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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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Every item could have a physical appearance when picked up, expect for magazines on vests that have closed pouches, you won't see those anyhow. But you should be able to see the items you put on you. For instance, if you put a gun in your packpack, it should appear something like this.



It would be nice instead of disappearing gear.

That does not look the way how a Soldier carry his weapon. It looks a deer hunter.

It would be nice to have working holsters, unless the future is like what we see in Arma, maybe the holsters in future are like that, who knows.

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"I'll take Broken items that have been beat to death and most likely will never be fixed for 1,000, Alex."


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I wish that with the expansion comes the full versatility and usability of the TrueSKY system. Scripts should also be accessible to create different and unique weather for certain situations. This is my ultimate request. I would love to see advanced weather features brought to Arma 3. As of now the weather is plain, and TrueSKY is there, but not to it's full potential. It was even better in Take On Helicopters. (Arma 2.5), and we didn't even get the full potential of the cloud features to say the least.

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I would love to see some kind of airbursting grenade launcher .

The easiest solution would be to include the Israeli MPRS as an optic.

http://i.imgur.com/IYCz7Qr.png (1000 kB)

http://i.imgur.com/yzFX6GH.png (893 kB)

It function quite simply too.

You laze a target then the grenade is programed to detonate at exactly that range , the optic also gives you an aiming reticle to hit the exact location you lasered.

Page up and down = +5 -5 meters.

Bingo easy to use, versatile airbursting weapon to take put people inside of bases, sniper towers etc.

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WWII planes like in the addon "theFEW". Also the ZU-23 emplacements but futuristic. Maybe twin Gatling cannons emplacement? Flak HEDP rounds? Proper FLAK cannon emplacements and vehicles? That way you can balance out the lock-on AA with projectile based AA.

GDF-001 35mm-twin cannon

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d6/35_mm_Oerlikon.jpg/800px-35_mm_Oerlikon.jpg (152 kB)


http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/80/M167Vulcanairdefensesystem20mm_9-08-2008_15-27-24.JPG/640px-M167Vulcanairdefensesystem20mm_9-08-2008_15-27-24.JPG (241 kB)

Tarasque Type 53 T2

http://www.servir-et-defendre.org/armees_francaises/materiels_des_armees_francaises/renault-trm-2.000-cn20/2006.140%20(151)%20renault-trm-2.000-cn20_rt511.jpg (123 kB)

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  • Powered Exoskeletonsâ™  [body Slot] + Feature A
  • Combat Hardsuit [body Slot] + Feature B
  • Combat Hardsuit Chest Plating [Torso Slot] + Feature B
  • Combat Hardsuit Helmet [Head Slot] + Feature B
  • Combat Hardsuit Visor [Eyes Slot] + Feature C
  • Powered Combat Armor [body Slot] + Feature A&B
  • Powered Combat Armor Chest Plating [Torso Slot] + Feature B
  • Powered Combat Helmet [Head Slot] + Feature B
  • Powered Combat Helmet Visor [Eyes Slot] + Feature C


  • 10.12mm Caseless Heavy Assault Rifle/Carbine
  • 10.12mm Caseless Heavy Pistol
  • 25mm Underbarrel Multi-shot Grenade Launcher

Please Note:

Feature A = Fatigue Reduction

Feature B = Ceramic/Laminate Plating Provides High-Grade Protection to Small Arms

Feature C = Heads-Up Display with Biometric, Geographic and Targeting Data

Suggestion (â™ ) = Simply throw the mesh of a P.E. over-top of an existing BDU for simplicity's sake rather than adding a whole new equipment slot.

Edited by NayrCaasi

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I think this is a fairly cool idea: disarming someone by shooting their hands. but its like a...25% chance or something for them to drop it, if shot in the hands. Whoever was shot would just have to pick their gun back up again to continue fighting.

Also I hate it when I shoot at someone and their gun gets in the way. Wouldn't it be nice if that gun could just break instead of it being their protective shield?

