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The Unsung Vietnam War Mod v2.6 Released !!!

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Unsung 2.6 Released


It's finally here !

We set out September 2013 to correct errors and bugs with our 2.5 release, and yet again it exploded to be our biggest release to date. With the help of new, keen and talented team members this time we are releasing something very special. The unsung Vietnam war mod has evolved and broken new ground in the Arma series. This time bringing you never seen before concepts pushing the engine to its maximum potential.

Most of our place holder models have been updated with host of new Weapons, Planes, APC’s , Helicopter variants & New ground units to name a few. A complete faction overhaul , kitted out with new and improved weapons replacing our old and outdated ones carried in from previous releases. Version 2.6 hosts more new kit for you to explore along with some new and interesting things to find in game.

Whilst our focus has been on intensity and atmosphere, this time it has been taken to the next level. This release will undoubtedly quench the thirst of community members whom want to play a mod that actually takes you deep into the combat where you will feel the sweat on your brow, as swarms of NVA and VC come at you screaming, as you empty you m16 in the thick dense jungles of South East Asia.

2.6 Release Highlights

- A6 Intruder by Aplion

- E2 Hawkeye (operation French point Mod) Reconfigured to “E2-B†model by HC Pookie

- F105 D & F models by Pookie

- A4 Skyhawk C & E models original model by project 82 mod , remodeled and re textured by Pookie and Brainbug

- Mig 19 – By Pookie

- AH-1G new chin turret with mini-gun and grenade launcher combo & new customized load-outs (HC Pookie)

- 7 new sampan models (HC Pookie)

- 2 New NVA fictitious PBR Patrol boats (HC Pookie)

- New custom made ordinance Kab250, kab500, mk83, mk84, CBU24B Sadeye, BLU bomblet, AGM12C Bull pup, AGM45

Shrike,GBU8 HOBOS, Mk77 Napalm (Myke)

- New targeting interface and custom load out system for all planes (Eggbeast)

- Added new animated barrels and reload animations to M2’s on PBR , m48a3 and Sheridan. (HC Pookie)

- Main guns on Sheridan and M48 now have recoil effects animation. ( HC Pookie)

- Added Shell casings to minguns on the uh1 gunship , ah1 cobra and oh6 cayuse (Eggbeast)

- 4 new uh1c variants , M21 , M6 , TOW, ARA (Pookie)

- PBR upgrades new commanders position with working movable searchlight, other lights for driver and front gunner.

- Added new PBR versions the MK19 Grednade Launcher and Zippo versions. (Pookie)

- Added new uns_missile box (eggbeast)

- M105 an M114 howitzers added (vilas)

- Added new loadouts for all combat jets (Eggbeast)

- Updated support module and radio interface ( Columdrum and Von Knudenberg)

- Now able to switch RTO radio sounds off and on in the field (Columdrum)

- Added NEW extraction module (Columdrum)

- Added 4 new military radio chatter files an extra 25 minutes more (Sav)

- New gun sounds to nearly all weapons in arsenal including authentic magazine reload sounds (Sav)

- Added new internal start up and shutdown sounds to the CH46 & CH53 (Sav)

- Lightened texture on A7 navy version fuselage to match Navy F4E (BrainBug)

- M113 & M163 new texture colours (BrainBug)

- New GUI interface for radio support system , added PRC-25 and PRC-90 (Von Knudenberg & Columdrum)

- Massive unit and vehicle faction clean-up and restructure (Eggbeast)

- Major weapon model upgrade (Vilas, Von Knudenberg and Deman)

- New SNR75 Fan Song Radar array (Pookie)

- 2 new Mig21 variants based of Aplions original F version (Pookie)

- New silencer / Knife scripting certain weapons ( Eggbeast )

- Dustoff / Evac module (Columdrum)

- New M113 variants , M2, M60, Zippo, M106 mortar carrier, M1919, ACAV versions with side m60 gunners ( Pookie)

- 3 new Type 55 APC variants ( Pookie)

- Water Buffalo ( Von Knudenberg)

- New CH34 M60 version for usmc and ARVN sides (Pookie)

- New ARVN rangers faction (Bigstone & Von Knudenberg )

