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  1. Hi, If you are still trying to change this, there is a part in the script that prevents players exploiting potential holes in the walls of the base to get out of the spawn area. You can easily adjust the code to your needs. Look for if (bKeepPlayerInBox) then in roundclient.sqf.
  2. Addons for things that can be done without addons usually does more harm than good. There are more people willing to handle the badnwidth needed for the automatic download even if it repeats itself on every mission variant (up to a point, of course), than people willing to go out of their way to download a mod outside the game.
  3. galzohar

    Chain link fences are NOT cover !

    So it's really limited to just map objects, and absolutely ignores editor-placed / script-spawned objects? :(
  4. galzohar


    Check out the DTAS events on Arma 3 PvP community Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/arma3pvpcommunity While the objective is "not realistic", it is the closets representation of a realistic objective I could get without adding overly realistic elements that don't add anything useful to gameplay (that is, objectives that would create an incredibly imbalanced and non-competitive mission). You can find some videos in my channel: http://www.youtube.com/galzohar
  5. galzohar

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    Of course, but at least with enter-able buildings the gameplay would have been better, so more people would be spending time playing and less spending time complaining. So while not perfect, it would make the situation better :) Does Tanoa actually perform better than Altis? For some reason, I highly doubt it. It seems more like a manpower issue (as stated by BIS) than performance, at least in most cases. They specifically said that they make buildings non-entrable so that they don't feel like they have interiors missing, which really is just making things worse than they were on Altis.
  6. galzohar

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    Not having enter-able buildings is a big shame. While it wasn't very pretty to have no furniture in Altis buildings, it was really much better than, say, Chernarus, where buildings simply cannot be entered. No furniture takes away from the immersion and realistic looks. No ability to enter takes away from being able to simulate a realistic combat situation. The Altis approach was much better I would say, considering the reasons for me and most people i play with to buy this game in the first place. Besides, not being able to enter a building can be argued to be even less immersion and less realistic looks than having the building enter-able with no furniture. Overall, I think the approach they took for Tanoa is an absolutely horrible idea, making the not-so-great situation we had on Altis much much worse on Tanoa.
  7. galzohar

    Difficulty Overhaul

    I think we should have both the ability to define multiple custom classes, and the ability to change custom settings as a logged in admin while the game is running. When you want to have 2 presets available for a server you will want the multiple classes, and when you want to try out a new option or change something without restarting the server, you will need the manual edit while server is running. Ultimately, it would be best if those custom configurations could be edited and saved by the logged in server admin (optionally disabled by server config).
  8. galzohar

    End Game Spectator - Feedback

    The main script with its sub-functions is bit hard to read, because in most cases it simply forwards those parameters to another function, and it's hard to say what that function might expect. With the locations, for example, I had to do trail and error until I sort of figured out what the parameters were supposed to be. As for the bug, it was reported by a friend, I will try to reproduce it by myself and create a proper bug report. Other than bug fixing and more detailed documentation of the sub-functions, the most useful addition would be to have more control over the black/white list of units while the spectator script is active (in my case, exclude units as they get killed and moved to the "waiting for next round" area). Right now it's impossible to tell which ones are alive and playing and which are "dead (in my mission means they are in the waiting area and have some variable set). For example, allow having a condition function as a parameter instead of the side whitelist array, so instead of passing [side player], I could pass a function that will take unit as argument and return true if they unit should be spectate-able and false if it shouldn't. The script should then use this function periodically to check which units should be removed/added to the whitelist. I see that the feedback tracker only allows bug reports. Is there a way to add a feature request/task that is not a bug?
  9. I've added support for the "End Game" spectator script in DTAS (first person only while spectating, and free camera at the planning phase to get a view of the objective), but there are currently some issues which make me think twice before releasing a version that uses the new script. From the DTAS side of things, it seems like everything is working as good as it can work given the current "End Game" spectator script implementation and interface. See the spectator script forum thread for more details: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/185591-end-game-spectator-feedback/ Hopefully those issues will be fixed and I can release the version using the much nicer spectator script.
  10. galzohar

    End Game Spectator - Feedback

    It also appears that if you hover on the map you can spot enemies from sides that are not whitelisted and click them to spectate from them. This breaks the competitive side of DTAS, in which you are not supposed to be able to see anything other than first person views of friendly players.
  11. galzohar

    End Game Spectator - Feedback

    What is the meaning of the first parameter? It seems like it must always be player? I couldn't find anything else that did anything. Is it possible to set the position of the free camera with a script? Yet another question: How would you add locations to the locations menu? And another: How to stop the spectator using a key press? Currently the only way to stop the spectator script seems to be by calling the function with the "terminate" parameter, but adding a keyUp event handler to display 46 seems to not take effect while spectator display is active.
  12. galzohar

    End Game Spectator - Feedback

    Is there a way to whitelist/blacklist specific units? It seems like only side is an option. In round based modes, you would want only the actually playing players to be spectate-able, so you don't have to cycle through all the "dead" players who are in the waiting area, waiting for next round to start. It would be nice if there was a global array or a function that one can call that will update that whitelist for an already running spectator. Alternatively, can allow us to set a predicate function that the spectator script will use to determine if a unit is a valid target for spectating. Something like: fnc_canSpectate = { private ["_unit"]; _unit = _this select 0; ((side _unit) == side player) && (_unit getVariable ["isPlaying", false]) } [fnc_canSpectate] call BIS_fnc_update_spectator_condition_function;
  13. Hi, Any plan to support the new spectator mode from bohemia? That is, when a player is spectating, he also hears the same things the spectate target is saying and hearing. That way you can have a better idea of what is going on around him. Should also still hear stuff around your player if he's still alive, at least as an option (toggle-able by script), so that in round-based game modes you can talk to others who also wait for the next round to start, while also hearing what's going on with the player on which you set your spectator. Thanks!
  14. galzohar

    Difficulty Overhaul

    Why was elite removed? It was almost perfect for hardcore-realism play, only missing the VONID enabled setting to help figure out who is spamming the VON. Though it could use also stamina bar and stance indicator enabled, as hiding them does not really help making the game more hardcore-realistic. Veteran has too many "casual player" options enabled, and I think it actually hides the stamina bar. Right now I am using custom with just stamina bar, stance indicator, vonid and camera shake (I suppose camera shake is the only one where "enabled" is the more difficult option?). Also, I wonder why the option to configure the specific options of "custom" was disabled on dedicated servers. Admin-configured "custom" presets should be possible to change and save/load from the menu (so that you can have several custom presets).
  15. If you call a function from a scheduled environment (a script running in an incorruptible environment), it will also run in such an environment, and therefore can be interrupted as well. Therefore, theoretically, when calling the function from 2 different spawned scripts, you might have both print val to the log before either of them resets val to 0. If you call the script from something like the "on activation" field of a trigger, then it stops all other scripts when it starts running until it's done (although there is a loop iteration count limit, but I've never tested how that works out - You never really want these kids of scripts to run any extensive loops anyway).