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Authentic Gameplay Modification

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The team that brought you the BWMod is now working on a modular, open-source realism/authenticism mod for Arma 3. This project originally started as a fork of TMR, but since evolved into something bigger, with only a few parts still taken from Taosenai's work.

Make Arma Not War



  • a custom interaction menu
  • improved medical system including bloodloss, unconsciousness, pain and patient transport
  • backblast simulation
  • wind deflection for projectiles
  • weapon resting
  • a fire control system for tanks and APCs
  • realistic names for weapons and vehicles (wherever possible)
  • animation tweaks and the addition of jumping
  • improved map tools (bigger coordinates and compass)
  • interaction with civilians
  • adjustable NVG contrast

... and much more.

A full list of features and the plans for more can be found here:




This mod requires CBA!

The current version (v0.95.3) and all future ones can be found here: https://github.com/KoffeinFlummi/AGM/releases

Please note that this is a pre-release, so you might still encounter bugs. If you do, please report those on the GitHub issue tracker (preferred) or in this thread.



- Fixed: Broken hitpoints for VA people in v1.40 (#2162)

- Fixed: Disable Team-Management module did not disable join group (#2032)

- Fixed: Holstering a weapon in a FFV seat would make you stand up (#2098)

- Fixed: Inheritance issues with v1.40 (#2151, #2156)

- Fixed: Kick option in Check PBOs module broken (#2081)

- Fixed: Low resolution when using Vector with mils (#2125)

- Fixed: Undefined variable in Vector function (#2122)

- Fixed: Unnecessary setVariable calls in diagnosis (#2009)

- Fixed: Version number check didn't account for patch versions (#2163)

- Fixed: Weapon IK in combat pace (#2095)


- Changed: Markers are now sent over network using the classname, not the index (#1966)

- Changed: SwitchUnits can now be dis-/enabled during the game (#2016)

- Changed: Tweaked G-force intensity (#1774)

- Fixed: "Hide AI" option in BFT module was inverted (#1975)

- Fixed: AGM keybinds would block the Ctrl key (#1988)

- Fixed: Player could use SwitchUnits while dead (#2014)

- Fixed: Slingload hitpoint couldn't be repaired (#2000)

- Fixed: The mount command didn't work after the AI healed someone (#1965)


- Added: Fast Roping support for planes (for third-party mods)

- Added: Server now logs who drew on briefing screen (#1856)

- Added: Setting to set who can draw on briefing screen (#1856)

- Added: Support for using memory point names as fast roping positions. (#1818)

- Added: Way to disable team management (#1884)

- Changed: AGM hint now has the same bg colour as the rest of the UI (#1945)

- Changed: Disabling AI unconsciousness now possible using setVariable "AGM_allowUnconscious" (#1828)

- Changed: Improvements to AGM_Armour (#1816)

- Changed: Increased spare barrel mass (#1916)

- Changed: Made Screams optional (#1805)

- Changed: Reduced mass of bloodbags (#1924)

- Changed: Reduced volume of screams at close ranges (#1819)

- Changed: Removed AGM_ prefix from Medical events (#1877)

- Changed: Tweaks to climbing

- Fixed: AI medics ignored setCaptive (#1878)

- Fixed: AI screams could be heard from any distance on some machines (#1819)

- Fixed: Broken "Require Diagnosis" module option (#1823)

- Fixed: Conflict between MRCO and vehicle range finders (#1741)

- Fixed: Continuous cook off sound when alt-tabbing while cook-off is going on (#1857)

- Fixed: Could bandage everything with one bandage (#1855)

- Fixed: Ear ringing not present on some machines (#1802)

- Fixed: FCS Reset option went missing (#1890)

- Fixed: Head turning while unconscious (#1837)

- Fixed: Huron containers could be loaded into vehicles (#1870)

- Fixed: Icons were not displayed correctly when switching grenades (#1865)

- Fixed: Input disabling wouldn't work when diagnosing when falling unconscious (#1848)

- Fixed: Invulnerability when using PreventDeath (#1730)

- Fixed: Localization issues with wheel names

- Fixed: Missing author on some magazines and items (#1814)

- Fixed: New Kasatka variant didn't have minigun ammo (#1852)

- Fixed: Problem with Overheating when letting server run for a long time (#1619)

- Fixed: Respawn issues with AGM_Scopes (#1810)

- Fixed: RPT Warning about damageLimit for twitches

- Fixed: Script error on passing out (#1881)

- Fixed: Second Merkava in editor (#1815)

- Fixed: Static weapon actions were present on Taru pods.