- 2 new Islands Phu Bai and Meekong Delta (Showmaker)

- 2 new mobile arty guns m107 and m110 ( Pookie )

- USMC Amtrac (PGI)

- Ch-54 Tarhe heavy lift chopper (Pookie)

- New M-151 willy jeep models (Vilas / Pookie)

- Folding wings on all navy planes -Auto initialised when on carrier deck – (Pookie)

- New animated flight surfaces on planes (Pookie)

- New randomised nose and tail art for uh1 gunships – (Bigstone)

- New random numbering/Pics and clutter items on m113 fleet ( Pookie)

- New Custom hand animations for unsung rifles and SMG’s ( Von Knudenberg )

- New Tunnel complex (Von Knudenberg )

The unsung team have would like to thank the other mods and individuals that have again, generously donated their time and effort to expand the Unsung Arsenal.


Our good friends Aplion, Brainbug, Spockvf101 Myke, Vilas ,Jdog, Foxtrop, Kommiekat, Nettrucker and Nightintruder

Also The Operation Frenchpoint Mod, (Special thanks to Cybergirl and Ikår) and Project 85 mod.

Unsung 2.6 Release Video by Von Knudenberg


NOTE: Check out the DOCs folder under @uns --> Docs for how to use our modules and special features or download from here :

A Special thanks to those whom patiently waited and followed our mod on the forums. We are sure you will find it was worth the wait. There will be some bugs here and there, however we are setting up a bug reporting thread on Dev Heaven shortly. We will endeavor to correct and errors and bugs in our follow up 2.7 patch.

Please remember to check out our mod DB page and please rate us : http://www.moddb.com/mods/unsung1

Good luck out there …. You gonna need it

The Unsung Team

NOTE this is not a Patch for our 2.5 release, all other versions of the mod should be removed before installing 2.6

Edited by SGT_SAVAGE

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yay first post!
wow! the vid is freaking amazing vk
p.s. if we missed anyone in the credits drop me a pm

Armaholic link

- a whole series of authentic aircraft, with 6 combat role loadouts each, afterburners/thrusters and wheelbrakes, fully functional period carrier
- choppers and planes have shelldrop on all guns - see the brass falling from each door gun, choppers and spotter planes also have smoke, grenades and illumination flares
- authentic choppers, tanks, trucks and jeeps, featuring some incredibly detailed models, effects, textures and sounds that immerse you in the Vietnam conflict.
- 100+ vietnam era weapons, some with working bayonets, 12 types of grenade with different realistic characteristics - life-savers in the jungle!
- Tank, aircraft and artillery ammunition of the era: canister, white phosphorus, APERS-T, Shillelagh, AP-T, HE, HEAT, HEO, Napalm, clustermines and clusterbombs
- All kinds of nefarious punji traps, tripwires, snakes and sharks to harass your patrols.
- Factions include VC, NVA, CIDG, Marine Force Recon, Special Forces Groups, US Infantry and Marines, Artillery, Aircrew, Patrol Boat Riverine crew, and Long Range Recon Patrols.
- 9 stunning new islands - Phu Bai, Mekong Delta, Lowlands, Southeast Asia, MBG Vietnam, Cao Bang, Plei Trap Valley, Ia Drang Valley and Dong Ha.
- Built-in AI speak, use your ears and walk on patrol - don't run or you may overlook a VC sitting in a tree or spiderhole
- Authentic unit clutter (condoms, magazines, flashlights, smokes, manuals of the era, psy-ops pamphlets, bug-spray etc etc)
- Full 3 dimensional warfare - sniper trees, spider-holes, bunkers and tunnels, traps everywhere! Which way should you look? everywhere!
- A fantastic "no-nightvision" war-game experience with soldiers resorting to old school night tactics: flashlights, illumination rounds, flares, trip flares, roving searchlights, vehicle lights and (not to be underestimated) moonlight...
- Unique to Arma 2 - close quarters combat with screw-on silencers, knives, bayonets and rifle butts... sneak up on the enemy and take him out the old fashioned way...
- A huge array of boats to do battle in the many river networks provided

Egg's note on running unsung well:

If you don't own Arma 2 or A2 operation arrowhead Buy Arma2 complete edition (50% off this weekend to coincide with our release!) - this comes with all 3 DLC's and is a bargain... as well as a hassle free install.

