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  1. V40 is available on GitHub and Steam workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773759919 https://github.com/bux/IFA3_ACE_COMPAT/releases/tag/v40.0
  2. IFA3 Team wishes you an happy VE day. Don't forget that real war is not a game. And we have of course something special for you.
  3. Dear Arma 3 Community, Recently it was brought to our attention that a series of models used in our project was, in fact, the intellectual property of multiple third parties. Upon identifying the offending material we have taken all the steps to remove all of it from the IFA3 project effective immediately. After an internal investigation, we have concluded that one of the members of our team has acted in a manner contrary to what we believe in. With works being presented as his own despite being based off of others. We feel it is now impossible to maintain our relationship with this artist and will, effective immediately, seek to remove all his work from our project, regardless if original IP or not. We at the IFA3 team are fervent supporters of IP rights and take matters of IP violations very seriously. The works of our contributors are vetted and checked to the best of our abilities to ensure that such violations do not occur. Yet, This event has highlighted our need to be more stringent in our vetting process going forward. We would like to reassure everyone that at no point did anyone within the IFA3 team knowingly seek to mislead, circumvent IP rights or deceive the community. The team knows all too well the difficulties and frustrations involved when it comes to protecting your intellectual property and we are deeply saddened that we find ourselves at the center of this issue. To ensure that everything involved in the IFA3 project is being used legally and respecting other artists’ work., we’ve already begun conducting further rigorous checks on all models and assets. If any further assets should be found to be of questionable origins, they will be removed from the project without hesitation. It would be easy to say that with a project this size, things can ‘slip through the net’. However, we do not believe this to be an acceptable excuse and we admit that we should have ensured that this was not possible. All of our team want to apologize to those artists, teams and projects whose work was taken from them and used in our project without their consent nor our knowledge: we are sincerely sorry. We ask for your patience and understanding whilst we conduct this review. Due to the scale of the project and its team, it will take some time to ensure that all aspects have been checked thoroughly. Thank you for your continued support throughout these years. Best regards, The IFA3 Team
  4. Hint : it's about a major review of tank armour values, hitboxes quality, ammunition spalling, crew damage and more modular damages. 🤫
  5. I wanted to explain to a fellow IFA3 team member the way I understand and work with Fire Geometry in Arma. So why not record it and share it with the community ?
  6. Dear WW2 community, Two and a half years ago, we introduced new US tanks in the « US Armored Forces Update », then gliders in the « US Airborne Update » and finally German artillery guns in « Blitzkrieg Update ». All those additions would not have been possible without the blessing of former Invasion 44 Team members who allowed us to keep their work alive a little bit longer. Those vehicles were introduced because they looked visually good enough - they were old but still fit for combat. However this is going to change in not too distant future. Indeed, in our continuous aim for consistency and bringing WW2 in Arma 3 to the best level of quality, we decided to replace most of the I44 assets that made it into IFA3. Here are all those who will go for a well deserved retirement. Only the Universal Carrier, Churchill tank, Nebelwerfer, and Delisle Carbine will remain for now. Those will have to wait a little longer. Let’s now focus on introducing the remastered content. Our goal is to have no content loss. Worse, we are adding variants for some of the vehicles. So fasten your seatbelts, we’ll go gradually. A few defensive objects that needed to be refreshed, by V!nc3r US Flamethrower by Lawz Waco glider by Jove Chiere Horsa Glider by ElTyranos and Jove Chiere M8 Greyhound by Bax! LeFH 18 by Hicks! Sd.Kfzz 124 by Ignisum! And finally the US steel beasts ! Note that M4 75mm Sherman (made by AWAR in IF DLC) will also say goodbye and be replaced for the sake of consistency. All shermans are done by Diabolical! And the last but not the least, M5 Stuart tank by Ptertlach (CSA38 Team) See you soon on the battlefield, and stay tuned to our discord for more exclusive pictures and development insights! IFA3 Team out.
  7. V37 is available on GitHub and Steam workshop https://github.com/bux/IFA3_ACE_COMPAT/releases/tag/v37.0 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773759919 and forgot to publish v36 here it seems. Ooops.
