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  1. Uziyahu--IDF

    Wind Simulation

    I really don't understand the decision not to include wind simulation. There was wind simulation in Delta Force 2(so it shouldn't require a lot of processing power). It made a difference when sniping. Wind simulation would also make helicopter flight look A LOT more realistic. How will B.I. simulate attempting to land in rough weather if they don't have wind simulation in TKOH?
  2. I heard stories from the pilots in the Cav that their skids would leave behind streams of sparks as they skidded across the tarmac when practicing auto-rotations. UPDATE: Well, I just watched some videos of auto-rotations. Sparks must be when you don't do it right. :)
  3. Uziyahu--IDF

    Control Scheme for Testing?

    Ahhhhhh, it's because I need pedals! Thanks for that. I couldn't figure out why I was spinning when I was holding down the left rudder. What does the "rotor brake" do?
  4. Uziyahu--IDF

    Editor improvement suggestions.

    One thing I would like to see is a Respawn drop-down menu, rather than having to specify that in the description.ext It would be nice if you could do that on a per-unit basis, too, in the Unit window. (Respawn after X damage =OR= X # of seconds after completely destroyed.) Wayyyy too much has to be done outside of the Editor. Isn't the purpose of an editor to edit?
  5. Uziyahu--IDF

    ARMA 2 Free - Tutorial Mission

    To be honest, I still don't know how to control units very well in ArmA 2. I know it is contextual and all that, but I miss the original OFP command controls. (Someone made an addon to bring the old command menu into ArmA 2, but it also introduced something to the game that I didn't want to deal with. Can't remember what.)
  6. Uziyahu--IDF

    Would you like ToH features in ARMA2+OA

    Is anyone else using the TKOH Preview as their new ArmA 2 executable?
  7. I was just wondering what kind of controls everyone was using for testing? I am the only one using mouse and keyboard? If I didn't turn on auto-trim, I was all over the place, like in some helicopter crash videos I'm seen (so that is probably very realistic). But I was wondering if was the result of using mouse & keyboard. It seems like even the ArmA 2 helos are easier to slow down and hover for combat, now. Any chance the tkoh.exe has changed the flight model for ArmA 2 birdies, too?
  8. Will there be the ability to auto-rotate when the engine fails? The potential for a "blade strike" is a MUST-HAVE! I want to see torn materials flying through the air at deadly speeds, possibly killing the pilot even when he survives the impact. I also want to see vibration in the air-frame when only some of the rotors have been shorn off.
  9. Uziyahu--IDF

    Please change the name!

    The more unusual a name is, the more likely it is going to be remembered. I am quite happy with the name, now that I have gotten a glimpse of what the game is going to be like.
  10. Uziyahu--IDF

    CWR² Demo

    Here's what one of the CWC missions looks like in Cold War Rearmed 2: qNADKNfnVZA The Apache cleans house. The Russian camo jumpsuits look awesome.
  11. Uziyahu--IDF

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    I'll publicize this, but I think the Cold War Rearmed2 demo is going to serve my desire for an updated OFP:CWC with join-in-progress. Still, this was a class move by B.I.
  12. Uziyahu--IDF

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    Happy 10th Anniversary, Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis! wfGkpDoI-84
  13. I believe I detected a problem. I was playing the user-created mission "Mountain Warriors" and have never had a problem with it, before. I activated the latest animation pack and when I tried to reload the PK machinegun, it would fail to reload and lock me in the prone position. Reproduced this 2 or 3 times. It didn't happen with the AK-74. I deactivated the addon and was able to play the mission normally, again. In the mission you play Takistani Mujahideen.
  14. Uziyahu--IDF

    Various Graphical Improvements

    This made a difference in World at War. There's a mission where you're facing a multi-level bombed-out building and have an option to snipe from behind a burning car. The heat distortion makes it harder to snipe the machinegunners.
  15. The most beautiful user-made island, in my opinion.