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  1. Soviet cavalry ambushes enemy DBO_Horses, IFA3_Lite, Forgotten Fronts, Improved Melee System
  2. Soviet cossack finds fleeing German soldier Dbo_horces, GEIST, IFA3
  3. IFA3_lite, Forgotten Fronts: 40 - 45 [DEV]
  4. (In-Game) Takistani MT-LB with ZU-23 attacking AAF positions CUP, NUL_arms
  5. T-80 and T-64 are still active, but both have limited usage, comparing with T-55 and T-72. T-62 is much better choice, because it was mass prodused and wide-spread, and this tank can be equal opponent for M-60, but it would be too much hard work for CUP team to make completely new model. I think, that it would be much better to add some modifications of T-55 and T-72. With ERA and AA Guns, like T-72B, T-55MV and etc and etc. Some of those modifications was already in use during Cold War in the late of 80s. Besides, it would be really cool to add some "rebel" versions of those tanks with junk or sand bag "armor". Yeap, it would be just cosmetics, and can some variants be maked just with using AttachTo command, but it would be much easier and less buggy to have it as one unit. Besides, i was very happy, when CUP team added legendary MTLB. This "working horse" have a lot of official and "frontline" modifications, wich can easely (relatively, of course) be added into the game, and, IMHO, best candidates are ZU-23 Variant (yeap, it can be easily maked by attachTo command, but it would be better to have united unit) S-8 rocket pod variant (from Mi-8/Mi-24) With turret from BTR-82 (GAZ Vodink already have such type of turret in the CUP Vehicles pack) And Grad-variant. Almost all those variants was in common use during Soviet Aphganistan War in 80s. And in the Operation Flashpoint setting those beasts will be quite authentic, IMO
  6. ofp_comissar

    3CB Factions

    This mod including M-60 tank from CUP? Are you plannig to make T-55 variant with ERA or DsHK?
  7. Just some concepts from my WIP campaign. Takistan soldier defending position in the unfinished building. "Greenback" AAF private. CUP, NIL_Arms_AK,NIL_arms_G3, TRYK_uniforms
  8. Thank you very much for the update! Really a lot of tasty stuff. Spetial thanks for MLTB - so widely used in IRL vehichle so rare in games.And for Leo 2 too. (BTW, it is possible to change german cross to sigh of another country , using Leo (or some fictional country forces, like AAF) with commands like SetObjectTexture? Just interesting)
  9. Hello! I'm trying to make a huge and long battle, where bots dinamically creating as waves, and sometimes both sides launch artillery and air strikes to the random choosen enemy target. Method of choosing the target is simple. I set big trigger on the map (wich covering area of battle), and choose randomly as Target = list Trigger1 select _rndm;call{[Target] execVM "L39CAS.sqf"} Command DoartilleryTarget makes artillery strikes pretty easy, and i have not problems with realisation. But i can't to make airstrike; I tried to make something by this method: 1)I created mission on the VirtualReality map, and manually maked airstrike as pilot. And i wrote each "step" by this script _plane = _this select 0; _string = ""; while {Zapis} do {sleep 0.001;_arp = [velocityModelSpace _plane,vectorDir _plane,vectorUp _plane];_str = format[",%1",_arp];_string = _string + _str;}; copyToClipboard _string; This _string was copied into separate file "bombrun.sqf". It is a huge array with vectors in each part of time. Size around 240 Kb. 2)I set trigger with activation "Radio Alfa", and initiation. It must run the script, when palyer witch into binocular on the tank or building, and call airstrike by radio call{[CursorTarget] execVM "L39CAS.sqf"} _target = _this select 0; _pos = getpos _target; _posA = getposASL _target; _h = (_posA select 2) - (_pos select 2); _ha = 500 + _h; _y = (_pos select 1) - 5000; _x = _pos select 0; _pl = [[_x,_y,_ha], 0, "CUP_O_L39_TK", EAST] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; _plane = _pl select 0; {_x setBehaviour "Careless";} foreach crew _plane; call{[_plane] execVM "manevr.sqf"}; _grp = group driver _plane; _wp = _grp addWaypoint [[_x,_y + 5000,_ha], 0]; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; [_plane] spawn {sleep 29;while {true} do {[_this select 0, "CUP_Vmlauncher_S5_veh"] call BIS_fnc_fire;sleep 0.02}}; [_plane] spawn {sleep 28;while {true} do {[_this select 0, "CUP_Vacannon_GSh23L_L39"] call BIS_fnc_fire;sleep 0.05}}; sleep 60; {deletevehicle _x} foreach crew _plane; deletevehicle _plane; Sub-sqript "manevr.sqf", wich forces plane to make writed manuver _plane = _this select 0; _array = call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "bombrun.sqf"; _count = count _array; _m = 0; hint format ["%1",_count]; while {_m < _count} do {sleep 0.001;_vel = (_array select _m) select 0;_dir = (_array select _m) select 1;_up = (_array select _m) select 2;hint format ["%1",_array select _m];_plane setVelocityModelSpace _vel;_plane setVectorDirAndUp [_dir,_up];_m = _m + 1}; 3)I run this on the Virtual Reality map. And it's working pretty well on this map. Each time created planes hit the target, choosed by player with binocular. 4)I copied it to the mission on Altis. And it is not work.Plane just shaking a little bit, but flying straight forward. What's a problem? I'm not very experienced in the sqripting, and i can miss thothing in the command behaviour. Thank you for your attention and help!
  10. Red Army cavalryman. Somewhere near Moscow, 1941. I44Lite, dbo_horses
  11. ofp_comissar

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Hmm. What about to make SLA sign on vehicles optional?Those vehicles like MTLB, MIG-23, M-46 are extrimely flexible, and can be use in Chernarus, Takistan, Cold War scenario and etc, and not only from OPFOR side. Are you planning to add T-12 AT Gun in mod?It is a retro gun, wich still in use, even in Russia. And, of course, i do not demand it, i just give an idea) Anyway, can't wait to try those old good beasts in game. Good luck, guys.
  12. Ok, exuse me, i just didn't noticed that. I just saw, that mod updated in steam lancher, and started to test. Are you planning to make variants of CUP T-55 and T-72 with SLAT and ERA armour in future? Just interesting.
  13. T-55 feeleng to weak now against M60. T-55 had chances to shot down main gun of M60 from one hit before, and now to win a duel amost impossible. I just a little bit sad, because i almost maked one mission for commander of T-55, and now its completely broken.
  14. Soviet Manchurian Operation, China, 1945. "Drive me closer!I want to hit them with my swo...Oh, f%$k!" I44 Lite, Faces of War
  15. Hello! I have a problem with static TOW launcher from your mod - it fires too fast (2-3 seconds between rocket launches) Anyone have such problem?Maybe it is conflict with other mod?