  8. Hey, You should try to use a bigger backpack ?
  9. Download Wiki: WW2_Download Changelog Wiki: WW2_Changelog -_Preview_v34_-_2019-03-31 Wiki: I44 Changelog - Preview_v34_-_2019-03-31 ~~~ Red Devils & Desert Rats Update ~~~ After 18 months of development we are proud to announce you that Red Devils and Desert Rats Update is now available! This is our biggest update yet both in term of content (two maps, seven vehicles, 14 weapons, 45 infantry gears) and gameplay features that will bring a new dimension in ArmA 3 WW2 simulation. This update is the result of a extremely devoted team effort with the selfless involvment of my fellow team members - it would not have been possible without you: kju, Kerc, swurvin, iron_excelsior, Diabolical, GSTAVO, Jaki, LAxemann, Jeg0r, bax, DontShootMe, InstantMuffin, Bricks, Stardust, Lawz, sokolonko! Also much thanks to our dedicated testers and promoters: Dmorok, Remember Sega, Warzen, Jeza, Dragonfly Gaming, Shermanator, stabcon, Slakks! I would also like to thank you - our fans - for your continous support and enthusiasm! ### Highlights ### Tobruk In 1941 the Libyan port city of Tobruk became besieged by Axis forces under command of the Desert fox - German Generalleutnant Erwin Rommel. Australian, Indian, British, Czechoslovakian and Polish troops defended Tobruk for 241 days. The siege was lifted as a result of the Allied operation Crusader; serious losses and poor supplies forced Rommel to retreat. Despite countless efforts of the Allied army, Tobruk was recaptured by the Axis forces on 21 June 1942. The defenders of the city became known as - The Rats of Tobruk. El Alamein In 1942 an Egyptian town of El Alamein became a place of fierce battles between Desert Rats - British Imperial and Commonwealth forces and Panzerarmee Afrika - Italian troops and German expeditionary force. El Alamein was a minor railway station located on an open, desert terrain, however well prepared fortifications and minefields helped Allies to repel the enemy attacks and stop them from capturing Egypt and Suez canal. UK faction showcase Explore staging area of an unnamed British Division. Visit each exhibition area and experience British forces by land, air and sea. All clear! Bayonets Players can attach a bayonet to the muzzle attachment slot of their weapon. Similarly, some weapons have bayonets integrated and do not require an additional muzzle attachment. After switching fire-mode, the player can use it to stab enemy within melee range. Currently the AI are unable to attack with bayonets. Damage is based on the physical bayonet itself - so aim with the bayonet! (not your crosshair) Applicable for: K98k K98k (Late) Mosin-Nagant M91/30 Mosin-Nagant M44 (doesn’t need to equip a bayonet) M1 Garand 1903A4 Springfield FG42 (doesn’t need to equip a bayonet) Lee Enfield No1 MkIII* Lee Enfield No4 MkI Sten Mk5 See the ingame field manual for more details. Rifle Grenades Players can attach a rifle grenade launcher to the muzzle attachment slot of their weapon. After switching fire-mode, the player can load a rifle grenade onto/into the launcher and fire it, much further than can be thrown. Switching away from the rifle grenade fire-mode with a grenade loaded will automatically unload the grenade. The AI is able to use rifle grenades like any other weapon but have no means of "fitting" the attachment and must use the pre equipped weapon variants. For more details, check the field manual ingame. Applicable for: K98k K98k (Late) STG44/Mp44 Mosin-Nagant M91/30 M1 Garand No. 4 Mk. I No. 1 Mk. III* PIAT The anti tank grenade launcher is mainly to be used again lightly armored cars but is also a threat to tanks. The explosive round can also be used against infantry. It is available in both rifle and launcher version for maximum flexibility. The magazines are compatible to each others. White phosphorus A special type of smoke grenade - while it’s main use is to provide smoke-cover. The initial explosion may kill or injure nearby infantry in a fairly big radius. In addition, the lingering smoke is hazardous. It leads to non well-being and may even cause serious injury if exposed for too long. It’s even dangerous to crew when the vehicle is open or the crew is turned out. Stay inside! Currently only available to No.77 Grenade. It will be extended to mortar, artillery and bombs soon. PTRD restrictions Degtyaryov anti-tank rifle has not proven itself to be accurate or effective against tanks, however it's 14.5mm round was devastating against cars or lightly armored vehicles. Yet, with a bit of luck, it could detrack a tank or even shoot down a plane! Due to its weight it can only be used prone or when the weapon gets rested on some support. Note: AI are not affected by the limitation. Bagpipes The Scottish regiments are known to impress their opponents playing the iconic bagpipes while going into battle. There is a manual mode to play the coords yourself, or select from a list of availables tunes/tracks. Use the reload action to select, and the fire action to play. You can find more 25 tracks in this separate mod (required by all players): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1683392891 Extended HUD The custom HUD display several vital information: Damage state of vehicle components Main gun direction Reload state of current main gun Commander view cone Vehicle speed Heading Fuel state This update made it available to all remaining vehicles, displays now also the hull damage, shows the damage state and fixed faulty configuration of a few vehicles. Offroad driving Cars and trucks now get slowed down when moving in the landscape outside roads or dirt tracks. The reduction can be up to 40% in mud or sand surfaces. So to use a road or not is now a tactical choice. Plane loadout customization With the dynamic loadout system you can now customize your plane's loadout via scripting and/or in the ED3N editor before the mission start. In the editor simply double click on the plane you wish to customize (or right click>>Attributes) and select: You will see a top down view diagram of the plane and the available bomb pylons: Now you can customize the payload for each of the pylons individually, or select one of the existing preset loadouts from the upper left drop down list. You can also check the Mirror box in the right