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  1. Thanks for your reply, I'm not sure how to make that work though. Does "advance.fsm" exist? Where would I find fsm files in the game files? The more practical problem is that commandFSM requires a position and target, neither of which I am able to give if I want to send a unit advancing at any time in any scenario by running a script. If I give the advance order by pressing 1 - 2, then I also don't even need to define a target or position, so I think there must be a way without those vars.
  2. Hey community, as the title implies, I am wondering how to create a scripted "advance" order for AI. Why? When playing with an AI squad, I find that one of the most useful commands to give my team of bots is the "Advance" order by selecting the unit(s) and pressing 1, then 2 "Advance". This way the squad moves towards the next waypoint or objective in a fairly tactical manner (if in combat mode), engages on contact, covering each other. If given to a single unit, they act like a semi-competent point man. Overall, it's one of the most useful commands to put your bots on Autopilot. Now, I would like to trigger this behaviour with a script. Unfortunately, there is no simple "doAdvance" command available in the scripting command library for Arma 3. I assume the behaviour is some sort of FSM, but I have no idea where to find it. Does anybody know what is going on behind the scenes when we give the 1 - 2 "Advance" order? Is there a way to replicate it / trigger it within an .sqf? Any help appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hey community, I ran into an issue that I think would fit best here, as it is closely linked to terrain building, although technically in the field of config edits. I tried to have a go at a new lighting config for CUP Takistan, to make it look a bit closer to A2 OA with horizon skybox and more muted tones. I also added a new middetail texture. The lighting looks good, skybox works fine, but on the terrain, I started seeing a very stark line right at the "noDetailDist=" value, in my case 40m from the player: This is where the middetail noise texture should smoothly transition into the detailed surface materials. Unfortunately, in intense light situations, such as dawn and dusk, there is a clearly visible transition pop-in, following a grid structure, even with a flickering edge to it. Light starts treating the detailed textures different than the flat middetail, so the contrast is very ugly. The issue is not noticeable during high noon time of day. I have a suspicion that the lighting classes (Lighting0, Lighting1, ...) are responsible, but I can't narrow it down further and I have around 70 of these classes, so trial and error is out of question. Does anyone know, whether there is a particular value in the lighting configuration that causes this?
  4. Thanks a lot, man. Just thought, maybe a long term solution for this issue might be in your interest. Who knows, if we are lucky, maybe the Revive system will, someday, finally, be compatible with AI team mates too. The ragdoll workaround with old Physx and animated falls is certainly a tenable compromise, but it just isn't the full thing. I have the impression that many hits, especially by explosives, won't feel as forceful (though I experienced AI flying 50m from an RGO with it once) and a hit unit often won't fall over in the proper direction. This is just what I noticed when playing around with it for a few minutes on my own, I will test the compatibility with the MP Revive later and share the results, once my mate is online and available. UPDATE: Tested, Coop with BI Revive works fine as long as tpw_fall_ragdoll is set to "1". :) Thanks a lot.
  5. Hey TPW, love your mods, especially the "Fall" module of the pack - I always have it active, since it is so much more immersive. Just finished the whole East Wind campaign with it doing its magic - amazing. However, I felt like jumping over to Tanoa with a friend of mine trying the new coop campaign and I noticed some issues that might be related to the "Fall" module when it is active alongside the new revive system introduced and implemented by BI. In detail, a player that has been hit and will fall from the bullet hit also gets incapacitated by the revive system - but he won't stay that way, because your fall module will let him regain control and start to get on his feet again, only to then die instantly without other players being able to revive him. Can you or somebody confirm this? Also, when turning the tpw_fall_player setting in the userconfig hpp to "0", players will actually still get knocked over by bullets, at least thats what I noticed in test runs in the editor. Now I know your mod is strictly focused on SP gameplay and not intended to work with revive systems and that stuff, but since it is an official BI system, and the new campaign is meant to be played in coop, I thought I'd give it a try and ask for a solution to this, or at least clarification. Thanks again for your modset, keep up the good work.
  6. So, with the APEX release imminent - any word on an updated installation of this? Honestly I need this. ArmA just looks too dull by default if you got used to Real Light once.
  7. Any updates on this? I have to agree with pawelkpl, even after hours of playing around with the buildt in sliders and even the ReColor Addon, I was not able to find a setup that was suitable for RealLight+Any Map+Any Time of Day. This is rather unfortunate. Since Tanoa is out on DevBranch, could a new version of Real Light be configured now? Even with the latest improvements to the ArmA 3 Lighting Engine, ReShade does offer quite an improvement and I really can't play without it anymore to be honest.
  8. :) This was actually the first way I tried it, and yes, first of all I installed the Python plugin. But since it seemed "too simple" and also did absolutely nothing, I thought it couldn't possibly be the solution. The script in the python plugion menu is there, but when I edit the mission.sqm with N++ and try to run the .py from the menu, nothing at all happens. I guess I have to try again. But thanks for the clarification.
  9. This thread is great. Now that CUP is in a pretty far stage, I'm looking forward to convert some old A2 missions. However, bardosy, could you further elaborate how to run your python script in Notepad so that it replaces the lines in the mission.sqm? I tried to run it via Notepad++ > loaded the "A2toCUP.py" > F5 (Run) > C:\Python27\python.exe $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) > Save and executed the saved action on the mission.sqm but it had no effect. This is my first attempt at doing such in N++ and tbh the instructions to running python on Notepad++ that one can find on the Internet are as numerous as they are confusing.
  10. Now I have, thanks for the hint and the link. I have no idea how to run a python script in N++ yet, but I hope I'll figure it out somehow.
  11. This project is simply amazing and has come quite a long way already. Last time I checked you guys had just released the USMC, now we are nearly at 100% ArmA 2 CO content plus all those amazing additions and features like FFV implementation and the British MRAPs. Considering how far this has come, are there still plans for a conversion tool for ArmA 2 missions that replace old classnames with the CUP version?
  12. dar