- Fixed: Stomper rear wheels could not be repaired (#1887)

- Fixed: Unconscious AI gunners could shoot, drivers drive etc. (#1854)

- Fixed: Unconsciousness blur was weird

- Fixed: Units would get stuck in fast roping animation (#1911)

- Fixed: Unloading objects on floating structures wouldn't work (#1861)

- Fixed: When AutomaticWakeup was set to False, pilots wouldn't recover from GLOC (#1900)

- Fixed: Wobbling when fast roping (#1811)


- Added: Fast Roping (#336)

- Added: Damage system for land vehicles preventing explosions for unarmed vehicles and introducing cook-offs to tanks (#1122)

- Added: Basic climbing functionality (#1782)

- Added: Inventory resize (#1576)

- Added: Weapon Safety (#71)

- Changed: Completely rewrite medical module (#1224)

- Moved damage handling into non-scheduled environment

- Consolidated treatment functions

- Allowed prone treatment

- Allowed individualization of module options

- Added alternative pain effect

- Allowed unloading of FFV cargo positions

- Custom EHs for unconsiousness etc.

- Added usage of fn_doAnimation

- Synchronized carrying animation

- Made AI scream on hit

- Enabled AI unconsciousness

- Fixed translation issue in fn_takeItem

- Moved fnc_isMedic to Core.

- Changed AGM_Unconscious to AGM_isUnconscious

- Reworked animations

- Added MEDEVAC option (synchronize triggers and vehicles with module)

- Made AI treat themselves and others

- Treatment in vehicles

- Always allow treatment of everything

- Add blinding effect to waking up

- Made use of arm blood texture

- Added: Ability to push boats (#1487)

- Added: AGM_Aircraft functionality to new helicopters (#1548)

- Added: Air burst ammo for AA vehicles (#1264)

- Added: Allow certain interaction options in vehicles (#1666)

- Added: Different generations of NVGs with different image quality and FOV (#1585)

- Added: Enabled aiming in side-prone stances (#1670)

- Added: Option for respawn module for deleting the bodies of disconnected players (#1546)

- Added: Option to "Check PBOs" module to allow checking all mods (#1749)

- Added: Option to disable autocentering the mouse for submenus (#1498)

- Added: Paradropped boxes are now marked with smoke (#1642)

- Added: Possibility to carry out certain issues underwater (#1580)

- Added: Realistic names for the 3 new helis (#1519)

- Added: Removed flares from Greyhawk, gave them a realistic name (#1597)

- Added: Select elements in list-boxes with double clicks (#1443)

- Added: Show current channel when placing markers (#1578)

- Added: SwitchUnits module, allowing Insurgency-style unit switching (#1276)

- Added: Weapon shortcuts to planes (#1448)

- Changed: Better way to estimate bullet mass when value is not set (#1668)

- Changed: Brought back vanilla "twitches" (slightly modified) (#1780)

- Changed: Disabled FCS zeroing when in 3rd person (#1792)

- Changed: Don't throw grenades unless the player explicitly selected one (#1435)

- Changed: Improved wind calculation (#1732)

- Changed: Improvements to BFT, allowing recon icons and fixing maintenance ones (#1595)

- Changed: Interaction menu and progress bar now close when entering/leaving vehicles (#1633)

- Changed: Modified how the Kestrel looks at night (#1764)

- Changed: Moved some self-interaction options to submenus (#1428)

- Changed: Open altimeter with watch key (#1366)

- Changed: Optimized the way default objects in AGM_Logistics are handled (#1623)

- Changed: Rebalanced vest protection values (#1664)

- Changed: Removed AGM_GetIn (#412)

- Changed: Removed HUD displays for altitude and speed for parachutes in higher difficulties (#1467)

- Changed: Renamed "Lase Target" keybind name to reflect it also being used for rangefinders (#1456)

- Changed: Replaced smoke effect with refraction effect for overheating weapons (#1460)

- Changed: The Kestrel now shows the temperature instead of the position (#1393)

- Changed: Zeroing indicator now fades out (#1391)

- Fixed: "Bad move" rpt errors (#1674)

- Fixed: "Error - unit is dead" rpt errors (#1747)

- Fixed: "forceWalk" would always be false after releasing (consult GitHub wiki) (#1739, #1744)

