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  1. Red Army cavalryman. Somewhere near Moscow, 1941. I44Lite, dbo_horses
  2. YuEmod

    Hello. Why mod was removed from Steam Workshop?
  3. PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Hmm. What about to make SLA sign on vehicles optional?Those vehicles like MTLB, MIG-23, M-46 are extrimely flexible, and can be use in Chernarus, Takistan, Cold War scenario and etc, and not only from OPFOR side. Are you planning to add T-12 AT Gun in mod?It is a retro gun, wich still in use, even in Russia. And, of course, i do not demand it, i just give an idea) Anyway, can't wait to try those old good beasts in game. Good luck, guys.
  4. Ok, exuse me, i just didn't noticed that. I just saw, that mod updated in steam lancher, and started to test. Are you planning to make variants of CUP T-55 and T-72 with SLAT and ERA armour in future? Just interesting.
  5. T-55 feeleng to weak now against M60. T-55 had chances to shot down main gun of M60 from one hit before, and now to win a duel amost impossible. I just a little bit sad, because i almost maked one mission for commander of T-55, and now its completely broken.
  6. Soviet Manchurian Operation, China, 1945. "Drive me closer!I want to hit them with my swo...Oh, f%$k!" I44 Lite, Faces of War
  7. Hello! I have a problem with static TOW launcher from your mod - it fires too fast (2-3 seconds between rocket launches) Anyone have such problem?Maybe it is conflict with other mod?
  8. When you killed my father, my brother, my son, and think, that revenge for this never comes...you wrong... IF44, Enforcer
  9. Soviet recon team on Kolguev CUP, YuEmod, Soviet Armed Forces, NIL arms AKs
  10. Oath ceremony of AAF troops. Early 2000s. RHS GREF, CUP, HAFM ships.
  11. Nogovan Armed Forces - [NAF]

    Glad to see the progress. Modernizied old armour usually is backbone of 3rd world countrie armed forces, where Arma games setting usually placed. And those unuts are extrimely useful in a large variety of scenarios. Are you planning to make those tank in the others camo types (sand/winter) and are you planning to place mod in workshop?
  12. Amazing mod. Chineese are both very good as East/OPFOR allies, and as third side. Only problem is lack of compability between VME and RHS vehicles. This problem is very painful for CUP too. I hope, something will appear after Tanks DLC. In my dreams i want to see in Arma something like Man Of War tank damage system, but you know...we get owr bipods, we can wait another 13 years
  13. Hooray! Finally someone making good old armor. Arma always was about war in the 3rd world countries, but in the A3 always was lack of old Cold War era armour, which still in common use. Both M60 and T-55/62, for example, using in Syria right now from Turkish and SAA sides. Any plans for T-55M, T-55 AMV or T-72 with ERA?
  14. Echo of the war Somewhere in Everon CUP terrains, CUP units, RHS, NIL_Arms AK pack, Caucasus Insurgency (KMLK camo suit), Soviet armed forces (6B3 vest and SSh-60 helmet),