For people with disc versions of the game - we would suggest you upgrade to 1.63 (all our public servers run it, as it harmonises well to CBA, which is a requirement) - see my FAQ on this here, which also explains how to get mods running in the game, and explains about the order of installing etc to make it all run smoothly


Missions are here and in the mod download, including:
Notesuggested view distance settings - change these in your T/options menu in-game.
- Evolution - Cao Bang - viewdistance Ground 2500, Air 7000
- Evolution - Lowlands- viewdistance Ground 2500, Air 7000
- Evolution - SEA- viewdistance Ground 1500, Air 4000
- Evolution - Ia Drang Valley- viewdistance Ground 2000, Air 3000 (>3k can cause memory crash to desktop)
- Evolution Phu Bai - viewdistance Ground 1000, Air 2000 - (coming soon)


Also some demo missions in the missions folder:
- ambient civs/animals, AI support radio module
- rifle range with all weapons
- unit demo opfor
- unit demo blufor
- vehicle demo (all vehicle units, all weapons, all traps and bunkers)
- SAM battery spawner
- AC47 test rig

there's a campaign in the campaign folder - rename this to campaigns


1. mods required:

ok to run unsung and join one of our servers you need:
Unsung 2.6 from link above +
ACR LITE(if you don't own it already as DLC
CBA for 1.63


2. setting up a text file to run the mods in steam
Works every time! Guaranteed.

Now to run your mods use this process:

A) make a new folder in your arma2 install drive called @modfiles\ this is where you will store your mod command lines (I use D drive but set yours accordingly)
B) make a new text file in your @modfiles\ folder called uns.txt
C) put this line in it and save it (change the A2 path to yours)

FOR ACR DLC OWNERS (change the path x2 for your arma2 and OA folders)

-mod=D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2;expansion;D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\ACR;@CBA_CO;@UNS

-mod=D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2;expansion;@CBA_CO;@UNS

D) in Steam Library, right click on Operation Arrowhead and click Properties then select Set Launch Options and enter this line:
-worldempty -nosplash -nologs -par=D:\@modfiles\uns.txt

-nologs is VITAL for good FPS

3. Evolution MP co-op Mission Guide
Don't be an FNG! Read the Mission Guide for people who haven't played unsung evolution 2.6 before (which is kinda everyone at this point):

Gaming Deluxe sponsored Public Unsung servers

UK------- Drang Valley
DALLAS--- Bang


Teamspeak for the servers

everyone (18+) welcome
come meet the dev team, hang out, fry some vc

Classnames list

Keep viewdistance under 1000m in jungle fighting for high FPS
in Evo use T menu options to alter Air and Land viewdistances
T menu turns grass off also if you're struggling
To turn grass back on, T/ options/ bottom slider >2 / click another menu like Transfer / click close Edited by eggbeast

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YAAAAY :yay: :yay: :yay: downloading now.

Finally. I was checking the forum 3x a day for the last 2 weeks.

When will it come to SIX?

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That video is amazing... this mod is amazing already... and I can't wait for the SIX launch!

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THX guys great job,will enjoy this. epic job to all members of unsung!:yay: btw send a message to foxhound(quick ;) )

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Congrats to the rest of the team!

A collection of some screenshots from our MP tests:




Hopefully these instructions will help others out there. We have seen some strangeness that may be from the "withsix" updater but we have yet to validate that. I use a batch file to ease the game launch process. The point of the batch file is to contain all the startup parameters in one location without the need to edit this on the Steam launch screen, or use the -PAR solution. Either way should work the same however I find this to be a bit easier to manage. You can see that my game folder is "G:\steam" and that appears to be the only way all of this works. We have seen issues when you have a game folder under the default "C:\program files\steam" where the UNS installer may not work properly. Unfortunately a reinstall into a "C:\steam" folder may be the only way to make it work. So feedback using the .BAT file solution is welcome!