upper corner for a symmetrical loadout should you desire one. When you are happy with your selection just click OK and see the new payload on the plane in the editor. AI tank commanding As human tank commander with AI gunner this update brings some useful additions to further improve the experience. Important to note, a previous update already allowed the AI gunner to engage with the main gun on his own, like he already does with MG weapons. Please send us further suggestions you see making it even better! Command cursor There is now an additional cursor for the command, with an AI gunner present, to help you target hostiles or positions more effectively. It will also remain active when you turn out. When you are in optics view, or have a weapon in hand, the cursor gets hidden. Note: It is only visible in cadett difficult and with weapon cursor activated in difficulty options. Command target order Next to the usual "target" key action on vehicles or infantry, you can now also order an AI gunner to target ground or any position/object/wall, if you hold ALT at the same time. This also allows you to target a vehicle more precisely to try to hit specific components. To cancel just target a vehicle/infantry, or use the "target" key action with nothing behind the cursor. Note: In cadett difficult and with weapon cursor activated in difficulty options it will show an arrow at the target location. Command fire order When you have assigned an AI gunner a target, you can use the "fire" or "command fire" action to give him the order to unleash the main gun (when ready). When MG is selected, the AI gunner will fire a suppressive fire burst lasting a couple of seconds instead. Field manual You can read up about custom gameplay features in the field manual now. Note: This is still work in progress and more to come with future updates. Animations All the new weapons come with custom weapon holding and reload animations (only webley pistol comes later). In addition, a whole new tailored animation system for rifles using stripper clips, and the loading of rifle grenades are featured in this update. British faction Desert Rats units Red Devil units Weaponry Rifles No.1 Lee Enfield Mk III No.4 Lee Enfield Mk I No.4 (T) Lee Enfield Mk I (scoped) Machine guns Sten Mk II Sten Mk V Bren Mk II Anti tank PIAT (launcher or rifle - with compatible ammunitions) New M1A1 Bazooka model thanks to Loutre! Pistols Webley Mk VI Welrod Mk I Misc Bagpipes British binoculars (Kershaw Mk III 6x30) Grenades No.77 phosphorus grenade No.82 Gammon grenade No.36 Mills bomb Attachments bayonets No.4 Mk II (Lee Enfield No.4) P1903 (Lee Enfield No.1) M1 (M1 Garand) Lee Enfield rifle grenade launcher Vehicles Tanks Cromwell Mk IV Type F Crusader Mk III Crusader Mk I (Anti-Air) Transport Austin K5 truck Universal Carrier thanks to Guy Thomas from Invasion 44 Ships Landing Craft Assault Landing Craft Infantry Extras Flak 36 now has a shield (can be hidden in EDEN attributes) Two news British desert camo for M4A3 Sherman thanks to DontShootMe! Afrika Korps Tiger tank retexture by DontShootMe! CLE Container ammobox Gear Clothing [*]Pattern 37 uniform [*]P37 uniform with leather jerkin (cold weather outfit) [*]P37 uniform with denison smock (paratrooper outfit) [*]Khaki Drills 1941 (desert outfit) [*]P37 webbing gear (7x) and backpacks (3x) in tan and blanco variants Headwear [*]7 British berets (para, army, commando, tanks and tanks with headphones) [*]Balmoral hat [*]21 British helmets (Mk II, Mk III, MkII Para) all in camo, net or plain variants [*]Royal Air Force flight cap Extras [*]Neutral British units insignias [*]British shoulder ranks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For suggestions and issues please check out: Wiki: Overview Wiki: Issue_Reporting Wiki: Class_Overview Wanna have a chat or interested to assist - join our discord server. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more official WIP media and excellent fan made media make sure follow our discord server. BI developers testing out upcoming goodies 😉
  10. v.34.0 is available on GitHub and will be uploaded to Steam Workshop shortly. https://github.com/bux/IFA3_ACE_COMPAT/releases/tag/v34.0
  11. It's funny how we can use random google pictures to show that our perception of history is true. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/world-war-2/images/a/a8/French-resistance-fighter-with-Sten-px800.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120918150136 https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRxOREqp9m6pe9SzOdYwQJV8bIVoTueHTmYIWO88KH7R_iNxGnH https://i.pinimg.com/originals/55/17/3b/55173b73fb80e9c1c1c1193f9dadef15.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2913/14642440767_d5b05c5322_b.jpg https://laststandonzombieisland.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/resistant-of-the-finistc3a8re-region-armed-with-a-british-sten-1944.jpg https://secure.i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/03293/Dirk-Reyneveld-col_3293777b.jpg https://warincolours.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/large-95.jpg?w=800 Our historical researches found out that two WW2 instructor manuals, one being britsh and the second one being american, both stated that the gun cannot be held by the magazine. So we went with the regular way. Of course some did hold it the way you say, or in a hurry after mag change left their hand here for a short while. But unless you have better proofs than one picture (hey, I have 6 above and even french resistance is not holding it by the magazine..), for example a military service note reminding soldiers that they must not hold their sten by the magazine (which would prove they did it a lot) this is historically not proven that this was the major behaviour. What is historically proved is that instructors instructed not to do it, so we listened to the experts.
  12. Flak 36 crew just fired at a british armored column moving toward Caen, July 1944. New crew anims by GSTAVO
  13. Reading but not participating. Here is a WIP video on the sound aspect of tanks. LAxemann has been working on this for IFA3 in past weeks. There are also loud sounds for no ricochet impact, so now you have no way don't lack of awareness about being shot at by another tank. Thank you all for your suggestions.