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  1. Laws of War DLC Assets

    For me it is, I'm soon off to work dammit :)
  2. Laws of War DLC Assets

    When exactly will we get access to the main branch release. My steam says 12th sept, but you guys tell us 7th? Shouldn't it be available by now?
  3. Malden DLC, a campaign is missing

    I also whish BI focused more on missions and campaigns. I think the amount of single player content is lacking with all the DLCs. I realize a new campaign this late in the games life cycle may be far fetched, but maybe they could do something like an official monthly scenario. Where they make a small mission and showcase all the possibilities of the engine and all the assets available to the players, that have been added since the release of the original campaign and showcase missions. Make these missions open so that community and new mission makers could learn from them, and a small monthly mission blog could supplement this.
  4. Helicopter camera

    The game looks all wrong with a forced high field of view. Everything is distorted and the sizes of objects is all wrong Dynamic FOV must never return, It's absolutely awful. Use the zoom out toggle key if you want a wide FOV. This is how it needs to be in all vehicles. A standard default position in the middle of max/min fov, then players can choose to zoom in/out them self.
  5. Helicopter camera

    just lean in towards the screen a bit when you use the TrackIr reset button, then when you sit in normal seat postilion the fov will be further back than normal. A nice little TrackIr trick that work in all games with zoom in/out, when you need a little wider fov on the fly.
  6. Elite: Dangerous

    It's been a while since last time I played it so things may have changed in the latest updates, but I've mostly played single player, it's works fine. ED doesn't have a real multiplayer anyway, you can jump back and forth between single and multi player as you like. So if you want to trade and explore in SP without the chance of being hassled by others, stick to SP mode. And if you want to try some pvp or coop action you can jump into MP mode with all the assets you have built up in SP.
  7. Helicopter FOV Changes on Airspeed Exceeds

    As a TrackIR user, the forced dynamic fov was absolutely awful. If you plan to reintroduce it or add something similar please make it player optional. Also the default cockpit/3d person view should be placed right in the middle of max and min FOV. Then players can use numpad +-, if they need to adjust. There should be consistent default FOV in all vehicles. Now, there is a mishmash of different FOV values. E.g the with the Jet DLC planes, you have the default FOV pushed all the way back with limited zoom, completely different from any vehicles you have made previously. Why is it done this way? Of course the best option would be if players them self could set a default FOV position in aircrafts, land vehicles and infantry in the options menu/config file.
  8. CZN Masaryk aircraft carrier by DonbassCZ

    This ship will come in very handy to protect the Czech coastline :)
  9. 1.68 with lower FPS

    I have no benchmarks, but the apex missions that was unplayable for me because of the fps tanking below 20 pre 1.68. Still is unplayable after the patch. Sadly there seems to be no improvements to speak of.
  10. Hanter's Gorge Terrain by Bushlurker

    I hope you can get some help with this, if so I suggest you go for option two so the map can have a more general use in the arma community.
  11. Thanks for keeping this mod up to date Feint. Really appreciate your work! :)
  12. Seems to be fixed in latest Dev branch patch: 30-09-2016 EXE rev. 138598 (game) EXE rev. 138598 (launcher) Size: ~590.3 MB (depends on Apex ownership) "Fixed: It was not possible to enable / disable a controller (https://forums.bistu...er-in-settings/)"
  13. Arcade Realism Settings?

    Unfortunately most public arma PvP went down the drain after the DayZ boom. The arma server config had 3P enabled by default, and the hundreds of new servers popping up run by new server admins not knowing better. Kept the configs at default. Now all the new players are accustomed to the 3P crutch and it will be impossible to do anything about it. All the excuses with realistic FOV, awareness, headache etc, don't rectify having a drone camera hovering above your head giving you a birds eye view. Nobody would have accepted 3d person mode in Squad, Battlefield, CS, or any other PvP game. It would have been the same as cheating.
  14. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Road runner, your picture example is worthless. That's an highly over exposed photo. You never see colors like that in real life.