- Fixed: "Radio message XXX not found" errors (#1475)

- Fixed: AGM_Interaction_fnc_addInteractionSelf didn't work (#1516)

- Fixed: ALIVE compatibility issues with the respawn button (#1553)

- Fixed: Animation issues with ladders (#1701)

- Fixed: Collision LOD of spare wheel (#1439)

- Fixed: Dead units could be taken prisoner (#1440)

- Fixed: Discrepancies between FCS zeroing and the display (#1555)

- Fixed: Error in respawn module (#1617)

- Fixed: FCS calculation would bug out when alt-tabbing (#1566)

- Fixed: Grenade selection issues with vehicles (#1534)

- Fixed: Issue with passengers in helicopters/planes getting excessive gforce (#1511)

- Fixed: Issues when using the FCS at very low distances (#1794)

- Fixed: Issues with name tags in "panorama" mode (#1620)

- Fixed: Issues with preloaded rockets/missiles for disposable launchers (#1455)

- Fixed: Issues with running AGM_Captives_fnc_setCaptive from init line (#1758)

- Fixed: It wasn't possible to enter Zeus when unconscious (#1748)

- Fixed: MX SW wasn't able to use silencers (#1457)

- Fixed: NameTags module was broken (#1616)

- Fixed: Players were unable to use their map while controlling a UAV (#1762)

- Fixed: Radio transmissions would go on indefinitely when falling unconscious (#1529)

- Fixed: Resting would make player stand up when resting in transitional animation (#1535)

- Fixed: Script error in interaction menu (#1536)

- Fixed: Script error in temperature calculation (#1659)

- Fixed: Various "Updating Base Class" errors (#923)

- Fixed: Various issues with Blue Force Tracking (#1170)

- Fixed: Various issues with FFV (#1512)

- Fixed: Various JIP problems (#1382)


- Added: AGM_Core_Fnc_progressBar now returns the progression it had at the time of cancelling (#1432)

- Changed: The way AI reacts to flashbangs (#1375)

- Changed: AI units no longer create backblast damage when firing launchers (#1404)

- Changed: New model for the spare wheel. (#1402)

- Changed: AGM's marker system is now in a seperate PBO, AGM_Markers (#1389)

- Fixed: Putting in ear plugs didn't require the item (#1429)

- Fixed: Wasn't able to use Shift + [number keys] to select weapons without using "Disable Command Menu" (#1426)

- Fixed: Couldn't use spectator mode from unconscious state (#1415)

- Fixed: AGM_Wind would throw an error on some maps (#1412)

- Fixed: Various "Updating Base Class" errors (#1407)

- Fixed: Issues with AGM's inheritance, causing some vehicles to not have certain issues (#1386)

- Fixed: Issues with various grenade throwing modes caused by a change in grenade mass (#1385)

- Fixed: Friendly-Fire messages were sent multiple times with JIP clients (#1377)

- Fixed: All new markers were global (#1351)

- Fixed: Issues with MouseZChanged (#1336)

- Fixed: An issue with floating explosives. (#1217)


- Added: New optional "Flow" interaction menu (#808).

- Added: Icons on interaction menus (#959).

- Added: Switch between bigger and smaller map tools (#852).

- Added: Align map tools (#852).

- Added: Draw lines on map with map tools or during briefing (#852).

- Added: Copy other players map lines (#852).

- Added: Display GPS coordinates on the map screen (#852).

- Added: Mission designers can define GLOC resistance for certain units using "this setVariable ["AGM_GForceCoef", 0.75]".

- Added: Animated raindrops on goggles (#1195).

- Added: Added M152 RAMS detonator package, range 5000m (#714).

- Added: Flashsupressors available in Arma 3 are now usable (#1054).

- Added: Support for custom jam clearing animations (#966).

- Added: M84 Stun Grenade (#419).

- Added: Many new entries in various languages, including new Italian support.

- Added: Improved documentation (https://github.com/KoffeinFlummi/AGM/wiki/Getting-Started)

- Added: Locking backpacks (#42).

- Added: Disposable rocket launchers (#187).

- Added: Vertical and horizontal scope adjustments (#1025).

- Added: 3D model for the UAV battery (#516).

- Added: Module option to disable morphine overdose (#743).

- Added: Module option to set a damage coefficient (#916).

- Added: Some actions con now be performed while inside vehicles (#824).

- Added: Configurable AGM modifier key (#850).

- Added: Dead Man's Switch trigger for explosives (#940).

