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ArmAGeddon is a Coop Multiplayer game mode.

You have to flee Altis while the island is sinking!

CSAT forces are fleeing as well and you have to try to steal a vehicle to escape. Tornadoes, earthquakes, meteor falls etc. will spice up your journey!

The mission:




The mission needs the ArmAGeddon addon:




WARNING: You need to deactivate the addon when not playing the armageddon mission. Otherwise, the water level will be modified on Altis.

Please report any bug in this thread.

Addon Change log:


-added new sound effects

Mission Change log:

v 1.15:

-fixed: Tornado Particle effect radius was too small sometimes

-fixed: sound of thunder was not playing

-fixed: the ghosthawk is now locked (avoiding people to repair it and flee right from the start ;))

-added: Sync of the tide level across network

-tweaked: number of abandonned choppers increased (it should be less difficult to flee now)

-tweaked: respawn is now closer to the group

-tweaked: engines of abandonned vehicles are less likely to be destroyed

-Fixed: respawn parameter issue

-Fixed: Refuel with fuel cannisters is now working

-Fixed: Respawn marker now invisible

-Sync of tide is now a parameter for server admin (Impacts performances

but prevent the AI from attempting to "swim in the air")

If you like it, please show your support on the MANW page:



several gameplay videos on youtube:



DEVs: Super-truite and Make Love Not War

We would like to thank the community in general for the help and support on the forums, BI for organizing this contest and in particular DarkDruid, for explaining in great details the Particle effects mechanics on the forums. Super-truite would like to thank also the Armadeus team for testing again and again and getting killed by tornadoes, meteors, collapsing buildings ect. so many times ;).

---------- Post added at 12:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:06 PM ----------

Typical game:

* you spawn with few ammos, even sometimes with no weapons, no map ect.

* Find equipment left by retreating CSAT forces in the buildings or try to eliminate the CSAT's which are left to get their gear.

* Try to find a chopper quickly (remember the water level is rising). Either follow discretely CSAT's (they are likely to call for an extraction) or

find an abandonedlicopter he (usually those have no fuel or need to be repaired (Repair tool kits and fuel canisters can be found in buildings if you are lucky)


*Do not forget to take a repair specialist on your team. Your survival could depend on him.

*Try tweaking your graphical options to be able to have the particle effects at least in 'high'. You will have better tornadoes, meteors ect.

Also, there are two new options for particle effects: "Ultra" and "Armageddon" ;).

The game mode will first undergo a maintenance period to fix bugs and gather feedback, but we will soon begin to work on the next phase which will be revealed later when we will have more people in the team.

If you are skilled in 3D modeling, MP scripting, rigging or Map making and are interested in joining the team, please PM me or Make Love Not War to get more informations on the future of the project.

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Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.


We have also "connected" these pages to your account on Armaholic.

This means in the future you will be able to maintain these pages yourself if you wish to do so. Once this new feature is ready we will contact you about it and explain how things work and what options you have.

When you have any questions already feel free to PM or email me!

PS: versioning is a bit confusing, included changelog uses different versions.

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It is our internal version number. You can keep the v 1.0 number. Sorry for the mess.

Thank you for changing this in such short notice!

---------- Post added at 02:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:00 PM ----------

There is a server up in order to test the mission:



or type armageddon in the filter

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Wow, looks amazing, i'm a fan of apocalyptic stuff, i have made few missions in this direction myself, they are not public yet, but i think i'm going to test out your addon for one of them:)

BTW, how your addon behaves? If enabled will affect other ALTIS missions as well? I have in mind the maxtide thingy especially. Currently i'm using an addon i made but i have to disable it after i play another mission than the one is meant for.

Looking forward to try it. Good job and thank you!

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New mod 0.26-alpha available at withSIX. Download now by clicking:



Soon you will be able to manage the promo pages of your content on our web platform and publish new content yourself.

To do so, please hit 'this is me' button on the page while logged in and you will get connected to your work.

For now you can send new content or releases our way through withsix.wetransfer.com or add your notification at getsatisfaction.withsix.com.

