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  1. showmaker

    "Dak To" Map - Unsung ArmA 2 & 3

    @Orcinus...i play it only with 1.63...i dont test it on 1.62 but i know that if u want to play uns2.6 without bugs u need 1.63... cheers show
  2. showmaker

    "Dak To" Map - Unsung ArmA 2 & 3

    some missions would be great asher;-) so let me know if u have something to check out ;) the a3 version of dak to need some more work...atm i found no way to add water in the rice paddies and when i dont find a way to handle that i think about to delet them...so let me test some things first before i release this map for a3. i also work on my old mekong delta map. a new version for a2 and yes a a3 version. i am near finish with my self painted new satmap: i hope u like it:
  3. showmaker

    "Dak To" Map - Unsung ArmA 2 & 3

    @Lato1982...please read the last posts here, u will find anything about the a3 release there:cool: @Inlesco...thanks a lot mate:-) @Keeway...sry! i have no time to get back in the mission editor... so build some missions or wait that other peoples handle that. cheers show
  4. showmaker

    "Dak To" Map - Unsung ArmA 2 & 3

    the new objects are build by razorback. Its all new content for our up coming unsung mod release 3.0 on a3. sorry mate but i am not the right person for you but try to ask sgt. savage mate;) bless bless Show
  5. showmaker

    "Dak To" Map - Unsung ArmA 2 & 3

    @Zukov hmm...i have a 1T HD so there are 6gigs nothing mate...and i use aia to get other old maps working...for a2 are much better maps out there as for a3 yet...but thats just my opinion...next thing is that i must delet a lot of object on dak to to make it working without aia. effect will be that dak will look very boring then ;)
  6. showmaker

    "Dak To" Map - Unsung ArmA 2 & 3

    @Corporal_Lib dak to works great on a3 but only with the aia mod and when i found a way to add water in the rice paddys i will release dak to also for a3! the other stuff like the soldiers and weapons u'r see in the video from cartman is content from our unsung mod release 3.0. atm i work on my old mekong delta map. a complete overworked terrain and satmap for better fps and a lot of new objects. but both maps need aia so they will not included in uns 3.0 so i will release the maps as stand alone;) bless bless show
  7. showmaker

    "Dak To" Map - Unsung ArmA 2 & 3

    hey guy's;) thanks a lot for that positive feedback! jey! the map runs smoth with round about 30-40 fps +/- a bit in jungle etc... it's just a smal map created for tvt/pvp gameplay with many diffrent areas on that smal terrain and a complete new skybox that only works on the a2 version. atm i work on the a3 release but my main problem is to fill the rice paddys with water:/ so if anybody can help me with that i will come faster to an end. here u can download the a2 version: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28221 bless bless showmaker
  8. hey net;) no mate...no prob. there. ai is working fine:-)
  9. @Dar..."There are also some of these bushes that flicker around" = bugged vegetation...when we kick the bugged veg. out of the mod the old maps will not work!
  10. with 2.7 will come another new map..."DAK TO"...here comes a little video...just to show u the new jungle style and sounds...enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AycuqxlFiQw&feature=youtu.be
  11. and now a very short clip to show u the in game satmap view...the next days i will be very bussy with placing objects i think...a helping hand would be very great so if one of u guys are skilled in visitor!? ur welcome!!! :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kCUoqV90lI
  12. hey friends...after my phu bai and mekong delta map is near finish i play a bit around with an new fresh satmap...this map will be the meat grinder or better known as the hamburger hill [A Shau Valley] so here are a few shots...are u ready to take that bitch of a hill? :-D this will be the view when u fly over the area [visitor 3 shots]. the satmap detail is the highest i ever get! much higher as the mekong delta one... [/img] [/img] this map will need some time and will not be in the release 2.6! i do my best to finish the map and roll it out as a stand alone later.