- Added: Tweaks to weapon usage by AI (#1000).

- Added: Hotkeys to allow quick navigation of the action menus (#1178).

- Added: Improved add marker dialog (#1258).

- Added: Option to disable Respawn Button (#1292).

- Added: Brought back the NATO symbols removed by BIS (#1250).

- Added: Added a hotkey to use the smoke launcher on vehicles even when the default key is bugged out (#1262).

- Added: Place fortifications.

- Added: Top Down Attack (#339).

- Added: Parachute landing animation (#540).

- Added: Altimeter (#540).

- Added: Paradrop of supplies (#711).

- Added: Partial support of remote controlled units via Zeus (#327).

- Changed: Allow moving while interaction menus is open (#833).

- Changed: Interaction Menus now remain open while the interaction key is pressed.

- Changed: Removed AGM_StriderFix, which is no longer neccesary (#1077).

- Changed: Physically correct wind drag (#996).

- Changed: Optimization of various functions by using new pushBack command (#989).

- Changed: Removed humidity effect over bullet trajectories (#1027).

- Changed: Increased the odds of people spontaneously regaining conciousness (#943).

- Changed: Many improvements to AGM_RealisticNames.

- Changed: Increased M57 Trigger Device range to 250m.

- Changed: Refined lock detection warning (#263).

- Changed: Improved rangefinding for vehicles (#341).

- Changed: Client option to disable vanilla command menu keybindings (#676).

- Changed: Removed toolkit from explosive specialists (#855).

- Changed: Removed body removal script in favor of Arma Corpse Manager (#1008).

- Changed: Increased dipersion for sabot bullets (#924).

- Changed: Increased XM-301 (Comanche) rounds damage (#935).

- Changed: Standardized release options (#936).

- Changed: Improved the handling of animation changes in medical (#1078).

- Changed: Tweaks to some inconsistent vanilla armor values for different classes and faction (#1021).

- Changed: AGM Binarizer no longer moves the Arma 3 tools executables (#1038).

- Changed: Syntax of custom AGM actions, to make them more similar to vanilla A3 actions (#1173).

- Changed: Added configurable coefficient for treatment times of non-medics (#1269).

- Changed: Physically based simulation of weapon heating and cooling.

- Changed: Weapon jam chance based on real life MRBS data (#1007).

- Fixed: Morphine status was sometimes not correcly linked accross clients (#929).

- Fixed: "Unit is bleeding" was shown for very minor injuries which couldn't be bandaged (#944).

- Fixed: User input remained disabled after switching from an unconcious unit (#1035).

- Fixed: User input remained disabled in spectator mode (#1251).

- Fixed: Weapons showed vanilla names when placed on the ground (#1001).

- Fixed: Support disabled doors (#963).

- Fixed: Conflict between AGM and new Arma walking speed (#992).

- Fixed: Explosives Module caused error in RPT.

- Fixed: Could not place explosives after team switching (#937).

- Fixed: Sniper classes didn't have a detonator by default (#939).

- Fixed: Wrong explosives behaviour on water (#857).

- Fixed: Units could mount static weapons while they're being dragged (#927).

- Fixed: Static weapons were locked after draging them once (#925).

- Fixed: Explosives disapearing after placed (#933).

- Fixed: Error on checking ammo of static weapons (#973).

- Fixed: A-10 Gau cannon burst inconsistent (#802).

- Fixed: Error in AGM_Respawn (#786).

- Fixed: Prisoners could throw grenades (#864).

- Fixed: Unconciousness effect active in spectator (#909).

- Fixed: View was uncentered after recovering from a G-force blackout (#938).

- Fixed: Goggles effects were applied to some new arma bandannas (#1013).

- Fixed: Nametags were visible through walls (#1048).

- Fixed: Respawn module didn't re-add binoculars (#1134).

- Fixed: The killer of AI units was incorrectly reported (#1155).

- Fixed: Fireteams were not JIP compatible (#1187).

- Fixed: Divers could bandage themselves underwater (#1202).

- Fixed: Default map marker was broken by A3 update (#1221).

- Fixed: Could not load/unload from boats (#1279).

- Fixed: Placing fortifications wasn't working on multiplayer (#1284).

- Fixed: Waking up didn't restore the animation when inside a vehicle after the v1.32 update (#1301).