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Changed: initSpeed in weapons - a negative value in weaponType::initSpeed means a multiplier for magazineType::initSpeed

Fixed: Using a directory name as mod ID (modDir) when a full path is defined

Changed: InitSpeed in weapons - zero value in weaponType::initSpeed means that magazineType::initSpeed will be used (initSpeed set to positive values in a weapon means a constant speed of the weapon independent on its magazine. Negative values mean a multiplier for initSpeed set in the magazine. Setting it to 0 means that the speed is going to be taken from magazine, this equals to setting initSpeed in the weapon to -1)

While it is nice to have some config in the weapon that affects ballistics, I think this solution is rather subpar.

For proper ballistic simulation, we must have the ability to configure all ballistic properties of a bullet in the weapon.

The magazine and bullet itself should be rather blank in terms of used ballistic config properties (or keep them for weapons that use the old configuration, but update all weapons to use the new configuration and encourage modders to do the same).

As you can see in this thread:


Each barrel length and ammunition requires changing several values to get accurate representation.

Current dev branch system does not even allow for bullet specific velocity - Just weapon specific velocity or a veclocity multiplier, neither are good enough for velocity, on top of needing to be able to configure additional properties in the wepaon to get accurate ballistic representation in-game.

If there are already adjustments being made to allow for proper weapon-specific ballistics, might as well go as far as it takes to make things possible to do right. In the end, I don't think that's too much to ask.

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Future potential DLC / Expansion


Adds a large assortment of Crew Served weapons in the game everything from Recoiless rifles like the spg 9, to light mortars like the 60mm m224a1 and the 82mm podnos.

Along with the new CSW's a totally new Artillery system that does away with the point and click method and now instead manually forces the player to aim and find a firing solution by inputing data in an all new ui.

New method of disarming and arming crew served weapons similiar to ACe involving the removal and setting up of base plates, tripods and more then mounting the desired weapon on top.

Implementation of T&E found in the majority of Crew served weapons .

http://i.imgur.com/hDJCYhs.jpg (129 kB)

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Arma3 needs a server history , where you can see the servers you last played on! I mean i was on a server played tthere for over 1 houzr and then had to go offline and forgot to remember the name of the server and never found it again :(

It doesnt need to be a full server history but maybe the ten last servers.

Also there should be a better favorite opion with a list where you can see your favorites and not just marked with a golden star in the server list !

Im sorry formy bad english im form germany :)

Thx for reading ,


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I have a suggestion that would be much appreciated in the terrain building community, and I hope you all will be able to implement it:

In Buldozer for terrain heightmap editing, a smooth brush that does not smooth to a LEVEL ground, but does either one of 3 things, depending on what you guys think would work best:

1) Average the slope of the terrain area you're attempting to smooth and smoothes the terrain area based on that slope

2) Uses some sort of algorithm to allow changes in slope while performing a similar function- essentially a bumpy-terrain-fixer.

3) Allows you to select a start and end point (1 and 2) , and smooths between x1y1 and x2y2 the desired brush width in a straight slope between z1 and z2.

Either of these three options would be incredibly helpful, especially for smoothing terrain for overlying roads. Thank you very much, I really hope you consider adding this!

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Arma 3 Arsenal improvements :

- Search engine, at least on one word (key word like "desert", "wood", "M4" and so on) so you can filter the objects to show only the one that match your request. I know there is already a search by typing the first letters but it's not enough when you have lots of community content.

- add the X magnification on the scope description when selecting one, so we know if it's a x4 or x12 (i don't know if it's a registered information inside the scope object ?)

- add the possibility to load ammunition even if they aren't linked to the weapon you carry. May need a special tab, so it's not confusing when player want to load the right compatible ammo for their weapon. It's needed for the ammo carrier role (for AT/AA, MG mostly).

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A3 Arsenal improvement (comfort)

One button to empty all the slots, can be done manually but it takes time.

A3 Arsenel improvement (or bug ?)