I will ASSUME those reading know how to create a .BAT file in Windows - if you don't search the Interweb for instructions on how to make one!!!!!!!!!!!

In the batch file I have one line:

start "" "G:\steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\ArmA2OA.exe" -noSplash -skipIntro -nologs -world=empty "-mod=G:\steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2;expansion;ACR;@CBA_CO;@UNS"


1. My -mod switch required quotes because it has a space in the "Arma 2" folder. Yours may require the quotes as well. You can see from my -mod entry I have only these items started:

- Arma 2 (the pre-OA content!)

- expansion



- @UNS

2. Using the BAT file, I require nothing in the Steam startup parameters... nothing. I haven't been in the Steam console since I installed.

3. My CBA version is "the" version listed in the instructions. I have other CBA versions, however "this" version is the ONLY version that works w/o any errors. So I'm keeping it as-is for Unsung. It might be an older version, but it works.

4. The other switches explained:

-noSplash: No startup logo (loads faster)

-skipIntro: No startup intro mission (loads faster)

-nologs: the new flag that keeps your client from writing info to the RPT file. Saves disk activity, and makes the game run faster. You miss any non-crash errors, which for normal play is fine.

After I got it working, I edited the properties of the batch file shortcut to point to the UNSUNG icon. Just for show!

Edited by hcpookie

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woohoo! and the release was timed so perfectly to coincide with the weekend :bounce3:

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:mad: I got to wait 3 hour for it to be done:mad: but I watch the move the odd angry shot to pass the time;)

Edited by Aussie Digger

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So been a little while since I've been on here (about 5 years) but had the urge to play Ofp/ArmA again recently. So tonight I installed OA, hopped on these forums and lo and behold a new Unsung release :)

Congrats Sav, glad to see you are still going mate with a great new team. Am very much looking forward to messing around with all the new content and checking out the missions (to see if they hold up to the classics we made way back when :wink:).


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ok for the Unsung launch partaaaaay weekend we have 2 public unsung servers up so far on GamingDeluxe:

UK Cao Bang Evolution (22 player co-op)

UK Lowlands Evolution (22 player co-op)

Coming soon:

Dallas SEA Evolution (22 player co-op)

NYC Cao Bang Evolution (22 player co-op)

UK SEA Evolution (22 player co-op)

updated list is here


our TS is


everyone (18+) welcome

come meet the dev team, hang out, fry some vc

Edited by eggbeast

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Great to hear. I love it, the Beta testing with you guys was great! "It is more like a new game then an arma 2 mod"

-Chris [TF47 Misfit]

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Soo, after I did the first few patrols through the paddies and checked some of the new stuff out, at first: Great work, guys!

Those new models are so much better than the old one. Finally new M16s and Willys. Now you just gotta reedo that shotguns some day. I hope. Because, you know why.

And man, I LOVE the new modules. The Evac feature is so simple to set up and so awesome to use. I still have to figure out what the special items thing is for, though.

I noticed a few things: LOD switching. This was also in previous versions. Those man-height small trees/bushes in jungles change their LOD when getting closer to them to - a whole different object. Walking through some parts of the Jungle looks like the plants are all flickering and dissapearing / changing shape. Is this on your list for 2.7? There are also some of these bushes that flicker around and turn to a plain white texture sometimes for a split second. Maybe its just me but I just wanted to report.

Another thing that was carried on from 2.5 to 2.6: The AI is awkwardly quiet. Sometimes I hear not a single phrase in half an our. And some units will scream for the medic even after they have been patched up.

Now with that being said, I'll be back in the land of Hueys and 20fps on 1000VD. See ya.

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Any chance we will get this for A3?

I would like to see some nice A-6 and A-1 in A3,:yay:

Edited by Teddybear1

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@Dar..."There are also some of these bushes that flicker around" = bugged vegetation...when we kick the bugged veg. out of the mod the old maps will not work!

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After I have fooled around in the editor for a couple of hours, I must say you guys have put a staggering amount of content into this.

(The campaign did not extract to the proper Campaigns folder so had to move it over manually for it to show up in game.)

Like the new super stealth tacticool form of transportation :)


Edited by Bullet Purveyor

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