- Added: New Explosives system including different trigger types

- Added: New Logistics system including vehicle maintenance, cargo transport and refueling

- Added: Ability to drag static weapons around

- Added: Map Tool

- Added: G-Forces effect and possibiity of GLOC

- Added: Ported Kestrel from the BWMod

- Added: Ported Vector IV from the BWMod

- Added: Magazine Repacking

- Changed: Consolidated a bunch of PBOs

- Fixed: Aborting treatments would cause inability to treat again for a short time.

- Fixed: AI was able to heal themselves with random items.

- Fixed: Ammo wasn't shown in static weapons.

- Fixed: Armed KA-60 would spawn without rockets.

- Fixed: Camshake calculation would produce a script error when a weapon would have no recoil.

- Fixed: Certain damage sources would damage various body parts.

- Fixed: Checking your ammo without actually having a magazine would result in a script error.

- Fixed: Game would crash when loading certain, large missions.

- Fixed: Hand grenades would produce excessive ragdoll force.

- Fixed: ODing on morphine now kills you even with Prevent Insta Death on.

- Fixed: Patient would hover in midair when carrying is aborted during the animation.

- Fixed: Playing with clantags using <>s would break certain displays.

- Fixed: Using moduload together with AGM would duplicate key EHs

- Fixed: Waking up in a vehicle would eject you.

- Fixed: Weapon resting would bug out during transitional animations.

- Fixed: Wiping your goggles would cause cam shake even in 3rd person.

- Fixed: You could check the temperature of binoculars.

- Added: A fix for the offset of the crosshair in the Comanche

- Added: Action Menu option for releasing things for quick access

- Added: Admins can now still use the chat while unconscious.

- Added: Bluforce Tracking Module

- Added: Check PBOs module

- Added: Fatigue System

- Added: Fixed guided artillery shells.

- Added: Grenades can now be selected with [6] (lethal) and [7] (non-lethal)

- Added: Hand Flares

- Added: HUD for the AH-9

- Added: Incremental door opening (hold down the button and scroll).

- Added: Major buff to flares of all kinds.

- Added: Medical module option to heal the entire body with 1 bandage.

- Added: Medical treatments now use the patient's supplies first.

- Added: Mission designers can allow certain AI units to fall unconscious using "this setVariable ["AGM_AllowUnconscious", true]".

- Added: Model for the epipen

- Added: Model for the morphine injector

- Added: Module option for maximum unconsciousness time before death

- Added: Option to reset a key binding to defaul.

- Added: Possibility to manually adjust the FCS range in 50m steps

- Added: Prisoner system allowing you to detain people with cableties and escort them around.

- Added: Respawn module and options

- Added: Self-Interaction option to reset the FCS

- Added: Some blood mist effects on hit

- Added: Support of Ctrl, Shift, Alt as keybindings

- Added: Tapping another person also causes camshake for you.

- Added: The inventory screen now shows you the weight of your equipment numerically.

- Added: Weapon jamming of overheating weapons

- Added: When using the "Require Diagnosis" option, the result of a diagnosis is now broadcasted to other players standing nearby.

- Added: Wirecutting using the toolkit

- Added: You can now attach various signalling devices to yourself (IR strobes).

- Changed: Added some colour to the diagnosis dialog.

- Changed: Ammo types in APCs are now, like in MBTs, selectable using the action menu.

- Changed: Buffed weapon resting and bipod deploying.

- Changed: Falling damage now only damages legs.

- Changed: Icons of morphine injector and epipen

- Changed: Lowered the firing rate of the XM312.

- Changed: Moved the plate carrier nerf to AGM_Ballistics.

- Changed: reloadTime of the single flare mode was reduced.

- Changed: Removed AGM_Sway in favour of the new vanilla sway.

- Changed: Removed the need to remove people from their group when falling unconscious.

- Changed: Renamed PBOs to lowercase for linux server compatibility.

- Changed: Reworked Name Tags

- Changed: Reworked the way unconsciousness blocks user input, fixing a bunch of bugs.


- Fixed: "Prevent Insta-Death" didn't actually work. -.-

- Fixed: (Medical) items couldn't be added using VAS.

- Fixed: Grenades using the "precise throw" setting were thrown in head direction when freelooking.

- Fixed: Some third-party addons using miniguns lost their ammunition.

- Fixed: Tweaked the way the maximum distance for interaction with vehicles is calculating, allowing proper interaction with long vehicles, such as the HEMTT

- Fixed: Users were able to press buttons while unconscious in vehicles

- Fixed: Weapon resting while having your weapon lowered would result in weirdnesses.