Prevent the Arsenal from adding objects inside uniform, chest or bag. I don't know why, it could be scripted items, but sometimes you have few objects that pops with medical stuff or ammo inside (GL/Missile) which is very annoying. If possible Arsenal should never execute script linked to an object that act as a Cargo (if it's the problem).

Edited by Paul-Hewson

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would it be possible, if you mute a player, you also mute his chat ?? that would be awesome.. So i can mute everybody and have a clean screen :)

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Biggest disadvantage in Arma 3 , in my opinion, is behavior of wounded soldiers.

When unit takes on his body 4-5 hits without any reaction (only hularious shakes) , it is just stupid.

Why we can't to add some animations of pain with loud sqream, which disable unit from ability to fire and move for 5-30 seconds after hit, as default?

Something like VTNmod or this simple sqript?

_man = _this select 0;

_grp = group _man;

_dam = _this select 1;

_death = {

_m = _this select 0;

_b = _this select 1;

waitUntil {not alive _m or _b};

if (not alive _m) then {_m setdir (getdir _m + 180);_m switchMove "AinjPpneMstpSnonWrflDb_death";};


if (_dam > 0.3 and alive _man) then {

sleep 0.2;

_poprav = 0;

if (stance _man == "CROUCH") then {_man playMove "AmovPknlMstpSrasWrflDnon_AadjPpneMstpSrasWrflDleft";_poprav = 90;};

if (stance _man == "STAND") then {_man playMove "AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_AadjPpneMstpSrasWrflDleft";_poprav = 90;};

_man disableAI "move";

_man disableAI "target";

_man disableAI "autotarget";

_man setUnitPos "down";

_man doTarget objNull;

_man doWatch objNull;

_man action ["WeaponOnBack",_man];

waitUntil {stance _man == "PRONE"};

sleep 1.5;

_man setdir (getdir _man - _poprav);

_man switchMove "AinjPpneMstpSnonWrflDnon_rolltoback";

sleep 2;

_man setdir (getdir _man + 180);

_bool = false;

_time = random 300;

_time = _time + 60;

_man switchMove "acts_InjuredLookingRifle04";

_man say "Ot_boli";

[_man,_bool] spawn _death;

sleep _time;

_bool = true;

if (not alive _man) exitwith{};

_man playMove "AinjPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_kneel";

_man enableAI "move";

_man enableAI "target";

_man enableAI "autotarget";

_man setUnitPos "auto";


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After having seen the Marksmen DLC preview. First thing I noticed (it was kinda in your face anyway) was that armor vest!

Now it got me thinking, maybe for a next DLC haha. customizable gear!

Like, you can remove or add the extra shoulder/upper arm armor, or just put it on 1 arm, maybe add some thigh armor or a molle thigh penal. you name it!

And customizable pouches. For instance you put 4 mag pouches on your vest, and so you can carry 4 mags. depends on the weapon and the ammo type of course. smaller pouches for normal weapons and big pouches for LMG ammo cases/bags.

And there are also the dual/stacker mag pouches, so you can carry 2 mags in 1 mag pouch slot. same thing for grenade pouches, utility, map, radio, UAV, GPS, etc. etc. etc.

of course this will have a deep impact on the weight and fatigue system. more armor and more ammo is heavy, so you'll get tired faster.

And let's not forget that molle thigh penal. let's slap some pouches on there as well.

Now you really need to carry role specific items which, in my opinion, would elevate co-op to a whole new level.

Players need to customize their gear for their specific role.

Not everybody can carry everything. A grenadier for instance will not be able to take LMG ammo with him because he will need the ''vest slot space'' for grenade pouches.

and you may not be able to take a radio with you because you've stacked your vest with 15 ammo pouches, and there is simply no space left for a radio pouch.

Plus I like customizing things. especially clothing and gear.

I don't know how difficult this would be, but I guess it's possible. a little detailed, but possible. weapons can also have attachments, so why not vests!

thanks for reading! cheers

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A 20mm AMR(for example, NTW-20 and Anzio 20mm) should be a good idea. Why not?

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