was something wrong with the server hardware or setup. Wonder if RHS will actually fix it.
  14. fourjays


    Are the engines of the vehicles you are targeting turned on? Since 1.70 it seems that the thermal signature of a vehicle is actually taken into account, so cold targets aren't lockable. We're having a problem with laser locking though. Can turn the laser on, can lock onto it, but the missile will not follow the lock and instead goes straight ahead. Almost every laser-capable missile in Arma has the issue since 1.70 - in the case of RHS it is because the hellfire inherited from a class that was changed in the Jets DLC update (although the RHS helicopters can't even lock without a fix). Could it be something similar here?
  15. Can't find a "lockable target" object in the editor.