- Added: ACRE support for Medical and Hearing

- Added: Box with miscellaneous items (earplugs, UAV batteries etc.)

- Added: Incorporated LordHeart's LHM Glasses.

- Added: Made the small dot the default marker

- Added: Mission makers can now define their own interaction menu entries (https://github.com/KoffeinFlummi/AGM/issues/244)

- Added: Option to reopen the medical menu automatically after treatments

- Added: Self-Interaction menu option for equipping ear plugs

- Changed: Burst configuration of the GAU-8 (using the original sound again).

- Changed: Notifications now use a custom RSC element.


- Fixed: 'Center To Current Position' was still present in briefing screen.

- Fixed: Back button in interaction menu always went to the self menu.

- Fixed: Changing from standing to crouching while walking would stop the movement.

- Fixed: Gunner seat of Fennek/Strider was broken.

- Fixed: Interaction menu would bug out on exotic resolutions.

- Fixed: KeyDown event handlers weren't initialized properly when spawning inside a vehicle.

- Fixed: Reloading a savegame would break KeyDown event handlers.

- Fixed: Resting the weapon while in adjusted prone stances would cause you to stand up.

- Fixed: Resting weapon during medical treatments would cause weirdnesses.

- Fixed: Some 'Updating Base Class' bugs.

- Fixed: Starting a new mission while wearing NVGs would cause weird ligth effects.

- Fixed: The direction of the wind readout was reversed.

- Fixed: The name of the MBT Revolution is now Leopard 2SG.

- Fixed: The night vision effect didn't work in vehicles.

- Fixed: Treatment of civilians wasn't possible.

- Fixed: Unconscious effect would carry over to spectator mode/other players after teamswitch.

- Fixed: Volume of medical supplies now match the things they replace.

- Fixed: Waking up people in certain buildings would cause them to wake up under the floor.

- Fixed: Wind ballistics were broken.

- Added: Better Fatigue system.

- Added: Changes to the behaviour of air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles and rockets (thanks Crusty)

- Added: Changes to the flight behaviour of various planes (thanks Crusty)

- Added: Check PBOs module to allow mission makers to make sure that everyone has the right AGM subset.

- Added: Helicopters now have the fire control system aswell.

- Added: Key for shoulder tapping

- Added: Laser Marker to the copilot seat of the Wildcat (thanks Crusty)

- Added: Module for the medical system, allowing mission designers to customize a variety of options

- Added: More ammo types (armour-piercing, subsonic)

- Added: Option to check weapon's temperature

- Added: Passengers of medical vehicles now don't bleed anymore.

- Added: Player names and weapon selection via number keys can now be turned off in the AGM options.

- Added: Players are now notified when they abort an action.

- Added: Players are now notified when they are given morphine to prevent grieving.

- Added: Realistic weaponry and weapon names for vehicles

- Added: Thermal properties of humans were adjusted. (thanks nKey)

- Added: Unconscious players can't talk with TFAR anymore.

- Added: Weapons that are compatible with TMR_Autorest (bipods) are now also compatible with AGM_Resting.

- Changed: Adjusted the amount ear plugs dampen overall sound.

- Changed: Completely overhauled all recoils.

- Changed: Goggles effect of the clear tactical goggles adjusted.

- Changed: The A-10 now has a proper name.

- Changed: Tweaked the NVG adjustment.

- Changed: Vehicle and weapon renaming is now in seperate PBOs and therefore optional.


GitHub Repo: https://github.com/KoffeinFlummi/AGM

The mod is completely open-source, and everyone is free to fork the repo and create a pull request. Bugs can be reported and new features requested using GitHub's issue tracker.

or, if you don't have time for either of those, feel free to donate:


Thanks to everyone on this list:


Edited by KoffeinFlummi

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:D Downloading now! Can't wait to try it out!

---------- Post added at 17:56 ---------- Previous post was at 17:35 ----------

Lol I've only been using this mod for only 5 mins and all i can say is wow. Good job! Can't wait for all the features to be released!

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I'd love to know the classnames for the medical supplies, where can I find them? Great mod btw :thumbsup::eyeheart:

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Well after testing for around 2 hours, all I can say is wow!

Any chances of you guys combining the weapon hotkeys with switch weapons while moving?

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The backblast is brilliant! thank you so much for that - the rest is also awesome btw :)

Any chances of you guys combining the weapon hotkeys with switch weapons while moving?