    ACE for OA 1.13

    It appears to me that some patch destroyed some more stuff than the wounding system with AI (which was never really useful since AI gave no response on being injured/knocked out and you basically weren't able to lead your squad as you are supposed to, but then again, ACE never supported friendly AI in the first place unfortunatly). I don't know if that is just me - but since recently I noticed that the M15 mine became useless, not even doing any damage to tanks even when laid in pairs and only slightly scratching an APCs left track (its always the left one) when driving directly over it. But the crew gets knocked out by indirect damage almost all the time. Which leads me to another annoying state / feature? of ACE that I never really found a fix for. On 99% of the occasions I drive in something like a Bradley or Stryker and it gets hit by an SPG-9 or RPG - the vehicle almost takes zero damage, but all my crewmen, me and 50% of the men in cargo get killed or knocked out immediatly. This makes driving vehicles a deathtrap, especially since the AI can for some reason spamfire precise SPGs like its a laser guided rapid fire weapon.
  13. dar


    That is because (last time I checked) the Warlords Spawn Module (or at least the Response Team Module) will search for groups that are defined for a faction, and the independent guerillas have no groups defined by default. However, I am using the faction as local garrisons, because luckily Axyl/Axek has created a small addon that will bring those groups and factions back. Find it HERE. Anyway, same topic, playing an independent faction is still impossible. Getting to play as AAF for example was a little bit trickier, for that I had to port the entire IND_F faction to Blufor (by creating an addon) myself.
  14. dar


    Very nice, thanks a lot, the Scenario just became a lot more versatile, and thanks especially for adding some features that I were suggesting.
  15. dar


    @Aztec: I can totally feel your pain, fatigue ist one of the most annoying features of ArmA. To tackle this, create a custom Warlords mission or use a custom addon (I'm using parts of Dj Otacons Ultimate Soldier mod to "fix" this issue) that utilizes the "enable fatigue" command. For example if you want to disable fatigue for players + player groups use: player enableFatigue false; { _x enableFatigue false; } forEach (units group player);