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  1. Glad to see you still around Hawkins! Getting back into modding or just playing for the time being? It's been a few years Sav but surely being in the boonies for that long hasn't wiped out your lovely memories? :) Great job on the mod though! Need to upgrade my rig so I can enjoy it properly but from the little I've played you've all done brilliantly. Glad The Unsung lives on!
  2. So been a little while since I've been on here (about 5 years) but had the urge to play Ofp/ArmA again recently. So tonight I installed OA, hopped on these forums and lo and behold a new Unsung release :) Congrats Sav, glad to see you are still going mate with a great new team. Am very much looking forward to messing around with all the new content and checking out the missions (to see if they hold up to the classics we made way back when ). sim
  3. Guys, we know about the AI shooting you at a big distance, we will do our best to sort it, please give us time to fix these bugs.
  4. Thanks for the input mate. We really do appreciate it, as PGI said, it's comments like this that make it all worth while! :) ---------- Post added at 05:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:41 PM ---------- Thanks! We'll look into it and add it to the bug list. :)
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys and remember, it is just an Alpha release atm. Expect some missions from us in the coming weeks and a campaign is also underway :)
  6. Kind words are always appreciated :) Oh and yes, there are flare traps.
  7. Patience all, as said, no given release date apart from soon and soon could be within the next week to two weeks to a month to a.... year :p Send cj525 a PM :)
  8. sim

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    I also don't know why people are having such problems: I'm running on my laptop absolutely fine, my spec is: Intel Dual Core 2.10Ghz 4gb ram Nvidia Geforce 8400M GT. Graphics settings similar to X, except texture on High and terrain on High. Get about 20fps most of the time.
  9. sim

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    Welcome to Nam ;)
  10. sim

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    If you want to have a go at getting the footsteps working feel free ;)
  11. sim

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    Ok thanks for the reports guys. :)
  12. sim

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    No I'm afraid it isn't compatible. You tried lowering your overall settings? Yup, we realised a couple of hours ago, that will be sorted :) Thanks for the kind words all, as you know it has taken a hell of a long time to get this out and as you can all appreciate it is an Alpha so there will be some annoying bugs, however these will be fixed down the line :)
  13. sim

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    Don't have the exact link but I do believe it is on ArmedAssault.info
  14. sim

    The Unsung Release 1 (Alpha)

    That title for me has always been about missions, terrain and uni accuracy, which is actually very realistic. Everyone on the team is a complete "Nam buff" and just because the weapons aren't really detailed and the terrain lags like hell for you doesn't mean it isn't a realistic mod. This is really strange? You have a better spec than me and the mod doesn't lag like that. Please tell me you have cut down on other settings rather than just View Distance? :)