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Did a little testing with the wind and I think I found a bug. I noticed that when you open the compass it will say, "Strong wind from the North". If you throw a smoke, you will actually notice that the wind is blowing in a Northern vector. The pop up should actually read as, "Strong wind from the South" or "Strong wind to the North". Also I could not notice any significant effect from a strong wind applied to projectiles when fired perpendicular to the wind vector. It appears that wind only affects smoke grenades in its current state or the wind just doesn't have a noticeable effect on projectiles like I would expect. All this testing was done in single player editor with the wind and gusts maxed.

I will submit this to the issue tracker if someone else can confirm that they see the same issue.

Otherwise, everything looked really good!

Edited by wakelagger

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Could you make it so we can modify values for some of the systems, maybe with editor modules.

I would like to make it extremely hard to people to die in the med system, but keep wounding levels the same. So they can be injured easily enough but only things like being in a vehicle explosion or shot in the chest by a 50cal would outright kill. Re spawned units can be such a pain in a Co-Op, having someone in an unconscious state for an extended period of time would be nice.

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Only got to play with this for about an hour and wow! Wow wow wow! I'm really liking what I've seen so far, keep up the excellent work.

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You mentioned changing the names of vehicles and weapons to be more accurate. Does this extend to the descriptions and names in the field manual as well?

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Congratulations for release! It's really great to have great mod like this in Arma 3, it's a true game changer! Since ACE didn't came out to Arma 3, this seems to be a great replacement!

Outstanding work guys!

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Haven't had chance to fully look into this (at work.. wait, what I am doing at the forums?).

But I like the concept of what I can see and will have our Swedish Forces Pack team to look into it and the Anrop community to play with it.

In the best of worlds, we will help with this development and make SFP compatible to create a win-win.

EDIT. Never mind, found the Issue tracker :p

Edited by granQ

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I've been trying it around, and I have a few questions. Why is it that it appears that damage to particular limbs cause damage to all limbs? Shooting a diver in his leg causes his whole body to be injured (his head needs a bandage for a leg shot?), and I have to be the one to heal him, so I don't think the AI have the means to acknowledge the bandages yet. I have a feeling that these were planned to be addressed anyway. :P

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Could you make it so we can modify values for some of the systems, maybe with editor modules.

I would like to make it extremely hard to people to die in the med system, but keep wounding levels the same. So they can be injured easily enough but only things like being in a vehicle explosion or shot in the chest by a 50cal would outright kill. Re spawned units can be such a pain in a Co-Op, having someone in an unconscious state for an extended period of time would be nice.

I'm planning to add a module for the medical system allowing mission makers to customize a variety of things: https://github.com/KoffeinFlummi/AGM/issues/104

You mentioned changing the names of vehicles and weapons to be more accurate. Does this extend to the descriptions and names in the field manual as well?

No. I might do that at some point, but it's alot of work for relatively little gain...

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Nice , very nice :)

Is it possible that you can change the fire of burning vehicles to something closer to ACE? More realistic and looks better :)

Once more great so far and keep up the good work :)

Edited by Nikiforos

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So if player own XMedSys + your mod should we heal twice for each?

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I've been on this pretty much since it was announced and the GitHub link was out - I will get right on testing the newest version.

Great work to the entire Team and I can't wait for your next update of BWMod to go along with this.

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Cannot wait to try this - I think you just made my group's switch to ArmA 3 a little less stressful.

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Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.


We have also "connected" these pages to your account (KoffeinFlummi) on Armaholic.

This means in the future you will be able to maintain these pages yourself if you wish to do so. Once this new feature is ready we will contact you about it and explain how things work and what options you have.

When you have any questions already feel free to PM or email me!

** Note:

since this is a project on which more people are working we will contact you in the future to discuss how you want this to be setup on Armaholic.

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Thanks for open-sourcing this. Having good code to read is invaluable.

Out of curiosity, what licence is this released under?

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Hey guys where can I find the control list so I can learn the keys?

Just a suggestion but if its possible could you add a section into the games control section like Zeus did, It would just make life allot simpler.

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Hey guys where can I find the control list so I can learn the keys?

Just a suggestion but if its possible could you add a section into the games control section like Zeus did, It would just make life allot simpler.

You can set your keys if you press ESC and look at the top left corner. Big button "AGM Options" there.

Congrats to the release guys I'm sure a good part of the community has been looking forward to something like this!

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