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We played a game tonight, it's pretty impossible to escape as CSAT helicopters are 7.62 proof, we couldnt kill the pilot, and we had 2 occasions on landing orcas. So we finished trapped on the top of the mountain, with nothing happening anymore and a down orca with broken engine. (We managed to destroy the engine with 7.62, but it never went throught the glasses... wut ?!)

However we had a lot of fun while trying to leave the coast line under fire, avoying to get caught by water, tornados (wich are missing power) or meteors.

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Enyojing the mission with 2 buddies for the past two hours. We're on last hill, water rising fast ;))) what TO DO!? :)

---------- Post added at 23:45 ---------- Previous post was at 23:33 ----------

Final moments with my team... and CSAT new buddies ;) under water we're suddenly all friends =)


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lol, I was about to post a picture of us in my server, stuck on a hill as well ;). What to do? Nothing ;), we will add more abandoned choppers so that the mission is less difficult

(it can be tough to steal a chopper to CSAT's because they tend to be rather quick to extract their buddies).

@ElTyranos: regarding the bullet proof glass of the chopper, were you far from it? I managed to kill both the pilot and copilot with a katiba (but from the side windows)?

Anyway another method is to destroy the main rotor and then repair the chopper.

There will probably be an update tomorrow to fix the various sound issues and hopefully the tornado .

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super-truite: great stuff!

Here's a final goodbye from my teammate, funny as hell ;) video by Sahbazz, saluting soldier: SmukY ;)

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you mean slower flood? If yes, we will look into that after the contest. It is a bit lengthy to change as the water level needs to be synced across network and the AI is affected by it as well.

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So much fun. Thanks for the release. I've seen friends splattered by tornados and crushed by meteors, while in fire-fights with Opfor, as the water laps around our feet. I have never heard "LEG IT!!!" screamed so many times on our TS. Good job. :cool:

One bug we found, was infinitely spawning ammo crates in a couple of houses. Literally stacking on top of each other, with a new one spawning every couple of seconds, so in the end there are that many you can't actually get in the house. Was funny to watch. :)

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Updated files and change log on first page.

@Foxhound: Can you please add Make Love Not War as author? Thank you in advance.

@JimGun, thanks for reporting the issue.

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Hey, some things I would propose for the next updates after I played several hours:

1. The rounds are very unbalanced. At times, you find a chopper after several minutes, other times you don't have a choice at all finding a solution.

2. Following CSAT is a good idea to capture a chopper, but in general its very difficult. We, for example, had the problem that we captured one but weren't able to refuel it, which was a bummer.... We died, eventually, together with our new chopper.

3. Some more scenario variation would be awesome. Like, not only seeing CSAT Infantry running around, but also Civilians trying to get of the island, or FIA makign their way to harbors.

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Hi RedPhoenix, did you try the last version? We managed to escape several times with it on our end. It is still tough though, but we don't want it to be always possible to flee.

But I agree it could use some tweaks.

There will be several scenario variations later, but because of the contest deadline, we were forced to make some choices (the water level rising makes editing way

more lengthy, because AI need to be aware of it). But we have already some plans to add more replayability (see roadmap).

For server admins: We need some feedback on the behavior of the tide syncing (you can activate it on the server parameters). It allows an exact syncing between the server water level and the client one, but

has a huge impact on performance (at least on my dedicated server). So we would be grateful if you could activate it from time to time and report any weird behavior encountered when doing so.

Roadmap for the next weeks:

- get some sleep finally ;)

-bug fixing

- Add the volcano

- Code optimization

- Add new ways of escaping (boats, radios broadcasting blufor extraction points ect.)

The long term roadmap is let's say...interesting...;). I don't want to spoil what it will be because I need first to gather a bigger team in order to be confident in the feasibility of the task. Also,

since it will explain the reason for the armageddon and add some rather unusual gameplay, It is more fun to make people wait for it in the dark ;).

So if you have experience in map making, rigging, scripting, 3d modeling, we need you! This addon is a lot about experimenting new things and we in fact come from the milsim community.

So even if you are repeled by the unusal set up of the mod, you might find the collaboration interesting to test and learn new things!

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