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    I hate the winter, I'm an asshole, and I hate the winter. Have I mentioned I hate the winter?
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  1. TheMightyKovacs

    Cellphone-shaped double-barrel handgun could be released

    Yet we can't seem to legalize pot, and hell it took us years to legalize same-sex marriage. I love America, it is my home, but damn.
  2. TheMightyKovacs

    US Naval Warfare Pack [WIP]

    That's an ACTUAL thing? What the hell man...
  3. TheMightyKovacs

    [WIP]F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    I think people have lives outside of video games and assorted thing that come with it.
  4. TheMightyKovacs

    US 75th Rangers

    Well it is the US Rangers, but I guess I get what you mean.
  5. TheMightyKovacs

    The best open world/sandbox PC games out there?

    I think I've played the two 3D/FPS Fallout games the most this summer, I would spend nights playing Fallout and would not stop until 8 in the morning. I love those fuckin' games. I just wish Fallout 3 would work after upgrading to Windows 10, but I have it on Xbox so it's somewhat okay.
  6. TheMightyKovacs

    The CSAT Modification Project (Release)

    Glad to see you're back and at least minorly working on the project! How was basic?
  7. TheMightyKovacs

    Alaska 2035 Terrain [Alpha]

    Also: if you ever plan on doing the Fairbanks area (or Eielson) I could gladly get you pictures. Although getting pictures of the flightline would be near impossible, they're touchy about that stuff.
  8. TheMightyKovacs

    Alaska 2035 Terrain [Alpha]

    I could gladly find some pictures of the area surrounding me if you, or anyone, wants a more "authentic" feel.
  9. TheMightyKovacs

    France General

    Well that's just people being dumb, hell even non-muslims do/say stupid shit like that. People are just stupid like that.
  10. TheMightyKovacs

    US Naval Warfare Pack [WIP]

    Technically there is one already in A3. However it would be nice to have a full-fledged version in this pack.
  11. TheMightyKovacs

    Task Force 2031 unit modification

    *Ahem*. I'm pretty sure using the logo without making any money is classified under Fair Use. I do know that RHS and such had to remove logos in order to be able to compete in MANW. However if you just straight rip weapons from a game with no permission from the developer, I'm pretttttty sure that is illegal. I dunno.
  12. TheMightyKovacs

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    If it makes you feel any better: I have faster download when using Armaholic! No? okay. We appreciate the work you do Foxhound. Or, well, most of us do. :inlove:
  13. TheMightyKovacs

    MCC4 Mission SQM Save

    It should save to your clipboard. Then you can paste it into a mission.sqm. However I also encountered your problem.
  14. TheMightyKovacs

    Global Special Forces - Alpha WIP

    I agree, I also found it a bit odd. Either way the project looks amazing. I was thinking of trying to learn to model and texture but figured I wouldn't have enough time. But this isn't about me! Love the project so far and I'm excited to see what you can come up with!
  15. TheMightyKovacs

    3CB BAF Equipment

    One of these images are not like the others. Can YOU find it? ;)