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  1. gibonez

    Jets - Hitpoints

    I am sure it is however what I was trying to say is that I would be completely fine with a new flight model that took advantage of the analog movement that only a joystick and rudders bring. So in this hypothetical new flight model mouse and keyboard would still be fine but it would be the least desirable combination. A scenerio where these are the following control options from most desirable to least. 1. Joystick and pedals 2.Joystick and keyboard 3. Mouse and keyboard.
  2. gibonez

    Jets - Hitpoints

    Buy a joystick ? I would be totally ok with a new flight model that made the ideal flying solution be with a joystick and rudder , worst and less precise method with mouse and keyboard. Not all aspects of Arma need to be super accessible.
  3. gibonez

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Yea naval assets would be useless unless it somehow adds to the infantry gameplay. All in game aspects should revolve around infantry first.
  4. gibonez

    Development Blog & Reveals

  5. gibonez

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Amen. A revamped artillery system especially for what is probably the best fit for the scale of Arma , mortars and light howitzers would be far more satisfying is if were player aimed and controlled using analog adjustments. While suggesting that this be 100 percent true to life in its use is not realistic having it be far more complex than clicking on a map would add so much depth to the game. On the other side of the token a counter to artillery could be fantastic with deploy-able counter battery radars giving you map coordinates of where suspected artillery fire came from with the closer the artillery the more accurate those coordinates are.
  6. gibonez

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Will buy all the DLC regardless but sure do hope Artillery gets some much needed love. A completely redesigned artillery computer that is not point and click would be great. Actually aiming the artillery and using both UAVS and team mates for coordinates would be fantastic.
  7. gibonez

    Will you keep buying ArmA games?

    It highly depends on a few simple things. #1. What is the setting ? If arma 4 takes place in the cold war, current setting or even ww2 I will gladly buy it. If it takes place in the same setting as Arma 3 or even farther into the future then forget about it. Single biggest problem with Arma 3 is the horrible setting. #2. Will it remain as readily moddable as Arma 3 ? This is one of the key factors that has led to Armas success thus far it is vital. One thing is for sure I am done buying DLC for Arma 3. The expansion was disappointing and the setting continues to aggravate me. Combine that with the way the Arma community seems to gravitate towards lame, KOTH and life servers and I think I am done with Arma 3 until 4 debuts.
  8. I think it will. It will naturally be the next progression for added features. I can envision it being added when bolt action rifles are ever added. Hopefully however it is not a optional addition like AFM and it becomes the standard model.
  9. gibonez

    Could the future setting have been done better?

    The setting could have been fine but the large problem for me was the asset selection for all 3 factions made absolutely no sense and the asset recycling that IS STILL in effect makes all 3 factions feel like souless generic characters. The Western Faction using no upgraded or evolutionary equipment that the west uses now instead they somehow manage to use Israeli MBTs wtf. Same applies to Csat the equipment should have been reflective of what Eastern Bloc nations have historically had outfitted with modernized upgrades but instead in game it fields a completely random roster of vehicles that makes no sense.
  10. gibonez

    Arma 3 Cut content in APEX? please :(

    I would imagine it would have been the single most complicated weapon to code in game. Shame though since it could have opened the door for all kinds of airbursting weapons in game.
  11. gibonez

    Arma 3 Cut content in APEX? please :(

    What about the xm25 ? any reason why it might have been cut ?
  12. gibonez

    Arma 3 flinching mechanics

    I really miss the Arma 2 damage model. Getting shot actually ment something. A single shot to the body could and would often times put you out of commission. Arma 3 or future armas need atleast basic medical and to simulate gunshots to organs bleeding out should be a thing from a bad body shot along with the movement and vision debilities that come with that wound.
  13. gibonez

    Line Drawing

    Awesome. Potential beginning of Map Tools ?
  14. gibonez


    There are plenty of weapons developed during the time period of the Vietnam war that will be relevant and used 50 years from now. When it comes to weapons , effectiveness is king. Just look at the rpg 7 , the akm, the b10 recoiless rifle, the spg 9, the m2 browning. All of these weapons will outlive most of us and will be used 20-50 years from now.
  15. gibonez

    Ideal setting for an Arma game.

    Cold war was a long time. Cold war spans from the end of ww2 all the way to 1991. So really there is a ton of areas that Bohemia could explore. More importantly there are a butt ton of experimental weapons, vehicles, bombers , fighters etc that could be adapted.